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  1. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    I'm also almost 100% a lurker here these days. I never was particularly active, or am ever! I still visit the forums frequently. I made five posts this year, three of them in January. Interesting...not exactly magical, though.
  2. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I can see the appeal in listening to it drunk. Then again, I also see the appeal in listening to it sober.
  3. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    That's really beautiful! Nice warm sound.
  4. Definitely not! I watched it in a public place and had to stifle my laughter pretty hard! Excellent! XD
  5. Oh my gawd, I almost cried tears from laughter when I saw this closeup of the Brennan family portrait!
  6. Making Music. Tunes by Idle Thumbsters

    Only listened to the last two tracks so far, but the last one sticks with me, listened a few times to it already! Pretty and melancholic. ^^
  7. Making Music. Tunes by Idle Thumbsters

    I felt a terrible mix of emotions and like I had to let them out by yelling a lot. Then I listened to the recent remix of Futile Devices by Sufjan Stevens and thought I could cover it, so I did, with some yelling involved.
  8. Making Music. Tunes by Idle Thumbsters

    I can't believe that this thread lay dormant for so long! I had trouble finding it for that reason! Anyway, I matured somewhat as a musician in the last few months, which basically means that I graduated from Audacity. I had some great times with this crazy piece of kit, but it was time to move on. *sigh* I'll miss you, Audacity. But you're a pain in the arse if you want to get serious about things. Soooo, the following are the last two tracks I made with Audacity. I got back to multi-track recording in the first place because I bought an audio interface. As soon as I connected a mic to it the fire was kindled again! First track starts of somewhat quiet, so yes, that's normal. Also, the mixing is non-existent, and there are other issues, but, you know, at some point you just gotta stop or get exhausted. A pain in the arse, like I said. Everyone liked the track whom I showed it to, but also had something to complain about.
  9. While I don't think that the Diane scene was necessarily enough to justify the reveal, I thought it was very strong. I felt very much for her when she told her story, and I don't think the second reveal, that she was a tulpa, lessened the impact of it at all. What does her being a tulpa mean exactly, anyway? I guess tulpa Diane was manifested as a copy of Diane by Mr. C, with additional programming added so she could serve as his puppet. Tulpa Diane's pain was real, because it was her memories she was talking about. That she was struggling against her very being on top of that made the scene even more tragic. The struggle also helped to make her account not appear any less trustworthy. I would prefer if this isn't all we get in regards to the consequences of the rape, but I actually wasn't disappointed because I thought the scene was exceptionally well done. And, looking back, it helped to explain Diane's behavior, which made me feel even more for her. It's a different story with Audrey, though...I still don't see the point. I don't know what it adds to the story that Mr. C raped Audrey in the hospital. Mr. C conceived an evil spawn? Because, sure, like father like son. I don't like that either. We were more witnessing Richard's destruction than getting to know the people whose lifes he destroyed and the consequences the destruction brought. Richard's storyline is the weakest to me by far.
  10. This episode had all the INTENSE feels. Sadly I can't articulate myself very well. But, David Lynch's direction is so overpowering that I'm barely bothered by the shortcomings. It was teased for so long now that Richard is Mr. C's son that you got used to the thought. Still dislike the implication (how behavior is preordained by genetics). That Diane was raped by Mr. C...well, how Diane was portrayed in this scene made it truly heart-wrenching and didn't give off a perverse joy at the gruesomeness of this development in the slightest. So, that scene had me feel really strongly with her, especially when I thought back at how she behaved through the season. And then all the other shit that was going on with her! Crazy! A lot to chew on.
  11. I'll read this thread later. But it occured to me that non-German viewership can't have the privilege of seeing Part 14 before Part 13, with Sky Ticket probably limited to German IP adresses. Oh well...
  12. Holy shit, I started reading the thread, anticipating discussion about the episode I just watched, and instead people mention things I haven't seen. Is this some colluded trolling? But no, it might just be the case that Sky streamed the wrong episode for whatever reason. I presume it to be the next one...well, I wondered about the dialogue line that serves as description, if I missed that. I looked it up, and indeed, I watched Part 14! And I didn't have a clue. I guess this proves Lynch's claim that you could watch these episodes in any order! So, for the impatient, get Sky Ticket and watch the next episode right nooooooow! It's a corker! Now I have to find my way to Part 13...more Twin Peaks for me! I desperately need it anyway.
  13. Not a satisfying episode per se, rather patience testing...on its own it sets up too much and progresses too little. I can't believe that this late in the season the show isn't finished with setting up plotlines. I loved the Audrey scene. Audrey as a middle-aged woman lost the cutesy charm of her younger self, but still talks in a similar manner. It's not nice seeing her like this, but it tracks. Yeah, I also was confused who they were talking about, but, putting aside some specifics of the conversation, I enjoyed the scene. Sarah Palmer's moments were the standouts for me, definitely. Overall, good as a part of a larger whole, but too unsatisfying on its own. The Roadhouse Randos don't replace anything. You cut them out, nothing would be there to replace them (I doubt there are any deleted scenes at all). Sure, the season might be less patience testing as a result. Maybe you speak of your valuable time, and I can't argue with that. We'll probably won't see these women again. These scenes let us listen in on conversations from random residents of Twin Peaks, giving us a taste of mundane happenings in their words. I think that's what they're going for. Not sure what to think of it.
  14. And Tammy's eyeroll to Gordon's comment! XD Yes, this was just an excellent episode from beginning to end. You never know with Lynch... Well, I guess I might have to quibble with the slow slow plot progression, which frustrated at moments. The pacing of the scenes is fine, and was pretty quick this week anyway, but the scenes barely move the plot forward. This is a complaint that won't weigh as much when all of the series is released. Still, this is a TV show, it's released as a TV show, week after week, so I think it's fair to complain about that. But, really, it's a quibble. This was beautiful, powerful, very enjoyable! And I called last week's episode trash.
  15. I thought that looked like Moby on the guitar and turns out it was, sweet! I think this was my least favorite episode so far otherwise. It had little to offer that I enjoyed. The Dougie stuff hit a point of diminishing returns by now. I wish they would have cut down on his plot line and made some others more meatier. Like Johnny's and Sylvia's for example. The first scene we actually see her (like, her face) it is solely as a victim, the third in the episode by then. The first victim is solely introduced to be murdered. How convenient that she lived secluded in a trailer! I wish that most of the female characters weren't reduced to victimhood. I am so tired of this by now. It's a far cry from the original Twin Peaks in this regards. It just doesn't track with reality either. While women are still discriminated, they have become more empowered, and violence has been generally on a decline. And still, even if this weren't the case, it doesn't excuse that we don't get to know more of the female characters besides how they were victimized. And where are the female culprits? No Catherine Martell...I miss her. The trio of girls in pink wouldn't bother me otherwise, but they bug me, too, in context. It was beautiful to see Albert enjoy a conversation with the coroner. Look how he laughs! The Log Lady is back again! She uttered the four words, though my hope was that this would be the episode that brings Laura back into the narrative. Oh well, we'll have to wait somewhat longer for that again... Oh, and the picture of Johnny sitting there was great, you know, until the scene went where it went... You never know what you get with this new season of Twin Peask. In my estimation, this week it was trash.
  16. Yeah, there's only one shot where we see Laura Palmer's face on the golden orb, and in my estimation it's simply there for the audience to understand that the orb is somehow her, her essence or connected to her in whatever way.
  17. I'm not confused by people's demands that 'the plotlines should be continued, goddammit'! But to me the previous episode felt like the most uneventful one. Yes, sure, it had the most churn of plot, but the least amount of memorable scenes, too. Also, I guess I'm at a point where I watch something of David Lynch without expecting anything. Because I learned that that's foolish. I just let myself be dropped in this world for an hour and surprise me where it takes me. Sooner or later it will lead to a destination.
  18. Holy shit! WOW BOB WOW indeed! Of course, just as we hit the fifties we get a bunch of screaming women. I seem to stay on the lookout for how women are portrayed this season. Could be better even in this very abstract episode. Maybe people are generally more inclined follow the plot and to extract information, intent and motivations. I didn't quite realize what can be read so literally. I was so invested in the sounds and images and atmosphere created by them. Love how polarizing this episode is received on the Dugpa forums. One commenter is in awe, the next wants to throw their phone through the TV. I don't think this is a bad thing. I hated some of my favorite albums before I loved them.
  19. Yeah, I miss the grounding slice of life quality of the original run, constantly checking in with the ensemble of characters. Certainly the new run has a lot of qualities missing of the original, though it also gained new ones, which so far I don't equally appreciate. Still, I keep thinking about it and looking forward to the next part.
  20. Mr. Jackpots, aka Senor Droolcoop (except even more out of it than the room waiter of the Great Northern)
  21. Yeah, The Missing Pieces is a good reference point with the lack of music and long static shots. At times I wished for some camera movement, especially during the interrogation scene. Hm, I wonder if Lynch tried to do the most with the least effort and time required considering how much effort and time he needed to put in. It's so eerie how quiet it is all of the time, with the constant background hum. It's like there's nothing happening outside of the confines of the scene. No movement in the Great Northern or in the Police Department. Not just music is missing, but also background noise. Don't like it really, but it's something!
  22. I liked that one! Except for the capper to that moment, which I thought lessened its effectiveness. So much WTF watching this, both in the good and bad way. And Cooper falling was also alright with me. There's a effect in the third episode though that was one of the bad ones to me. Watching the first three episodes made me mostly giggle in delight and exclaim OMGs. So much to dream and ponder about... Yeah, that's an excellent one!
  23. I haven't read the posts in the thread yet, but I wanted to share some of my thoughts here. I'm glad that my favorite forum on the Webs allows me to indulge in my Twin Peaks fandom. The Dugpa forums are too crowded for my taste, and I actually don't want to be confronted with tooo many opinions. It's nice to have a few here. I had more thoughts this morning, now they thinned out. Maybe more will come later. One prominent thought was that as a viewer I didn't ask myself so much if this is good or bad than if it is compelling or not. Because I felt there were scenes and moments that were pretty bad, yet they didn't necessarily stop me from being compelled to watch further. I felt that the original run often made me question what is good or not, with its soap opera leanings and subplots of varying quality. I guess with Twin Peaks you learned to take the good with the bad, and when the central compelling mystery was burning in the background, then M.T. Wentz didn't stop you from wanting to watch any further. You learned to take the good with the bad. And this hasn't changed with the new run. Some extraordinarily bad CGI was shown, I thought. Maybe this was to be expected considering Lynch's choice of digital and the cheap effects he always liked to employ (like Leeland's face overlayered with Bob's in the killer reveal episode). The pan up the outer wall of the building in NY...that was rough! Some of the digital effects looked cheap, not well crafted. Then, on the contrary, I thought The Tree from Another Place (as someone else proposed to call it) looked great! There are many very beautiful shots, too. I'm just astounded by the huge difference in craftsmanship from scene to scene. I think I'll write more when the mood strikes me. Just now the words don't come out. We'll have time to ponder this!
  24. Sense8

    Well, I didn't like the Christmas Special, so my excited for the rest is rather muted by now. But still, I might take another look.