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  1. Total Warhammer

    Based on previous statements by the team it will add Chaos Dwarves, Tomb Kings and Ogre Kingdoms as well as splitting Chaos into 4 sub factions for the 4 chaos gods. Might also have some more human sub factions. Sounds like the 2nd game will have sub factions of the previous races as well.
  2. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    Its a bit more of a flying bathtub than the Viper MKIII I was flying before. I need to switch from controller to my HOTAS because I think it will be a lot easier to fly with a better interface. It does hit really hard though. I put a multicannon in the largest weapon slot and it just chews through armor.
  3. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    I play quite frequently. I just got a Fer-de-Lance so I am bounty hunting a lot to buy all the pricey upgrades I need. I am very excited for 2.3
  4. I used to have the email address [email protected] I got so many emails from medical students trying to set up shadowing at hospitals (they would be trying to email something like [email protected]). Also got random emails about a Mini Cooper I didn't own and the occasionally account verification email. I finally got rid of the address because it got super annoying.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    Has anyone here watched Boardwalk Empire? I am three episodes in now, it seems all right, but I would love to know if the show gets better or worse before I spend too much time with it. I am glad they toned down the slang after the first episode, it was a bit much.
  6. Total Warhammer

    LIZARDMEN! Also High Elves, Dark Elves and maybe Skaven? My understanding of Total Warhammer 2 is that it will be a stand alone that can be tied into the first game. I am really excited by the idea of a massive campaign map with all the races after the 3rd game comes out.
  7. Legion (FX series)

    I really love the style of the show, the DIY nature of the tech, all the wardrobe that seems era agnostic. I am interested to see where the show goes from here.
  8. I was at a wedding where all the music during the ceremony was orchestral versions of video game music, mainly from classic Nintendo games. It was pretty fun to have multiple moments of trying to identify what game the song playing was from.
  9. I feel like 4th wall breaking is the worst kind of comedy 99% of the time
  10. The threat of Big Dog

    This reminds me of all those vibrator ads where they call themselves massages. We all know what 'festo' is really for
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    Megathreads now, megathreads tomorrow and megathreads forever!
  12. Legion (FX series)

    I am trying so hard to avoid looking at the marvel wiki and finding out everything about this show
  13. Justice League film

    I'm not sure how I feel about Gadot, she is so skinny its hard to see her as a warrior
  14. Justice League film

    The slow mo hair flip that wonder woman does at 1:20 is such a perfect example of what is wrong with modern CGI action films. The fights are all about looking cool/badass the entire time, about having clippable/gif-able moments instead of being a well choreographed fight scene. Also fast cuts need to DIAF The colors of this movie just look too serious. I dislike how goofy Marvel movies are, but this feels like too much of an over-reaction.
  15. Books, books, books...

    Just finished Nixonland. Its a fantastic political history and has a lot of parallels to modern party politics. Goldwater being sidelined by his party only during his presidential run is a good example of what the GOP could have done to Trump if they wanted to. Was surprised how Nixonland does a much better job covering segregated cities in the north than my history classes in middle school did. Ditto for what the DNC did to McGovern. His 1972 acceptance speech is fantastic The book also made me appreciate how much more dangerous Trump would be if he were half as smart or devious as Nixon was.
  16. Movie/TV recommendations

    I just finished season 4 of The Americans I am starting to feel burned out on the premise, there hasn't been a really new creative idea out of the show for some time. Anyone seen season 5 and know if its worth continuing?
  17. Yeah totally, just what sprung to mind when you talked about a game encouraging you to go everywhere. I wish more games cared about how fun traversal of the world was. Part of why I don't play GTA is I never found driving in that game compelling. I think a lot of games don't consider making your primary activity/locomotion method interesting to be enough of a priority.
  18. The Big VR Thread

    I hadn't played King Kaiju in a while, the game is really coming along. I wonder if they will add health at some point. Really enjoyed knocking bi-planes out of the air as the giant cat. Probably my favorite demo game for newcomers to VR
  19. Have the hosts played much Just Cause 2 or 3? Those games really encourage you to go wherever you want. The way the player moves through those worlds with the parachute, grappling hook and wing suit is so perfect.
  20. Life

    solid cone of shame picture
  21. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War(dor)

    Middle Earth: War and Back Again
  22. Legion (FX series)

    Such a great episode, I have no idea where the show is going and I love it
  23. I Had A Random Thought...

    Slackbot rates everything for me now, real time saver
  24. The Big VR Thread

    Anyone play any of Isaac Cohen's VR games? I am having a VR themed birthday party and want some more interesting/weird stuff
  25. I Had A Random Thought...

    I keep one at work in case i eat something for lunch that makes my breath smell bad. Also sometimes we have lots of sweets and i get sugar mouth.