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  1. Yeah, The Missing Pieces is a good reference point with the lack of music and long static shots. At times I wished for some camera movement, especially during the interrogation scene. Hm, I wonder if Lynch tried to do the most with the least effort and time required considering how much effort and time he needed to put in. It's so eerie how quiet it is all of the time, with the constant background hum. It's like there's nothing happening outside of the confines of the scene. No movement in the Great Northern or in the Police Department. Not just music is missing, but also background noise. Don't like it really, but it's something!
  2. I liked that one! Except for the capper to that moment, which I thought lessened its effectiveness. So much WTF watching this, both in the good and bad way. And Cooper falling was also alright with me. There's a effect in the third episode though that was one of the bad ones to me. Watching the first three episodes made me mostly giggle in delight and exclaim OMGs. So much to dream and ponder about... Yeah, that's an excellent one!
  3. I haven't read the posts in the thread yet, but I wanted to share some of my thoughts here. I'm glad that my favorite forum on the Webs allows me to indulge in my Twin Peaks fandom. The Dugpa forums are too crowded for my taste, and I actually don't want to be confronted with tooo many opinions. It's nice to have a few here. I had more thoughts this morning, now they thinned out. Maybe more will come later. One prominent thought was that as a viewer I didn't ask myself so much if this is good or bad than if it is compelling or not. Because I felt there were scenes and moments that were pretty bad, yet they didn't necessarily stop me from being compelled to watch further. I felt that the original run often made me question what is good or not, with its soap opera leanings and subplots of varying quality. I guess with Twin Peaks you learned to take the good with the bad, and when the central compelling mystery was burning in the background, then M.T. Wentz didn't stop you from wanting to watch any further. You learned to take the good with the bad. And this hasn't changed with the new run. Some extraordinarily bad CGI was shown, I thought. Maybe this was to be expected considering Lynch's choice of digital and the cheap effects he always liked to employ (like Leeland's face overlayered with Bob's in the killer reveal episode). The pan up the outer wall of the building in NY...that was rough! Some of the digital effects looked cheap, not well crafted. Then, on the contrary, I thought The Tree from Another Place (as someone else proposed to call it) looked great! There are many very beautiful shots, too. I'm just astounded by the huge difference in craftsmanship from scene to scene. I think I'll write more when the mood strikes me. Just now the words don't come out. We'll have time to ponder this!
  4. Well, I didn't like the Christmas Special, so my excited for the rest is rather muted by now. But still, I might take another look.
  5. A good song for a new page!
  6. So far T.I.M.E. and The End are my favorites. Both of these mashups have pretty much the same structure as the songs the vocals are taken from, which doesn't always work as well on other tracks of the album that do this (like the Wonderwall one). The tone reversal (The End happy and upbeat and YMCA the opposite) is also surprisingly effective, especially since it brings out another quality in the vocals, a certain kind of desperation in YMCA, for example. Actually, T.I.M.E. is sincerely moving. This review brought me to the album in the first place: Kinda wish there wasn't such a tonal whiplash right after. The material after T.I.M.E., save for the last track, doesn't capture my interest quite like everything before, so I guess the album could have used some trimming. I rarely listen to mashups, so I can't judge what the state of the art is in this genre, but I think overall this is a good album!
  7. https://problembaer.bandcamp.com/track/planeten-epilog The best and grandest album closer I've heard all year. Uplifting and prone to giving me goosebumps. Even better in context, of course. The album overall is one of the better ones in the German language, though it's rather inconsistent: the tracks where the artist tries to convey swag don't convince.
  8. Funky tune, biting lyrics, great video:
  9. Two days ago I performed together with my flatmate: Featured are a power drill, a razor, a tuning fork, a contrabass bow, 5 chocolate santas, a tangerine, and a pot plant. I play e-organ and sing among other things, my flatmate plays bass among other things. What we make can be called music, among other things. I guess it's kinda industrial/drone. The piece was prepared specifically for the occassion.
  10. Whoa, this surely is the greatest compliment I can imagine! Beats the previous greatest one I got, where someone told my that my performance made him fearful. Very unlikely that there will ever be another draft of the song. It's an improvisation, it all happened in the moment, and the piece is so linked to the moment, I don't think I could reproduce it. Hm, James is a character who is certainly laughable to me, but doesn't seem to be intended as such by the creators, at least that's how I perceive it. Wouldn't know the reasons. Though there certainly is also something amusing about the Just You and I scene, yes.
  11. Interesting thoughts! Kinda reminds me of how scenes by David Lynch that seem over the top and naive are often mistaken as being ironic instead of sincere (like Sarah Palmers breakdown in the pilot episode or the Just You number in the second episode of season two). That my voice wasn't particularly well trained when I made the recording should be obvious. Additionally though I didn't care much for musicality in the moment, more for personal catharsis. I did want to make a record of my emotions in a musical form, that's why it's not just purely cries and screams, but also includes piano playing and some buildup before all the ugly stuff comes out. I've uploaded now the other improvisation I think much of from the same evening. So now you have more stuff to listen that is like my previous upload. I think this one is the better one, calmer overall but also more extreme.
  12. I recorded this at a point in time when I was utterly heartbroken and in a whirlwind of emotions, but also experienced a heightened state of consciousness, an ability to see things clearly and sharply which I haven't reached before or since (no drugs were involved, promise). I recorded this specifically to let out all my emotions, but also to keep a record of them. I still think this and another improvisation from the same evening (which I may upload later) is the best thing I have made so far.
  13. Cross-post from here:
  14. I kinda forgot about this, but a few days ago I made a recording of me singing lyrics in German about the new Twin Peaks book to a German folk melody. Well... Here it is: The singing sounds strained because I didn't transpose the chords low enough before I scribbled them all down. At least I developed better intuition for the next time...
  15. Hello IdleThumbers! I just watched Egoyan's Exotica, which I watched many years ago on TV for the first time. It called to mind another movie I once saw late at night on TV and which I wish to see again. Problem is of course that I neither remember its name nor much about the plot either. I'll try my best to describe the movie. Hopefully someone will be able to recognize it based on my description. I remember that a car crash is involved. I remember that the movie jumps around in its chronology, and I think similarly to an Egoyan movie important details are revealed during the course of the movie to add up to a fully formed picture at the end. I remember that a good chunk of the movie plays in summer at a camping site. Visually there were big trees and somewhat pale sunrays. The central couple of the movie gets to know another couple. The central couple gets into an argument. The male protagonist played once in a band and there's an aerial shot where you see the band dressed in furs playing their instruments in the midst of nature, a barren Tundra. Yeah, this surely must have been an Eastern European movie. I don't think it was a Russian one. Maybe Czech, but I'm not sure. It might have been released in the 90s. I also remember a subplot where a male petrol attendant searches for a guy he once met and has a crush on through a local radio station. The searched for guy calls in then, talks sweetly and, if I remember correctly, the petrol attendant is ecstatic when he hears his voice again. That's honestly all I can give you. In terms of tone and pacing it had something of a Lynch movie with its slow scenes that take their time and establish a mood. Not a movie with a dense flow of conversations I would say. And like I said, in terms of dealing out information it reminded me of an Egoyan movie.