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  1. Rimworld

    RPS posted an article about how Rimworld handles gender roles regarding relationships. Short answer, not well. The dev posted a pretty angry and defensive comment which hardly makes him look better.
  2. Rimworld

    That is the saddest.
  3. Okay. https://twitter.com/BandaiNamcoUK/status/712578690752839680
  4. Stardew Valley

    Yeah this happened to me too, shame the game doesn't account for race in that cutscene. Was not the best first impression, but at least it was just once cutscene and I was able to forget about it pretty fast. Still wouldn't mind if that got patched though. I found this game really hard to get into at first, and I only really persisted because it had such a good reputation. It seems a little dry at first I think, but the more colourful stuff becomes more apparent as you play. There are some really cool festivals, and some good dialogue and scenes with the characters as you get to know them. I kinda wish the relationship system was more complex than just feeding gifts to people ("I've given you many diamonds, love meeeee"), but still.
  5. No Man's Sky

    I'm not surprised at people being shocked at the price, it's certainly higher than I was expecting, but Hello Games have the right to charge whatever they feel is appropriate for their own product, and turn a profit from their hard work. To try and calculate the value of that work based on lines of code or file size is possibly the silliest thing. It would be like valuing a song based on the number of instruments played, or a painting by how many strokes it took. Honestly I'm less worried by the price and more by the lack of details about the game itself. Although I haven't been following it very closely for a while.
  6. Do you have favorite game mount?

    Billie from Heroes of the Storm. Bille is correct mount all others are sad errors.
  7. 2015's Games of the Year?

    I think the game I've played the most of last year was Heroes of the Storm. I'm not sure I'm confident enough to call it my game of the year, but one of them. It is is a fine distillation of wizard-em-ups into their purest form (Making decisions and doing things), with all the other stuff like farming and last-hitting cut out. Plus I can ride around on a tiny goat, and Dota lacks this vital feature. I got some games in the sale which I already think very highly of. Necrodancer might be my best game of 2015 (Although playing it gives me some serious cramp). And I'm only a few hours into Cities Skylines but I'd say it's one of my favourites of 2015 and easily the best city management game I've played. I have a folder full of screenshots of wonderful cities, made by my friend who is better than me.
  8. To be fair, Spaff does sound a bit like a British Breckon.
  9. XCOM 2

    But can you crouch yet? Seriously though, this is exciting (Although I did expect there's be a sequel eventually). I just hope they iron out more of the bugs before release this time around. I'm disgustingly not interested in whatever the plot is, because I am bad, unless they forget to write in aliens which I guess would be a problem. I hope they add customisable difficulty options (Like what New Thief had). Would be cool to set a specific set of challenges and all that.
  10. UK Thumbs

    Fair point. I hope their takeaway isn't that they weren't copying the right enough.
  11. UK Thumbs

    Man, imagine if every government position was filled with a person who hated all the ideals they were supposed to uphold. Don't actually imagine that it's really depressing. I'm kinda worried about the direction Labour are going to take after this. I don't want their takeaway to be 'copy the right'.
  12. My problem as well. You just need to secure map objectives and the game seems to snowball in your favour, which feels a bit simplistic (And frustrating to be on the losing end of). Which would be okay if it made the players more chill, but they still get all grouchy. Although since I've not played all that long I am probably missing a ton of deeper strategy this game has going on. I still like playing the game though, but that might be down to Blizzard's skill at making buttons that are fun to press.
  13. Project Eternity, Obsidian's Isometric Fantasy RPG

    If Edér complains about poison much more I swear. I'm still a bit confused by the combat, myself. About all I've managed to figure out is that being surrounded is bad.
  14. Project Eternity, Obsidian's Isometric Fantasy RPG

    I don't really mind the change much, I was just surprised! Was expecting a bit more silliness, and That Tree was something of a shock. I'll be interested to see if Pepyri is right and it cheers up a bit later on. That's the one! I was delighted when it killed me, 'cos it's been so long since I played an RPG with scary bears. But then I went and got a couple of party members, rolled back in there and killed it. Was still tough, mind. Don't know if you guys have heard but turns out this game is quite fun.
  15. Project Eternity, Obsidian's Isometric Fantasy RPG

    Just started playing recently, without really looking into it too much because I wanted everything to be a surprise. First thing that struck me, I was not expecting the game's tone to be so grim! Baldur's Gate was serious at times, but I remember a bit of winking at the camera too. PoE seems a lot more po-faced (Sorry). Although I haven't played much, so maybe there's a lot of humour and I just haven't got to it yet. It does remind me of BG in a bunch of other ways, though, like how the difficulty wobbles a bit from area to area, or how at low levels bears will ruin your day. Despite my grumblings I'm loving the game so far, seems super cool. My character is an elven thief scholar, because.