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  1. Day of the Devs 2015

    Oh, I also played Outer Wilds. It seems like a very cool exploration game. I was just exploring a planet and quickly found a way to take off and all of a sudden I was exploring a solar system. It had a nice balance of relaxing moments and moments of wonder.
  2. Day of the Devs 2015

    It was great a lot of cool games to look out for. Omnibus is crazy fun. Jenny Leclue was clever nancy drew-esque mystery adventure. Tacoma looks like a worth follow-up to Gone Home. Museum of Simulation Technology is one the cleverest puzzle games I've seen in awhile. Wattam looks like the power of friendship was turned into a bomb and put in Viva Pinata. There were many others that looked great. It was the kind of event that makes you exited about games. A salve to the cynicism of the AAA games industry.
  3. DOTA 2 - Fall Season Competitions

    Llama is currently one their community casters I think. So she is hired by the studio for fill in some games. She really only been doing this for awhile. She's kind of like lyrical gangster in that way. I hope she keeps improving. I felt like she and Lyrical were going to be the next casters people know. I hope that turns out to be the case. Akke from Alliance weighed in on the issue and it is pretty great. Makes me want to root for them: http://www.tv6.se/esport/akke/discussion-about-the-hostpanelcasting-invites
  4. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Usually the cultural marxism rants have their roots in white supremacist groups. Their is a stormfront cultural marxism copy pasta that floats around the internet and shows up on places like reddit a lot. It almost always is presented in response to either feminism or critical race discussions.
  5. Unless I am missing something, Secret beat them at two ESLs and Summits, but lost to them at Starladder, DAC, and in Dotapit. It doesn't really seem like a one sided track record to me.
  6. I know EG beat Secret in a Starladder final.
  7. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Fox news got mad that the new Captain America is fighting white supremacists. Tucker Carlson literally defends Serpent Supreme (leader of a long running white supremacist group in the Marvel Universe). You can't make this stuff up. http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/fox-friends-slams-captain-america-sam-wilson-1
  8. Video Game Recommendations

    Some games I've liked recently: Dropsy Path of Exile Dota 2 Binding of Isaac Tropico series Tales From the Borderland Beginner's Guide
  9. DOTA 2 - Fall Season Competitions

    Secret are really showing how OP the meepo is right now. It's a huge advantage for them that w33 is so amazing on it.
  10. Good points all around. I think I was wrong.
  11. Social Justice

    I think it's intentionally exclusive of lesbian females because beauty standards for women are dominated by straight men. I think the reason you specify straight male is to discuss the hegemonic male gaze in a way that doesn't erase the existence of non-straight men.
  12. DOTA 2 - Fall Season Competitions

    EG will have to keep improving if they want to win this tournament. For now, I really feel like CDEC are the favorites. Secret look great so far today, though their pocket Meepo strat has always looked good. Should be a fun day. Edit: Game 2 was great. Cr1t is so impressive. I remember him as "the honorary North American" in NEL. Glad to see him land on a top tier team.
  13. It does explore those kind of, but what does it say about it? It's not even clear to me whether the game thinks violence is bad or not. I certainly don't think any game with a special genocide run can be said to be against cathartic violence. It treats violence differently in its systems than most (j)RPGs, but just because it is different doesn't mean it had a cohesive purpose. I honestly think all it's decisions where based on how to make it quirkier. I'd be interested to know what exactly you think it's saying because to me it explores these issues just in an awkward circular way. By the end of the game, I really didn't feel like it had gone anywhere.
  14. DOTA 2 - Fall Season Competitions

    It seems like EG are getting better as the tournament goes, which is always their way. I feel like CDEC and EG were in a similar position where both teams had something to prove. So far I think they did. EG having to play Monkey Business, LGD, and VP is a total murderers row. It sort of feels like Secret were gifted and easy advance, but MVP looked okay against C9. Overall, Monkey Business have been the most impressive team to me. They seemed to run 5 man push strategies every game, though. Usually as a tournament goes on you need to show some strategic diversity. It'll be cool to see what else they have cooked up.
  15. I really feel like this game was much worse than the sum of its parts. For all the individual moments of joy, the overall view I have of the game is surprisingly low. At the end of the day, I don't think the game has anything to say. Sure, it's clever and I loved it for that, but I don't imagine I'll be think about this game two or three years from now. I'm just not sure that being irreverent is enough to make something a great game.
  16. Esports Today 10/13/2015: Reality Bites

    That was the game of the qualifiers. To be honest, NiP basically threw it though. Edit: Also, Pig Baby is honestly the best name in e-sports beating out Pizzadad.
  17. Day of the Devs 2015

    I wish it was at the Mint like last year. That venue was very cool. I hope this one is too.
  18. Good series. I agree about the female characters though. They are too few and far between and often are flat or don't really have a story arch. This is probably one of the best entries into the magical boy genre I've seen. Edit: Does anyone know when the third book is supposed to release?
  19. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    When the rules of reddit are too strict for your community...
  20. Social Justice

    I think that misunderstands the argument of cultural appropriation. Usually it is about protecting a marginalized group against the dominant culture. So, it's actually more about protecting diversity by keeping certain traditional practices or art away from the hegemonic culture. That's why the analogy about blue jeans about is pretty obtuse. In western society, other cultures can't appropriate white culture because they have it forced upon them. In the U.S. in general, people of color have lessened capacities to change the dominant culture. Through cultural appropriation though, traditional tribal gear can become a Halloween costume or hip-hop can become about how much someone likes drinking at college. Cultural appropriation is a problem because it doesn't respect the history or context from which something developed and as result removes the influence of a marginalized group from its own culture. This doesn't really occur in the other direction.
  21. Dota 2 - Summer 2016 Roster Shuffles

    Speaking of AUI, it is starting to look like his new team will be eliminated in the major qualifier. Baring a crazy comeback they will have fallen just short and Dota will have it's first South American team at a Valve sponsored tournament. Edit: outcome confirmed, Unknown are the first South American dota team in a major! That's very exciting for their region. Edit: I also think they are the first team to ever qualify through the open qualifier where anyone with a team could enter.
  22. Intoxicated:

    And now you are drinking wine again.