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  1. Destiny (MP)

    Hopefully I'll be able to make 20 by next weekend, Id definitely be down to try then. Also, is there any way to see clan stuff in game? A list of online members or something?
  2. Destiny (MP)

    I just finished downloading it late last night! I'm on PS4. My psn id is Groovebot feel free to add me, but I'll probably be on super late most of the time (JST time zone)
  3. Hey! I live in Japan and would love to find some thumbs to play games with! So if you are in Asia/Austrailia or just someone who stays up super late let me know! Here are all my multiplayer names/accounts Lately I've been playing a lot of fifa on ps4 but just got a wii u as well. I also have an embarrassingly large and underplayed steam library. PSN: Groovebot PSN(Japan); MikanBomb Wii U: Groovetron Steam: Groovetron