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  1. Wow-eee. Part 18 was just crushing. I have a lot to say, I think. But most of it I feel has been covered by others. I written and erased a lot of stuff. I think I'll call it a night and read more of what everyone else has to say. But I will say, although it mightn't be the last episode, Chris and Jake, I have really enjoyed the thoughtful interpretations you both have brought over this entire run. It has pushed me to consider creative works in far greater scrutiny than I ever have before. Thank you both.
  2. Yeah I am disappointed by the use of rape as flippant shorthand for badness. I always saw BOB as impulsiveness and hedonism. I saw it intermingled within Leland as an almost symbiotic relationship to feed off Leland's depraved desires. BadCoop is not Leland and not simply BOB, BadCoop this season has enacted a complex plan to ensure that he stays in this world. He is guided by his needs, not wants, which again doesn't feel like BOB. He is also someone that appears at least to me to have a regular, consensual sexual relationship with Chantal. The implication of BadCoop raping both Audrey and Diane echoes more of a BOB/Leland relationship. I can't imagine the nature of BOB is something we'll get out of the final 2 hours.
  3. Listening to the Rewatch Podcast along with my very watch of Twin Peaks has given me a greater appreciation of music and sound design in film & tv ( and games too). I remember Jake and Chris remarking on the blurring of diegetic and non-diegetic music (just a linky of a definition for people that might not of heard of the term) in the original run of Twin Peaks. Specifically they talked incredulously about the jukebox having Audrey's Dance on it. I thought it was super interesting at the time, I just considered the weirdness to be one of Lynch's "things". So what is Audrey's Dance? What does being "the dreamer" mean? I loved Audrey in the original seasons, but I found her being drawn into the main plot by Windom Earle to be a ridiculous conceit. Why is she a player in the weirdness of The Return? Someone give me these answers, please!
  4. Another really good one. I can not imagine what it must have been like for Catherine Coulson to utter the words "I am dying" like that. Ever since people here have talked about the some of the (white?) lodge's imagery feeling similar to Amanita Design's games, I couldn't help but see a little man standing on the base of the spout of the Jefferies' kettle. I do wonder if Dougie's electrocution means he is going to receive the message from the Fireman from the very first scene of The Return. God, he felt like he was back!!
  5. Kinda surprised about all the disappoint from this episode. Quite enjoyed this one. I liked Tammy's initiation into the Blue Rose club. Tammy and the Blue Rose has me thinking that she'll meet a tragic end. Also, that this places Secret History of Twin Peaks at around this point in the chronology of the show, presumably. I also really liked how much the french lady ate up her exit, (I've absolutely resigned myself to the women of Twin Peaks playing too small a role in the story). I did like how incomprehensible Audrey's scene was. It felt like a return to Invitation to Love that I had skipped out on for a few a seasons, with the addition of coarse language from our beloved Audrey. Which is why I find that to be an interesting take. Because I feel like Audrey's reintroduction to the show felt like she had never been gone, like literally, she felt exactly the same as she did in the original run. She had that same air of a young woman who pushed for what she want even she wasn't necessarily capable or experienced enough to do that. I'm not sure of Sherilyn Fenn's acting chops outside of Twin Peaks, but I really got the feel that not much has changed for her (she certainly isn't a lady agent). But to the actual episode, is she actually Richard's mother?!?! Why hasn't she been around? And Ben's musing over Richard not having a father, and then losing himself in a touching moment about his own father.
  6. I did the exact same thing a few of you have done with the "gym set" conversation. And reading people's ideas for how hypothetical conversations with Dougie give me such a wholesome warm feeling. I love it so much. Nothing else to add that hasn't already been covered. Good ep, good pod, good lord I'm sure it was a band-aid.
  7. @Phlogiston4lyfe, I'm trying to remember what was said about the bad drugs, did Red(?) cut something into it? I punched the air as soon as Gordon Cole said Cooper's flown the coop. I wanted that to be said so bad! Also really liked Albert and Constance back and forth. The only thing I gleaned from the recordings on Bill Hastings glorious, Notepad coded website was a "help" found in the vortex.wav at 19 seconds. Sounded a little like Coop, but can't remember when he did that. Unless that hasn't happened yet.
  8. That's actually a pretty good read on the Laura Orb,@Gailbraithe. As much as I love the Giant being a good guy with his clues and his seemingly sincere sadness when Maddie was murdered, I much prefer ambiguity. Using Laura as a lure for BOB is something that retains the culpability of Leland and the strength of Laura.
  9. I'm sorry, I'm sorry for my previous attempts at speculation, I won't do it again. Anywho... Are we split on who/what the #frogroach is? ( @KaiserAullirio) I assumed it was BOB as a literal familiar as MIKE has called him during the original run. Man, that episode, loved it. I agree that there is a intentional holding out against giving us what we want. I want Coop back. But I can't stare into the void that this show presents and ask for all my ducks to be in a row. Although I agree, @Demimonde, the A-bomb representing some focal point for evil to come through, is a little on the nose. There are a lot men like Richard Horne out there.
  10. Rewatched the episode last night and can't help but think that Diane feels absolutely let down by Gordon and the FBI. I like what you had to say to back up your not sexual assault Gailbraithe, and I really hope that that is the case. Because an honest, falling out between 2 people will serve to develop Diane much better as we go back and read between the lines of all of Dale's tapes to her. I don't know how I feel about EvilCoop being the billionaire benefactor of the glass box operation. But the evolution of the arm seems more and more to me to be the brain and nervous system regrowing (ie: the Arm being able to manifest themselves in the physical world). And man, did the creepy monster in the box in the first episode look like the Arm's weird tree face. EvilCoop setting up an elaborate operation to contain the Arm who appears to be the most antagonistic towards to BOB and his previous theft of the garmonbozia, isn't a ridiculous idea (just the Lost-iest). And the Arm compelling DougieCoop to "squeeze his hand off" could be establishing a more involved partnership in the coming episodes. That would explain why GoodCoop was "caught" by the glass box as he was ejected(?) from the Red Room.
  11. Jake, I bet you ate up two older gentlemen exchanging Skype handles and a computer monitor embedded in a desk. So tar hobo, that's the name we've got? I can roll with that. I figured it was him walking down the hall out of focus, and it really freaked me out. I loved it! No-good Renaults still doing their part to keep the trade going. *Laura Dern was really good, "what's your name?" *Of course, loved bad-ass Coop This is going to need a rewatch.
  12. I do wonder what ties Audrey back into the show though.
  13. Oh that was unnerving. Cooper's dialogue was modified in such a way that really made me feel like they were talking to a possessed man. And the bit with Cole's hearing aid was really good. They don't seem to playing it for laughs very much though. I thought the woman that they were talking about was Sarah Palmer since she was connected to Dale in the Black Lodge in the finale.
  14. My partner and I were like, "is that Jacque??" Oh boy did I scoff when Shelley said that about James. Why does she even an opinion about him? Kid below her in high school.... Oh no Lynch, you can't convince me that he's cool.
  15. The Log Lady hit me really hard as well. I'm not aware of what state she was in during the filming. But the oxygen, the rapport with Hawk and her glassy eyes really got to me. Watched 3 episodes tonight, and also finding hard to recall where each "episode" started and stopped. Calling them episode really doesn't feel right. I felt really relieved that doppelgänger Dale hasn't flown under the radar at the FBI, and seemingly just went AWOL as soon as he got out of the Lodge.
  16. My take on everything in these trailers, and the omnipresent "It is happening again" in all the marketing, is a Twin Peaks that hasn't moved on, that hasn't learnt anything as a community about the death of Laura Palmer. Then a thought popped in my head of seeing Lucy watch reruns of Invitation to Love, stuck in that same lobby of the Sheriff's department. I am scared/excited that we are getting 18 hours of Fire Walk With Me that was discussed in the cast.
  17. I was really excited for the cast to come back, refreshing my podcast app constantly last night. I was disappointed you two decided against the spoiler music jingle for Audrey's fate. Agreed with your sentiments on the book Jake. Hawk's reading (and Michael Horse's narration in the audiobook) of Norma, Big Ed and Hank's life was the high point of the Secret History of Twin Peaks. But ultimately I felt like the book told us too much and nothing at all about the mythology of Twin Peaks. I quite liked how it prodded around what happened to the Log Lady as a child, but really didn't like extending Twin Peaks lore to every corner of the globe. I enjoyed Something True's retelling of Jack Parsons's attempt to summon a demon far more than this book's version. Edit: I will say actually was really into the conceit of the Archivist and even the slight teasing of Tamara Preston (TP) from the season 3 in the Secret History.
  18. Some new video content. Oh boy, do the people in this clip wear the strain of Twin Peaks on them. Andy looks an empty husk of a human in that shot. And I hadn't expected Carl to appear in the new series (I also had to google the character name). Side note: How does everyone feel about the marketing done by Showtime in the lead up to the premiere? It feels so devoid of what Twin Peaks is.
  19. I have to wonder what ads are served up to Chris "Feed me memes, fetch my shoehorn" Remo. "He doesn't fit into any of these boxes", a pair of box sorting robots say to one another.
  20. Late to the party, but just finished listening to the audiobook. Not sure I want to go back and read the book. But I'll echo that I most enjoyed the Hawk and Jacoby sections, they felt sincere and added a bit more flesh to those bones. As far as spoilers go I think I might posit:
  21. Really late in getting my dev log up. But here I am, I am basing my jam game of Episode 247 of Idle Thumbs, The Clone Progenitors. Although not part of the official diversifiers, I am using these ones from the short list for my own motivation: · The classics: Create a version of an old game, eg. checkers, poker, backgammon. Add twists if you want, but there’s more to these games than you might think. · Hard mode - Learn a new engine/IDE by making your first game using it during the jam. Hard mode is me using Pico-8 for the first real time in actually making something. This has actually proven to be more difficult than I thought. It's implementation of Lua is a bit rougher than the standard, and so my code has been far less flexible than I'd like. As for the classics, I've decided to meld the awesome bean-moving game Mancala, and Tharsis which was discussed in that episode. The game follows mancala in that seeds need to be sent to put into a scoring modules, they are the left-most and right-most circles in the screenshots below. Where it differs from Mancala is that it is only a single player game. The conflict comes from random "events" like Tharsis, modules will become compromised and all "seeds" will need to be moved along to a different module otherwise they all will perish. Get as many seeds on to the scoring modules to evacuate them from the ship. As of right now I've got the basic rules of Mancala in the game. I am still working on balancing random events, and how to repair modules. And I really need to work on making stuff pretty!
  22. [RELEASE] The Clone Progenitor

    This jam was very much a head down get stuff down jam. Diving deeper into Lua than I have before, and ever with Pico-8, I really miss a heavily typed language. I struggled to keep my code clean for a bit, undoing some lazy hacks. But I was very happy with how easy I got a simple but effective state machine going. I wasn't able to get a nice animation going for all the movement in the game, so that is far more static than I liked. But I did manage to put in highlight functionality that shows what "that" move would actually do. So I am going to call this release a release, it still needs sound and music, but the loop is there and I think Mancala really works with this theming. You can find the game here
  23. I've gone with a short and snappy pod blast from 09, With Free Monster Samples. So I came to this jam with a specific interaction in mind. I wanted to work on a morse code method of communication in a future game. I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to come up with a proof of concept for it. The game is inspired visually by Downwell, it creates the layout for the game and look for the game. Mechcanically the player is trying to get rid of their Monster samples. They need to visit door to door to get rid of all of their samples within the alloted time. The problem is, everyone's music is too darn loud. Knocking on the door will cause the occupant to say hello in their particular language. The player needs to use morse code to knock back that word at them. In an ideal world, players would get higher scores for more complex greetings. But I think I'm already pushing it with I've got already. I've got a 2D platformer setup set up (thanks to Acrocatic), and a rad $1 animated dude that bounces off the walls. So I hope to get some more of the core gameplay into the game over the weekend. I've attached some gifs of the progress of the game You can download the game here:
  24. [RELEASE] With Free Monster Samples

    Another update. Put in a timer and enabled the difficulty selection that I hadn't got around to toggle in the game.