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  1. Episode 424: Command Ops 2

    Hopefully this will help me finally play this game. I picked up Highway To The Reich years ago in the hopes that I could finally play something like this after spending so much time longing to play an unpunched copy of Devil's Cauldron. Ultimately I found Flashpoint Campaigns to be the sharper design even if it was still archaic in terms of modern game design; it became my favorite computer war game. Glad to hear the 3MA finally tackle this series and CMANO.
  2. Episode 353: Twilight Struggle

    Is anyone else getting destroyed by the AI? Even with the optional cards and a handicap, the furthest that I get is Mid War.
  3. Episode 350: Aging Gracefully

    I had a better time with Steel Panthers after going back to it, but good god is it ugly to look at with modern eyes. Picking out squads from their hexes was nearly impossible for certain terrain types. I still think it does a great job of providing a computerized Squad Leader, but I think Combat Mission has made it obsolete for those looking for tactical wargames.
  4. Episode 351: Weekend of Wargaming

    I liked the multi-topic approach of this episode. I hope you guys can get together more regularly in the future.
  5. I may have to give this game a look. I initially blew it off because I had no interest in the subject. I'll have to add it to a buy list that GMT is already heavily represented on, what with the COIN and Fields of Fire reprints.
  6. Episode 337: 2015 Wrap-up

    No Black Sea? Ahhhhh...
  7. The Ludovico Technique could be adapted to suit our needs.
  8. Episode 322: Wing Leader

    How approachable is this game for new players? I bought Downtown a few years ago and while it had a neat design, it was also a bit overwhelming.
  9. Episode 319: Armello

    I'd recommend steering clear of any version of Talisman. Board game design has come a long way since Talisman was released, and there are many games out there that deserve your time and money more than that one.
  10. I've never had the opportunity to play any of his designs, but the rules and subject matter of Train's work always catches my eye when I come across it. He's one of the most interesting designers in tabletop wargaming. Great interview.
  11. I completely missed that this and Final Liberation had been added to GoG. I didn't think that it would ever happen.
  12. Episode 313: Listener Mail

    I love these listener mail episodes that jump around to various topics. Great episode.
  13. I hope that HOI4 can turn it around in time for release. This is the one series of theirs that eludes me. It's a shame that the Cold War game never came together, as I'd rather play a Vicky-2-styled game set in that period.
  14. My name is Rob and I hate Civ games. When I start these games I always pick at the tech tree with the idea that the order and techs chosen will result in some event or come to provide the character of my civilization. By the final half of the game the realization that I'm just picking +1 culture or an extra worker when I select something makes me wish that someone would make the game that's in my head. Paradox's grand strategy games have come the closest to being that, but the 4X genre will always be one that I cannot enjoy because it is so abstract.
  15. Episode 308: Order of Battle: Pacific

    Can't Battlefront just make a Combat Mission set in the island hopping campaign? I want a game set on Tarawa with that game engine. I think I fall between the two camps here. While I didn't think that OOB tackled the Pacific very well, I still really liked it as a game. Much like Panzer Corps, I just see it as a period-themed board game. I should add that I never played the Panzer General/Fantasy General games back then, so this sort of game is new to me.
  16. Episode 307: Roguelikes

    Man, I cannot stress how much disappointment I had in the 80's and 90's after purchases. Back then you could publish a game that just didn't work - I'm not saying that in a hyperbolic way - and there was nothing that you could do about it. That was just on PC and Commodore. The consoles, particularly in the NES era, were full of shovelware garbage-factories like LJN. I'd say there has been a noticeable uptick in quality and variety every decade that I've been around. Part of that, I assume, is that it's easier to avoid bad purchases with the breadth of information out there, but there is also a greater degree of choice that there used to be.
  17. Episode 307: Roguelikes

    Is KeeperRL any good? I've been eyeing it on early access.
  18. Things to look forward to?

    There's a new Scourge Of War due out this year. This one is Napoleonic, if memory serves.
  19. Episode 306: Invisible, Inc.

    Was it Galactic Inheritors? I think that I remember that being mentioned at some point.
  20. Interesting episode. Any chance that the next installment of your Dien Bien Phu video series will be out soon, Bruce?
  21. Ideas for 3MA shows

    How about Eastside Hockey Manager? I've heard good things about it, and it would be timely. Go Ducks.
  22. I forgot to say that I'm happy that you guys didn't talk about the campaign game that's included in the SB titles, as I don't think there's much to talk about with them. Provided that game didn't succumb to Grigsbian levels of micromanagement and detail, I would totally play that game.
  23. I didn't have a problem picking this series up and playing it, despite how archaic the UI is, but I can easily forgive it on the basis of its ambitious subject matter. With that said, First World War is the one installment that I find myself avoiding, largely because of the unit count. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it and I'm happy to see a tactical WWI game, but it's a design that I look at and say that there has to be a better way to cover this. Rob, Tim Stone loved this, so you're probably on the right side of history with this one.