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  1. Dota Today 15: James Lawlor with Synderen

    Finally got around to listening to this cast. I was actually pretty shocked that Riot wasn't mentioned once during the entirety of the conversation, and I'm at least glad that the topic has gotten some discussion here. All of the problems raised in the podcast have been considered and addressed (for better or for worse, but at least addressed) by Riot. They have brought an unquantifiable level of consistency and quality to their tournament scene, and I think that the success of the LCS shows that they are doing something right. The longer I've followed esports, the more I've come to believe that the game's producer needs to be very involved for their esports scene to thrive. Apples and oranges, but Blizzard realized this way too late with SC2, and that scene is pretty much dead. I'm afraid Dota is slowly heading down the same path.
  2. Hey thumbs. I've listened to the cast forever, but just made an account to respond to Katie's reader mail on the last cast. I am one of the assholes Katryn is nice enough to play with on a near nightly basis. I'm pretty sure she wanted the email to be anonymous, as we are all Idle Thumbs fans. Instead, I got a group text from my brother at 3 am last night that went something like "KATIE YOUR EMAIL WAS READ ON IDLE THUMBS. also Jer and Zac we got burned (rightfully so)." So that started a day long conversation that was at times awkward and at times enlightening. I think we all ended up better people. Ok, now the real reason I'm writing. Sean's suggestion that it might be time to move on was kinda harsh. I've known Katie for over 10 years, and I would count it a great loss if she just decided to move on because a bunch of guys said some insensitive things on Skype. I'd like to think losing my friendship would be a loss for her as well. I believe that you really only get a small number of truly meaningful friendships in this life, and that it is important to at least make an effort to work through issues. Anyway, I thought Danielle's advice was insightful and wise, and she makes a great addition to the cast. Love the cast!