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  1. I got a bit of a Shatner vibe from the lyrics in the new theme song. I really like the sound of Cara Ellison's voice. Let's #scoopsgate to get him to go to SF and cast a pod. The discussion about maps being political and representative in Sim City as the "correct" way to city plan (or city plan for cars), and i think that if it was European, it would be dots along a line. Europe seems a lot more condensed around centers than the (NE) US. Here in CZ theres land that doesnt belong to a town in between towns, and when i first realized that it kinda blew me away. "We just left Blatna, what town are we in now?" "We are not in a town" "But how does that house get mail??" maybe a European Sim city would be more about how to expand the city and bring business while modernizing your city while still adhering to UNESCO rules and guidelines, then getting fed up, starting a war, letting your city get bombed to crap, so you can rebuild it the way you want it.
  2. IDLE THUMBS 200

    Not saying it applies to Notch, but with lottery winners, they tend to lend out a lot of money and they don't factor in maintenance costs and debt repayments in their budgets. For us, it sounds difficult to get rid of 2 billion dollars, but if your change your lifestyle drastically as a result, it could be very easy.
  3. IDLE THUMBS 200

    My impression of Notch is just that he has more money than he knows what to do with it. Usually people who get a huge windfall like that (see: lottery winners) spend too much and end up worse than they were before. I don't think he is required to donate to charity or that he should (but it would be nice). I always pictured Notch to be a bit like Tarn and his brother, but the spending spree kind of breaks that image, and it makes me feel a bit sad.
  4. The Hall of Game

    defining genres and what belongs in the top 10 is a mess. but it is a mess I love to make.
  5. Project Godus: Don't believe his lies

    It is not universal. Common law systems seem to have different rules regarding what is considered a contract than civil law systems. In the UK/US (and maybe AUS, but I don't know) a contract needs 4 parts. What is missing in this contract would be consideration (ie. what one party does/gives in exchange for the money.) In Some other European countries (like the Czech Republic) there are "gift contracts" where no consideration is required and it is still considered a valid contract. Common law has other kinds of agreements (Deeds, for example) that do similar things, but are not considered contracts. also, generally promises are not able to be contested in court, unless (i think) it can be proven that there was intent to enter into a legal agreement even if there wasn't one specifically laid out. The point about contracts and no contracts, if a contract is considered invalid (if it was signed by someone who does not have legal capacity like a minor for instance) it is generally considered that there was no contract to begin with. A breached contract is only considered breach if there was a valid contract to begin with. In this situation, it gets tricky because it is dependent on what kind of rules were made and agreed upon and while it might be able to contest it in court, it would ultimately be up to the judge/jury but it is not so clear that it is a done deal. this is my (very) unprofessional opinion by the way.
  6. An email I sent to Giantbomb

    spring onion is good too, to add in that mix. and to me Dan is someone who has had a quite different life than me, and probably many others. It is weird that we can't fathom that he hasn't done some basic things that we consider normal, but its not infuriating. I get the sense there are a lot of things Dan has done that most people haven't, and that he would view as normal.
  7. The Hall of Game

    Not sure if unmissable exists, or what it really means, but these are games that haven't been mentioned yet (i think) that certainly I would be very happy if I found out others have played, and disappointed when others haven't. Jagged Alliance 2 *AGE WARNING* Deep turn based strategy, memorable and fully voiced characters, fairly open ended, full of little secrets and cool things. Just by the sheer number of failed iterations, remakes, and similar games, and the successful mods, it still has a huge following. I am quite surprised that a big studio hasnt taken a chance with it, like Maxis did with XCOM. For many, it is the end all and be all of turn bases strategy games. XCOM UFO Defense *AGE WARNING* The Julian Gollop original. Hard, brutal, and crazy. You really feel that aliens are invading Earth and that the humans are underdogs. Prepare to get shot from the darkness. Another turn based squad masterpiece, often found at the top of best games ever lists. Xenonauts is a modern take that is (so far, only put a few hours in) pretty close to the original. League of Legends Most popular game of all time, if you go by their statistics. The more accessible of LoL/Dota/Dota2, and does a great job of creating a game balanced around casual and competitive play. Worth if if you are into multiplayer, or just to see an open appraoch to game design (if you also read up on their dev. blogs explaining their philosophies). A Mind Forever Voyaging Infocom classic Text adventure, very open ended and ambitious, set the scene for "open world" games. Clear beginning and end, and a huge, exploration based middle. Just text, though, so that might not be your thing. Photopia The "Gone Home" of the IF community, when it was released about 10 years ago (?) that caused the community to discuss "what is game?". Short, touching, but it is also one of the first games that really made me feel that games could be art. Download it here, or play it online here Dwarf Fortress *WARNING* Seemingly impossible to learn, steep learning curve, crap graphics and UI, but what this game lacks in almost everything it completely makes up in gameplay and experimentation. A randomly generated world is not just placing objects in the environment, but creating a history of the world with its own heroes, wars, cities, and the like, and you are able to visit anything in that history at any time. Add that to complex combat damage (characters can lose fingers, get bit in the crotch, etc.) and wonky physics, it will teach you that losing is fun.
  8. Help me remember that movie/book/thing

    Dear Thumbstars, Please Help me remember : Cartoon, mid 80s, space opera, it was French or Belgian maybe. It was a sci-fi adaption of the Odyssey (i think....) and the main character had a laser pistol that was also a lightsaber, two in one! and the hardest. Been looking for this for a while. A song, around mid 90s, woman singing but with a deep-ish voice, singing about a guitar and a boy who played it, think it was about 4-5 mins long, melodic pop or singer/songwriter stuff. Heard it on NRG in Stockholm in the mid 90s if that helps.
  9. Is Social Media Eroding Our Humanity?

    I tend to stay pretty far away from social media. Twitter is there so I dont have to log in to read tweets/twitter profiles when they are linked on webpages, facebook is basically a glorified address book to me, and thats about it. But if someone you know says hateful, toxic, ignorant things online, is that a side of the person's character? I feel that a lot of people online tend to talk in extremes because you are talking to a crowd of people, not a single individual, and posting things in the public social media sphere is more like a performance. And given the short attention spans people have on the internet, it seems almost easier or even necessary to make a point or express a feeling by being extreme. I doubt a lot of these people would act and say these things in public and face to face or among their irl peers, because to me that this kind of communication does not have the same social standards or cues that in person communication does. Does that mean that there are monsters hiding in some people that are only exposed when they interact online? Talking through machines does make you less empathic, i think, but I don't know if through use that would carry over to the real world. I don't know really what I am trying to say, just that when reading social media posts, a lot of the time I think very lowly of human empathy and humanity in general, to the point where I am not sure humans should have the privilege of free speech, but I guess a part of me is a hopeful optimist.
  10. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Candy Crush Saga is pretty bad about that stuff, but I still dip into it once in a while. I keep getting into these games because my gf is addicted to freemium games, and always needs someone to give her extra lives. I am close to giving up on Beyond Good and Evil. By my reckoning im quite far into the game, but the camera is getting more and more frustrating and I hate piloting the boat around. And i just know that soon, I am going to have to do some frustrating mini games in that boat to get those last pearls I need.
  11. Risk of Rain

    damn, could have used those copies. But any easy way to set up MP? Tried setting up online co-op the other night but had issues with routers and ports etc. and i heard things like hamachi are no longer supported for it. Would like to be able to set it up easily so I can get my small game group away from playing the same 2 games.
  12. An email I sent to Giantbomb

    Yea, I thought this was the case! I shall Delorian into the past episodes. Also, that clip was good, thanks!
  13. Its beginning to look a lot like GOTY

    I don't think I played many that were released this year, so my list is short: The Banner Saga This War of Mine and runner up: Infinity Wars but Jazzpunk seems like something I would really like, just haven't gotten around to it yet
  14. Plug your shit

    I try to write about video games (cliche! ) , mainly to practice writing. find it here:
  15. Tacoma from Fullbright

    A Virgin-Tesla Facility? nice touch. Looking forward to this!
  16. An email I sent to Giantbomb

    I have been trying to get into the Bombcast the past two months or so. Never listened to the old ones. Just a quick observation/question - are they always so negative on games, or is it because most AAA titles released around now have had problems? It seems like even if they mention or talk about a game they like, they backtrack and say "well, its ok, Its decent. It has its problems too." I just feel that they feel every game has problems, and it gives it an overall negative impression. E.g. after listening to Idle Thumbstars, I want to play the games they like and talk about. After listening to Bombcast, I don't feel like playing any Video game, ever.
  17. Outside sources of in-game information

    I like looking at guides/wikis when im through the game, or close to it, to see what i missed. Also, sometimes like in games like FO3, to see what happens if I had chosen the other path in a quest. These games are so long that I probably will never play through them more than once. But some games, like the binding of isaac for example, I don't know how I could play them without resorting to the wiki sometimes to see what some items do.
  18. Feminism

    Sweden has always (at least in modern history) taken a very pro-women stance on things (see their prostitution laws for example) so this is kind of par for the course. I skimmed the comments very briefly, and I just saw "LOL what about sexism vs men?? LOL" and stuff like that, but one thing that Sweden's pro-women stance has done is created more equality, even though it is still lacking in some areas. ( see here here and here for some info). Another example is of course, required paternity leave, so I feel but cannot say for certain, that the intent is more balanced than just empowering the women. That is to say, more about making it equal instead of just boosting women's rights. In other media as well, just look at the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, (original title : Men Who Hate Women) and the female characters included in there. Of course, there are a lot of people who don't like the trend. All in all, i don't think such a change will affect sales or damage the industry, and I think it is on par with Sweden's attitude towards changes and trying things to see if they work or not. Granted, I haven't lived in Sweden for 20+ years, so I may be a bit or very out of touch.
  19. Jeff Goldblum

    He was (kind of) recently on wait wait don't tell me. Complete with Jeff Goldblum noises and a Jurassic Park story.
  20. Really good/older games found in 2nd hand shops

    I got The Sims for $1 a long time ago. That was about it. but in my youth i generally only focused on 2-3 games at a time, for long periods. Now, with financial independence, I have become a slave to Steam Sale Hoarderism
  21. Cyberpunk Cop Killah (aka The Last Night)

    This might be a little too loosely based on whats going on here but... weren't those "Gamers are Dead" articles originally about how video games are no longer a niche hobby and are pervasive in our culture, and thus the label of gamer being applied to a hardcore minority of Video game, well, nerds, no longer applies? ie. as stated above, there are no "moviers" or "TVers", and maybe soon there will be no gamers because everyone plays games. also, a little about the topic at hand: I have been a "gamer" for most my life as well (Zork, AMFV, Rogue, since we dropping cred) and ten years ago or so, there was a huge debate about whether games were art, and this probably still gets talked about today (i havent noticed it as much though). When I was a young gamer, gamers passionately tried to get non-gamers to take video games seriously as an artform and as a medium. Today, everyone plays some form of game and video games are at that point, I feel, where they are perceived as a valid medium and some games as art. The bigger something is, the more likely it will be criticized. And if games are being criticized by gamers, they are doing it because they love games and want them to improve. Not because they hate games and think they are creating misogyny. As gamers, we wanted our hobby to be taken seriously as an art form. What I get from Anita and others is the message of "Hey Hey, AAA studios. remember when we wanted games to be considered as art? How about making more games that do that, and explore mature themes responsibly, instead of rehashing the same misogynistic shooters year after year." And of course she does it with a sledgehammer because internet, and no one likes to read more than two sentences before making up their mind.
  22. Sorry for the late reply, but yea, I have sunk a few hours into this game. I have no idea how the old version was, but 2015 is like EZ mode Diablo. I picked Storm as my first character, and with her AoE it is incredibly easy, even soloing. I can basically almost just walk around. And there are a lot of dudes to kill. A LOT. The mini bosses take forever to take down though (solo) There are a lot of things to collect, a lot of things to buy, and it seems the drops are yours only, that is to say that drops on your screen don't show up on any one else's (AFAIK) But all in all, it does not seem particularly challenging, and the environments so far have been nice, but not particularly remember-able. I am not too far into it, so I do not know what the endgame is like, and from my very limited knowledge and impression, it is quite different than the story. If you want to check it out, let me know, ill play with you for a little bit.
  23. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    Mid Game Saves? I'm sold! I am not a fast one either. and thanks for the link!
  24. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    It looks / seems too similar to the first one for me, although I still have much more to unlock and do in the first one, so that might be why i am hesitant about getting this one, despite the fact that i love the game. besides co-op and the gaphical update, are there any other major differences? (do not mean new items, monsters, etc...)
  25. Game Critiques and Mechanics Analysis

    Extra Credits sometimes talks about things like these, although at times the analysis is rather shallow. Could be worth looking into though, as they do have some interesting videos.