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  1. I am so supremely excited about this game that I started fiending for some space 4X. I went to install Endless Space--which I played a while ago and is great--and discovered to my joy that those folks put out a new game Endless Legend, more of a fantasy-historical take on 4X, seems more similar to Civ than Endless Space was. I played the tutorial last night and am super pumped to get into it this week. Now I'm just worried that I'm going to go so deep into Endless Legend (it's called "Endless" after all...) that I'll be all 4Xed out by the time this drops. In any case: I forsee a lot of late nights in my near future.
  2. Destiny

    Welp I just hit full legendary armor loadout tonight. Does everyone have every single piece of armor requiring 16 Helium Filaments per armor defense upgrade. Cuz... uhhh... that's super duper lame. Think that might actually count as "beating" the game for me. No way I'm patrolling the moon for a zillion hours day in day out to get 16*4*4 Helium Filaments. Fascinating game though. Just about exactly everything about it pissed me off, but I still dumped tons of time into it. Still don't know if I stayed with it purely out of pride, or if my persistence actually indicates that the thing is worthwhile... In either case, I'm pumped to move on until they drop some new multiplayer modes / maps.
  3. Nintendo 3DS

    Not sure. I've rescued Butterfly Babe, Horse Homie, and entered the Black Mansion. I was liking hanging out with Forte in spookytowne. The other wierd thing about the game is the dating throws me off; all the moms and older ladies are buxom and showing décolletage; all the eligible bachelorettes are... children? Actually makes me sort of uncomfortable. I dunno. Got that Bravely Default on the horizon anyway, that guy'll pop all other carts out of all of my machines.
  4. Nintendo 3DS

    I actually just picked up Rune Factory 4 the other day, Harvest Moon being one of my favorite series. I really didn't like it. It's like... too much going on? But also not enough? I'd wake up for a day, check the quest board, do the one quest I'm allowed to do, water my plants in like forty seconds then... I don't think the game does a very good job of giving you goals or missions or anything, there's not enough direction to the thing. With Harvest Moon, every single day I wake up and I've got layers of goals: short-term stockpile that one mountain berry my girl likes so long term I can marry her; short-term chop trees so long term I can upgrade my house; short term tend my crops so medium term I can buy a bag upgrade. There's a rhythm at the heart of the good Harvest Moon games that I just didn't feel in Rune Factory. I accomplish the couple things I'm allowed to do but I'm not given anything to aspire to so there's no drive. After playing Rune Factory 4 on-and-off for a week, I just dug out my SP and old copy of Friends of Mineral Town. Oh well.
  5. The Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary Committee

    WOW Rich/Cool Uncle Diptych is incredible. Would hang in my office, baffling everyone I know.
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello! I just signed up for a forum account. I've only lurked this board a couple days. I'm excited about all the nice things the Thumbs guys have to say about the community, and am looking forward to joining in. I work in Seattle in software development, but not in games. Maybe I will share more once I get comfortable here and figure out if anonymity is even something I want in this community. Cheers!