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  1. Other podcasts

    I was going to make note of all of Lazer Ted's jobs so I could add them to the COUNTER/weight wiki. Then I forgot about it.
  2. Share short games you enjoy that require no fee.

    Crows Crows Crows (the studio started by William Pugh of The Stanley Parable fame) just put out a free TWINE game called The Temple of No. It's pretty neat. Also the illustrations by Dominik Johann are delightful.
  3. Other podcasts

  4. Other podcasts

    The seasons (at least so far) have been independent of each other, with different characters, settings, and game rules. I'm not sure what their plans are for season 3, but I don't think it will be a direct continuation of season 2. I could be wrong...I'm still listening to the last episode. It's super long.
  5. Other podcasts

    The second season of Friends at the Table ended today (or was it yesterday). I listened to most of the last episode while on a bike ride today. It was a weird semi-public way to feel both really entertained and increasingly sad. Also:
  6. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    I screwed it up.
  7. Sports!

    I am too. I actually have cable now (or a streaming cable equivalent) so I'll be able to watch all the weirder sports. I don't necessarily want to watch people run track and field events, but I'm all in on competitive trampoline.
  8. Sports!

    I'd take the Quakes's mediocrity while still making the playoffs as opposed to the Columbus Crew's occasional flashes of decent play mixed in with a whole bunch of disappointment.
  9. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    Your first objective is to sabotage Dendi's mouse and your second objective is to steal the Aegis for yourself.
  10. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    I just finished my first successful Marrakesh run. I was a bit skeptical at first because the level seems so crowded. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get a disguise without being noticed. Luckily, I wandered off the main streets and was able to pull a plan together. Anybody find a particularly silly/over the top way to finish the mission yet?
  11. The McElroy Family of Products

    I'm legitimately excited for the new season to start. I never thought I'd say that when I first started listening to Rose Buddies.
  12. Sports!

    If you're a fan of soccer, this summer is pretty great. Copa America kicks off on Friday and the Euros start a week after that. Meanwhile, the MLS team in my town continues to play and is starting to not look terrible. Is anyone else dealing with a growing soccer/football/whatever else you prefer to call it obsession?
  13. Idle Workouts

    I know this post is a couple of weeks old at this point, but do you use hand wraps? I when I first started boxing, I only bought gloves, but no wraps, and I had the same problem. If you're wrapping your hands properly, your wrist and knuckles should be pretty well locked in place and should hold up pretty well over the course of a longer workout.
  14. In the open beta, the arcade mode was a random hero thing, which was actually pretty fun. It forced everyone to try characters they weren't familiar with, and (at least for me) made the whole thing feel like it had lower stakes. I'll definitely be playing some arcade mode as they cycle through different options.
  15. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    I think I ended up doing all of the main opportunities, but I didn't complete nearly all of the challenges. Basically, I found it pretty fun to look through the challenges and plan out runs where I complete a bunch of challenges at once ("OK, I can get the flower delivery disguise which will complete one challenge, then disguise myself as the golf pro and complete another one. Then I'll try to eliminate Silvio with a cannon and make my escape by speed boat completing two more.") Doing it that way, it didn't take too many runs to get to 20. But then again, I was bored at the time with not too much else to play.
  16. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    I haven't done all of the escalations, but I did get both Paris and Sapienza to mastery 20. Between this, Overwatch, and the Witcher expansion, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with stuff to play at the moment.
  17. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    Stupid thought of the day so far: "I've had a productive morning working from home. I'll take a break for a few minutes and check out the new Hitman level." Or maybe I'll take a break in several hours when the game finishes downloading 7GB of stuff.
  18. The McElroy Family of Products

    This is late, but I've gotten into Rose Buddies lately. My wife has been a Bachelor (hate) watcher for a while now, but I've always avoided it...mostly because 2 hours a week for a reality show seems like way too much to me. I got into the podcast when they started doing their "Rose Buddiez" series on other shows and I liked it enough that I stuck around for the new Bachelorette season. Which show was the bananas one that you were posting about? There were so many. The hotel hookup show. The Chinese insult comedy dating show. Are You The One, which is just the perfect reality TV show. This might be weird, but I think part of the appeal for me is to see who the McElroy spouses are, since I've been listening to podcasts made by these weirdos since the Joystiq era.
  19. The threat of Big Dog

    Researchers want robots to feel pain. There's no way that could backfire.
  20. Destiny

    This makes me slightly scared to start playing this game.
  21. It's 10 minutes past the stated launch time and the game is not yet playable.
  22. Other podcasts

    But if you don't listen to season 1, you won't appreciate the prom theme in season 2!
  23. Other podcasts

    I wasn't sure about season 2 since I've never been into anime, but I've really enjoyed where things have ended up. The last few episodes have just felt super stressful to listen to. I know I'm not playing so it shouldn't affect me how it does, but I can't really help it.
  24. I'd not a fan of Dan usually, but he works perfectly as a devil on Brad's shoulder on these videos. Brad spends the entire time trying to play cautiously and be a good stealthy hitman. Meanwhile, Dan's just prodding him toward making horrible decisions constantly.
  25. PL4YST4TION 4

    I'll probably pick up Uncharted 4 at some point. I liked 2 a lot but 3 was pretty forgettable. The internet collectively seems to be enjoying 4 quite a bit. I feel kind of bad about this, but I watched the Giant Bomb East guys play through Until Dawn, so I don't know if I really want to play it. I enjoyed watching it, so I sort of feel like I should pay for it (as its the kind of weird thing that hope keeps getting made) but paying full price for something that I've already seen through to the end isn't ideal. Maybe I'll pick it up on a sale. Destiny is pretty cheap (under $10 on Amazon at the moment), but I don't really know anyone who plays it. Most of my game playing friends are PC people, and Destiny seems like a game you need at least another person or two to enjoy. Are any Thumbs still playing regularly enough to want to group up in the next few weeks?