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  1. TRAPLANDS: test my action puzzler thing!

    after running out of steam on this, I wrote up a post-mortem of sorts on this and a few other projects here: http://kevinw.github.io/2017/09/25/game-failures-graveyard/
  2. TRAPLANDS: test my action puzzler thing!

    I made a bunch of changes in response to feedback here, and added some new levels. Thanks everyone
  3. TRAPLANDS: test my action puzzler thing!

    hey thumbs! long-time lurker here looking for a sanity check on if my webgl stuff is working for people, and some feedback on an action puzzle game I'm making: try out some intro levels here: http://kevinw.github.io/games/traplands/ and tell me what you think!
  4. laser game - devlog

    Just published a new build: https://keelo.itch.io/laserwartremoval better controls! more levels! a title screen! also, it's about removing warts now! Interested in any feedback, thanks
  5. laser game - devlog

    Thanks! More updates soon... I have a build on my iPad, that's the place I wanted it to live originally. There are some interesting UI and design decisions to make if you decide to go multitouch though--if you use multitouch to rotate objects on an iPad, for instance, but you still want to run on Mac/PC, you need to make controls and rotate widgets that work there. Still not sure which platform to through my focus towards.
  6. laser game - devlog

    Hey guys! I mostly lurk here, but I wanted to find a place to post updates while I'm working on my new untitled puzzle game. It has lasers and mirrors and prisms and it's been really fun to work on so far. A video showing off a doppler effect: http://www.gfycat.com/CooperativeEnchantedClownanemonefish A one way mirror test: Play a few demo levels here: https://keelo.itch.io/laserwartremoval I'm working on adding some more elements before I really get into making more levels. I'll keep this thread updated!
  7. Unity Questions Thread

    Good idea. Was there debugging information? I did that with FEZ awhile back, but all the variable names were stripped out. But I was looking for undiscovered secrets and codes, anyways
  8. Unity Questions Thread

    One thing I remember from when I was first learning a language/ecosystem/framework in Python was that it was super useful to find a few big projects, and then read their entire sources, top to bottom, to see everything—from how they're laid out from a birds-eye view, architecture-wise, to nitty-gritty details and tricks and idioms that good Python programmers used to get. stuff. done. I'm pretty far into Unity stuff, but I know there are things I could be doing better (UnityEvents? LINQ? memory-friendliness? making things more tweakable from the editor? animation curves?). Can you guys think of good examples of complete Unity projects that both aren't trivial, and are good examples of clean code and sound engineering, blah blah etc blah?
  9. Tone Control 9: JONATHAN BLOW :o

    haha #ThanksForListeningSuckers #SpoilerSchadenfreude #TheRealMetagameIsDodgingMySpoilerScoops
  10. Tone Control 9: JONATHAN BLOW :o

    Had to register/post just to say how terrified I was that you were going to drop Witness spoiler bombs near the end, Steve. That's some good suspenseful podcasting right there. It's also ridiculous and kind of amazing that reporters didn't spoil Gone Home's story, collectively...of their own volition (!). Maybe my (largely negative) prejudices about games journalism need to be watered down a bit. I will say though, that John's tactic of a) deciding to only talk about and reveal a sliver of the game, b ) being vague about how much is actually being shown, and then c) coming on podcasts like this one to hint at this whole thing you DON'T know about is....well, intentional or not, a form of marketing genius. This of course could be a bit of setting myself up for disappointment, but the truth is I couldn't be more excited to find out what you guys were trying not to talk about.