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  1. In the UK over the past few years we've had a couple of instances of celebrities who have done a lot of work for charity actually using that work as an opportunity to sexually abuse and assault children/staff at, for example, hospitals. An extreme example, yes, but it demonstrates that people are complex creatures and it is possible both to do a lot of work for charity and be a total scumbag. I feel like this isn't particularly a revelation but maybe for some people it is...
  2. Pathologic is fascinating and appealing in the same way as a horrific car accident - it's disturbing and repulsive, and yet for some reason you just can't look away. It's an absolute pain to play, particularly if all you've been playing recently are accessible modern shooters, as your character moves slowly, the animations are wacky, the inventory system is messy and the map/objective indicators (where used) are confusing. Yet, it has a strange charm to it which is difficult to describe. Quinns, formerly of RPS, did a great job of it a few years ago in a 3 part series which starts here (some of the best video game writing there has ever been, in my opinion). The game's writing does a lot for me - I don't know if it is the Russian-English translation or whether it's like that in the original language, but it reminds me of Kentucky Route Zero. Everyone speaks cryptically or metaphorically and it's never entirely clear what is happening, which just creates this great sense of mystery and tension as you explore this bizarre world. The visuals are poor, even for 2005, but it has a few nicely distinctive visual quirks like its map screen, the birdlike creatures who guide you through the story, and the bizarre and gruesome architecture of some of the buildings, particularly the abattoir. But, as described above, the key to the game's appeal is probably its gameplay. It plays out across a series of days (not sure how many, I have never made it to the end) and there are various main and side quests to be accomplished within each day. Fail to do these quests and it won't prompt you to restart - it will just continue, and you might reach a point where you literally cannot win the game, which is simultaneously brilliant and unbelievably frustrating. As the game continues, a mysterious infection spreads through the town and it descends into complete anarchy. This means that resources after about Day 3 are incredibly scarce and you are almost always teetering on the brink of death. It's an absolutely nightmarish experience...
  3. Amateur Game Making Night

    Superb! Can I say - prehistoric hunting simulator?
  4. #idlethumbs – Join the Idle Thumbs IRC channel!

    Yep, it's really cool to chat with people and bounce ideas off them in real time. Lots of random chat too, and someone seems to be on at every time of the day...
  5. Amateur Game Making Night

    I'm doing the same thing. I started with the ball rolling one which is super simple but helpful. Definitely worth just supplementing with some wider reading so you understand more about how C# works!
  6. The Official Video Game Music Corner

    Excellent choice, still need to finish that game...
  7. Amateur Game Making Night

    Hey, my learning is working, I actually sorta understand what you guys are talking about! Slightly peeved that IRC is blocked at work. Although that's probably a good thing for productivity...
  8. Amateur Game Making Night

    Always trust the man in the fuchsia jacket.
  9. Amateur Game Making Night

    Which Unity tutorial are you doing Clyde? I'm currently working through them. There's a fairly decent course on (here: which you may find useful for learning the basics of C#. It's geared towards using XNA but it also takes you through from the beginning how to code in C# (and there's no harm in learning how to use XNA!). It sounds like we're probably at similar levels, I'm just learning how to use C# myself
  10. Amateur Game Making Night

    Nope, you're doing fine! Welcome!
  11. The Official Video Game Music Corner

    Jesus, you can tell it's been a while since I've used internet forums, how the heck do you embed a youtube video?! So embarrassing, small children can do this. I feel like a proper old man...
  12. Amateur Game Making Night

    I'm just a beginner myself, but I would imagine that once you have learned one language it will be much easier to learn another, because you will understand the structure of a programming language. It's like once you've learned French it's much easier to then learn Spanish and Italian.
  13. Amateur Game Making Night

    "Gran, no pee...NO!" Yeah, I don't know either. Gran Tempo? Gran Vibrato?