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  1. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    Since the last invite link seems to be broken here's a new one:
  2. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    Nick says he's going to start streaming from the account now (he's been streaming on his personal account for a little while) and started a FC2 playthrough this weekend. He talked a bit about thumbs and even though there's nothing concrete in place he'd like to do something when they have more time.
  3. Episode 448: Valkyria Chronicles 4

    The channel that was going around a couple of weeks ago was
  4. Finally a practice range so I can practice sick bike tricks and sneaky crossbow antics also Cake you're a monster
  5. Hot In Space: Heat Signature

    I finished it last October after doing every single available mission and the story ending is ok but not very memorable. I just had a lot of fun stealthing my way through ships and defenestrating people into space. My favorite thing was leaving fun weapons around for my friends to find. There's some pretty great unique rare items as well:
  6. Landis should be a host of this podcast.
  7. WIZARD JAM 6 // Welcome Thread

    Gonna actually make a game this time. I think I can probably make an endless runner based on the title "Once You Start You Can't Stop." Maybe I'll try for for only two inputs and/or no written/spoken words.
  8. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    Yeah, the fact that clans gives you loot means that it's better to be in a larger, more active clan like waypoint's instead of a smaller one. It sucks because that means that clans are pretty useless for actually finding people to play with. Luckily there's slack for finding people who're on and wanna play.
  9. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    I made a simple counter using AutoHotKey to track how many times I've gotten spooped while playing SOMA. I figured I'd post it here in case other people want a simple counter and it can be easily modified to display other manual counts. It uses the + and - keys on the numpad to increment/decrement the counter. Setup: Download and install autohotkey Copy this code into a text editor Change line 2 to where you want the counter text file to live Change line 5 if you want to count something other than spoops Save the file as a .ahk and double-click the file to start the script running Hit numpad + and - a few times and open the counter text file to make sure it's working In OBS make a new Text source and set it to read from the counter text file like this: That's it
  10. Idle Thumbs Streams

  11. First read this article on Waypoint: Then download the game it's really so much better than it seems like it should be My friend code is 100422583 and we have an Idle Poos association you can join after you beat level 3-2.
  12. E3 2017

    "The Bob Dylan of video games:"
  13. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    I'm trying to put together a multiplayer Heroes of Might and Magic 3 stream. Planning on doing it this weekend or the next. If you want to join in please fill out this form: We're going to be playing the classic version of the game which you can pick up from gog if you don't already have it. There's an HD mod which will let you run the game at resolutions above 800x600 as well.
  14. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    I'm going to stream every Mass Effect game on the weekends starting tomorrow. Time: afternoon Eastern US time. Come hang out
  15. Planning to get a new pair of glasses

    This is like a reverse spambot where they trick you into spamming for them
  16. The threat of Big Dog

    A women and her dog hide in the woods from a Boston Dynamics killbot:
  17. Submitted my hair from when I had rad hair
  18. Here's the Three PS3s video they mentioned briefly: It was done by the Loading Ready Run sketch comedy group. Fun fact: none of those PS3s were owned by the person in the video and one is a hollow demo unit. It's too bad that video responses are no longer displayed on youtube any more because there were some very vitriolic people who don't understand comedy and got quite angry. Of course they did an update a year ago:
  19. Regarding the Giant Bomb panel's difficulty in explaining what firewatch is. Part of it was played up for laughs and part if it is that Brad Shoemaker never does a great job explaining games that don't fit the usual "meets meets meets" categorization. <3 Brad.
  20. So that then you can post images of how people managed to turn them into sex toys?
  21. Capsule is a pretty great atmospheric experience but the last level involves a lot of luck to complete. I disagree that the setting is ambiguous. I felt that it pretty clearly takes place in space.
  22. I don't understand how Star Citizen works either and I backed it. Occasionally they send me emails which have 30 minute videos showing models of space ships, Status updates on the alpha, more videos of guys running around hangers, fan podcasts, in-universe fan fiction, etc. Occasionally I'll log in and make sure my virtual ship is still there and see what random stuff they've added. I backed at the $35 level so I only have a small scout ship. As they've raised more money I now have a Class II Space Suit with Test Pilot Colors, a Fishtank Mark 1 with Midas Fish for my virtual hanger, a virtual UFE hand towel which hangs somewhere in my virtual hanger, and other strange random virtual items. I figure eventually I'll hear that the game has been out for a week and finally download it.
  23. Idle Thumbs 154: Super Good

    I get "Nos intendo quaerentis frustrationem." Which I think is pretty close to "We intend to seek frustration."
  24. Idle Thumbs 154: Super Good

    But if everything is different after the cataclysm and 250 years, what is the point of importing a save besides basic things like the name of your civ? In CK2 the game just ends at 1453 and EU picks up right were that leaves off. Even if your dynasty has conquered all of Europe there can still be internal sturggles and meaningful conflct. Whereas if you've won a game of Civ 5 by conquering everyone else there's no way for those civs to come back and continuing that world into another game is meaningless. You do a good job : ) Trying to talk about a game where not much is known is already hard but compounding that with everyone's thrid-hand half-rembered knowedge of different articles and interviews created a strange segment.