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  1. I'm still here! I just didn't feel like I had anything to add to the table. I loved everything inside the Black Lodge, when we first see Cooper's doppleganger I thought: "I hope Leland makes an appearance", and there he was, and it felt so good. I'm looking forward to FWWM and Twin Peaks 2016 if they don't change their mind once again.
  2. I just wanted to add that, in addition to Dart Fener (yes Dart, without the "h"), in the Italian version of Star Wars, we have Ian Solo and Principessa(Princess) Leila, for no apparent reason.
  3. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Don't worry, you're not alone. The first time I saw him I thought: "You can clearly see his arm under his sweater!"
  4. Yeah, nice to see you again, John. No one can remember his name
  5. I lost it at this week's 'GET OUTTA HERE!!!' I hope this is the last time we hear him say that, haha
  6. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Wow, thanks for the info, the whole situation is pretty confusing and it's hard to understand what's true and what isn't
  7. Nothing to his name? The guy's got 12$ in his bank account!
  8. A couple of highlights, I hope they're not too big I don't think Bobby hitting Audrey was intentional, she looks startled, haha
  9. The End of Mad Men: Welcome

    This is exciting! I remember you talking about doing a Mad Men podcast on Twin Peaks Rewatch, I'm happy to know it's happening!
  10. Fun fact: the music playing during the Hideout Wallies scene with Donna and James is 'Dante Symphony - Inferno, the Gates of Hell' by Franz Liszt, and the singer is saying "Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'intrate" ("Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.")
  11. He's such a flawless actor
  12. Did anyone else notice the owl shaped lamp?
  13. Oh man, I'd love to watch that