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  1. Hello Thumbs and Thumb-Adjacent Humans! I'm not exactly a regular on the forums here, but I'm an avid fan of Idle Thumbs, Twin Peaks Rewatch, and The End of Mad Men...which brings me to my point! My good friend and I have started a podcast called "20 GOTO 10," about the AMC drama Halt And Catch Fire. We just finished scrambling through the end of Season 1 (available now on Netflix streaming), and will be releasing the first episode of Season Two, immediately following tonight's 10pm EST premiere. This is not a show with the unquestionable classic status of Twin Peaks or Mad Men, but it does some cool stuff and relates tangentially to the world of video games. So keep an eye out for the last three episodes of Season One (releasing throughout today), and join us for the first episode of Season Two, tonight at 11:01pm EST!
  2. Can't believe I registered an account for this, but here goes: Those are the actual lyrics (confirmed by Green Day: Rock Band). Billy Joe is bisexual, so I think the line implies that he either went to multiple whores, or was with a trans whore (although denoted offensively). For more fun facts, just listen to my Green Day podcast, "Dookie in My Ears", every Sunday at 3:00am EST!