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  1. General Video Game Deals Thread

    So, there's another BundleStars bundle, $4 for the Indie Capsule 2 One Finger Death Punch Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers Paranormal Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood Hexcells Adventures of Shuggy Critical Mass CreaVures The important thing is that for $4 you get a Steam key for One Finger Death Punch, and maybe another game you might like. I've already got Tiny and Big, so I can spare a key for that for anyone interested. EDIT: Hexcells is a hexagonal minesweeper-cum-kakuro with very slick minimalist production values. I dig it. EDIT2: Okay, so I stayed up til 1 PM beating all of Hexcells. Short, but not overly. Doesn't overstay it's welcome.
  2. Axis Game Factory (and deals)

    Anyone know anything about Axis Game Factory? It's available as one of the 12 "games" in the $5 BundleStars Adrenaline Bundle. (You do get a Steam key). Usually $20 on Steam, it's Also, the Premium version is usually $80, but is now $20 on BundleStars. The Unity integration would seem to be the most useful part, so you can actually make a game with the thing you make. I dunno, it seems a bit cart-before-the-horse of game-making, and might be better served by libraries of Unity assets. But it seems intriguing.
  3. The urge to interrupt is basically universal across all listeners of all gaming podcasts. I ended up on a podcast for a couple of years because I couldn't stand not being able to interrupt.
  4. I did not know before listening to this that Bastion allowed you to freely swap which upgrade you wanted active. o.O Having only played an hour or two months ago, I've now put in another 2 solid hours, and I'm really enjoying it, especially the weapon challenges.
  5. [gamemaker] watch me handcraft a video game

    Really enjoying this. Hearing about some of the game creation discussions is part of what got me to finally check out the Idle Forums, and the pacing of these is perfect (for me). Thanks for sharing!
  6. Help me pick out a new mouse

    Seconding the "take the one that is the least pale imitation of the MX 518." ...well, that's the way I read it.
  7. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    EDIT: weird split post, quote in one and reply in the other? Ignore this one. I blame the smartphone interface.
  8. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    Nope, you are the first claimant. You should already have the link in PM. Enjoy!
  9. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I used to have this problem as well. What solved it for me was watching some videos. The two that did it for me may not be the best choices, but:The awesome hour-long talk between Peter Molyneux and Sean, and the "let's cheer up" video of Surgeon Simulator: after putting faces to voices, I now have zero problems telling all the Thumbs apart.
  10. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    New poster, but trying to put my best foot forward. I've got gift links from Humble Bundle 11 that I don't need: Monaco and Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams. Giana Sisters, in particular, needs a good home. Nice art, kickin' music, solid platforming, and secrets that are just hard enough to make you feel really smart.
  11. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Well, I've been meaning to join for a while now, and the 10th anniversary discussion and the guys pointing out this thread pushed me closer, but it was actually Tone Control that got me to register so I could comment on the great Jonathan Blow episode. I skipped almost all of Nintendo early on, playing Apple II and then Mac and slumming on friends PCs, before buying a PlayStation to return the favor and nearly failing out of grad school because of it. I'm now a solidly budget gamer, replaying PS2 and PS3 games with the family by day, and making tiny dents in the Steam backlog of $5 games by night. I didn't get into Idle Thumbs until I was hunting for more podcasts, and before the Kickstarter heard one of their reunion panels, thinking "These guys are great!"...only to realize they weren't making the podcast anymore. I'm now an avid listener, and have really enjoyed the archaeology of listening from episode 1 forward even as I listen to modern episodes. I was even thinking "Hey now, I see Nick Breckon was there from the start, and seems like a good guy. Why doesn't he get any respect?" I now know that he himself is the progenitor of the "Congrats Nick Breckon" meme, and while I know it had a happy ending, could understand the feelings at the time. I just this morning listened to the Conf Grenade that is the first introduction of Famous Vanaman. It's so weird! Like I'm seeing and hearing foreshadowing that I know didn't actually exist, but it feels like authored drama in a bizarre way. Okay, after all that maybe I'll post again at the 20th anniversary. TLDR hi.
  12. Tone Control 9: JONATHAN BLOW :o

    Several things: 1) This finally got me to register for the Idle Forums, something I've meant to do for a while now. 2) Steve, I'm -really- enjoying these, thanks for doing this. 3) Jonathon Blow sounds crazy smart. I think now that people treat him as pretentious because they can't imagine someone honestly thinking at that high a level. 4) Much of Idle Thumbs and the other Tone Control podcasts made me interested in wanting to dabble in video games. This episode firmly scared me off. I'll just appreciate the craft and stick to playing the end product!