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  1. The repetitive nature that was discussed was very similar too. I did acid a fair bit back in the day and there's a similar kind of effect in the psychedelic experience it creates. I'm curious what structure or pattern of the brain causes that effect. The kind of looping in on itself, self-referential, fractal kind of thing. Both in thought and visuals. I also tend to like very meta humor, or storytelling and I've wondered if there's some kind of similarity. Also I play around with neural networks as an artistic medium, and have noticed that there is similar kind of effects in how neural networks generate imagery often, so I, with no real qualifications or knowledge on this, wonderif there is some kind of deeper connection there, as in the creation of imagery with the neural network is making visual a particular pattern of behavior in the training model and that this pattern is also present in our brains, at a much more complex level because our brains have been trained for visual recognition etc through evolution in a similar way. Just a thought. More discussion about dreams in the podcasts! People always say that the most boring story to everyone else, except for the person telling the story, is the story of an acid trip or a dream experience. I personally disagree very strongly with that. I love people telling me their dream stories. I sadly don't remember my dreams much these days.
  2. Man the nightmare discussion was creepy similar to experiences I had growing up. I had them actually quite often though one of the worst I remember was shortly after coming home from a 3 week road trip. I had one this one night that was just a riderless Super Mario World yoshi jumping through the end level goals over and over and over again. Baaaaawhoop BaaaaawhoopBaaaaawhoopBaaaaawhoop Over and overagain, and in the back of my head I felt like Peach was telling me I had to save mario or something, and I was the yoshi? Or something like that. They were very weird, and horrible because I was already technically awake and couldn't get out of them. I'm not neuraltypical but it was kind of a shock to me as an adult when I casually mentioned these dreams and all my friends were like "uhhh... I've never had that happen to me".
  3. Game Jams

    I'm doing a couple different games. Here are two start menus. Hmmm... I can't post any images for some reason. It says I'm not allowed to use the image extension. So here's a link to the twitter post: and
  4. Game Jams

    I'm so pumped for duplicade. I came back to Idle Thumbs forums after being away for a long time just to see who else was doing it. (life stuff happened and also I'm really bad at using forums, and my podcast machine is broken so I haven't been listening to Idle Thumbls lately. I am sorry! ) I did barfcade last year and really enjoyed it. If you live in Austin hit me up. Saturday a bunch of us are meeting IRL to work on our game jam games together. I'm working on like 3 or 4 different games with people. I'm super pumped.
  5. Visual Art!

    Oh thanks! That's very generous of you. If you're not using it, then yah I'd love to try it out.
  6. Visual Art!

    I've never actually used Playmaker though I have heard of it. I thought that it was going to probably be too difficult but after looking it up after you mentioned it, I think I might give it a try.
  7. Visual Art!

    I've been working on a game with a friend. Nothing I can show right now though, still too basic. I've not really been using the forums much because I got in a serious relationship and started a new job. But I just quit that job and may be around here more! Took a start up job and I am using my extra time to do more game stuff. I made this recently! I didn't do the modeling, but I did end up doing the coding which was weird because I don't code. I'm just a designer! But our coder bailed and I was so fired up I decided I would learn Unity to make it work. It's really simple but it's kind of cool being able to make something actually move and stuff without help. I've been thinking about learning modeling for that very reason. I don't want to stretch my skill sets too thin though. But it would be nice to be able not to have to worry about other people modeling for me and stuff.
  8. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    To be fair, disco had a back lash because it was also seen as inspiring classist elitism and glorifying material excess. But that's why people should listen to discopunk.
  9. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I've been out for a couple of weeks, busy with life and stuff. Just wanted to pop in and say that while I support ethics in video game coverage, and was involved in the dialogue on this stuff earlier in the thread, I think all this gamergate stuff is fucked up, and I don't like it. I know I went back and forth on some issues with some people, still feel uncomfortable with how the indie game scene is organized (and also how the AAA scene etc in general is organized. I guess I'm just uncomfortable with how the relationship between "games as an industry" and "games as an artistic medium"), but the shittiness of the trolls really won't seem to stop. I sort of peaced out around the time the twitter tag began to take off, so I haven't been following the actual "gamersgate" stuff much, but it seems to me that the things I'm personally concerned about and the things that fall under the tag, do not align. Guess I just wanted to go on record about that.
  10. Adulthood, Age, and Modernity

    Well, I mean most geocaching isn't out in the woods. It's around a city park or shopping center, or other public places like that. Also it's not a first date thing, def a second date thing, or third date. But that's just my suggestion. Depends on who you're taking out on a date. Also I'm very bad at jokes. I am unfunny.
  11. Visual Art!

    Yeah I think I remember hearing the Thumbers express a similar idea and it really nailed down the idea for me. It's a really cool look, and serves a similar function. I think in some circles you can probably see it beginning to be overplayed a little but I don't think that's really a bad thing per se. I don't personally do pixel art but I'm still amazed when I see some really well executed sprite work. I did sort of do my first bit of sprite work recently, by necessity due to how low resolution the sprites were. Maybe I'll post that soon. It was for a game jam, which I posted about in another thread too.
  12. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Sorry I've been kind of out of the loop the last couple of weeks. Is gate stuff still going on? Did everything blow over?
  13. Adulthood, Age, and Modernity

    +1 for art galleries. Especially gallery openings because freeeeeeee wine and cheeze. I also recommend geocaching. If the weather's nice it can take you all over the nooks and crannies of a city, keeps you active, and I think it's also a good test to see what kind of person you're dealing with, because geocaching pops up a lot of weird challenges and novel situations. That's really more a "second date" thing to me though. I personally don't like the cinema date thing because you don't get to talk to the person. I think the only reason that used to be a thing is because back in the day that's how teens got alone in the dark to make out or something. A coffee is good because it's quick and you can get in and out in case the date isn't going well. A pub date is nice though. I wish we had more pubs here in America. I hate American bars, they're always so loud and noisy. Pubs are much better for actual conversation. Either play music live music loud, and have the focus be the concert, or keep the fucking volume down so I can drink and talk without going hoarse.
  14. Adulthood, Age, and Modernity

    My gf just got a cat so I am now officially an adult. Yay. I guess I don't have to worry about anything else ever again!