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  1. I Had A Random Thought...

    Is PUBG a roguelike?
  2. i fast-forwarded through the goddamn song
  3. what the fuck is this television show
  4. Hey all, I'm looking to snag a few more people interested in working on a game about trading ships around the 15th century or so. The basic idea is that it will be a top-down 2D game on procedurally-generated maps where you need to venture out into the fog of war to discover trade routes and protect your shipping lanes in order to build up a trade empire. You will invest in navigation technology, better ships for longer, faster journeys, weaponry for fending off pirates, and more (or possibly less, given the 2 week timeline!) so that the peasants can shave cents off their textile budget. Currently, we have 2 programmers and 1 audio person. We could really use someone with art skills. We could probably also take on another programmer and designer without stepping on each others toes too badly, if anybody is interested. This is going to be a learning experienced for everyone on the team so far, so if this sounds interesting but you don't know what you can contribute, send me a message anyway, either on here on the forums or to markrdally at gmail. I'll update this post if/when the team is full. Even if we don't get that artist, I expect this project is gonna be pretty rad: Note: We may pick a slightly snazzier name. Note also: It's a real shame that 89 is not four numerals that add up to nine. Alas, alas...
  5. @ 3:14 Get your radio facts straight, lazy devs!
  6. I was surprised that I couldn't find a thread for this game on here already. It's coming to steam early access next Wednesday, the trailer for which is here: The team describes it as a "rhythm dungeon crawler". Being an idiot, I prefer "Quantized Roguelike Chess Dancer". Currently, there are only 3 zones, with 4 being planned (I think). Each zone has 3 levels with a random layout, enemies, and miniboss, and then a final zone boss (one of three currently, whose difficulty changes based on which zone they are assigned to). The enemies only act on the beat of the music. If you act (move/attack/dig) on the beat, you build up a multiplier that changes the amount of coins the enemies drop, which can be used to buy a huge selection of items. The music is pretty great. It's by Danny Baranowsky, who previously worked on Super Meat Boy. You can also apparently use your own. In terms of actual gameplay, you only use the arrow keys (or dance pad, if you're inclined). Moving to a square with an enemy attempts to attack it. Moving into a wall attempts to dig through it. Like chess, the enemies all have specific movement/attack patterns. And so, also like chess, you are splitting your time between attacking and jockeying for good/safe positioning. There are a ton of different modes and difficulty levels, and the skill ceiling seems preposterously high. Currently, and for the next few days, there's In the past, there was a sort of charity tournament organized by the devs with a bunch of different categories. Bananasaurus Rex, of Spelunky streaming fame, won the race to be the first to complete what is probably the hardest mode (no missing the beat, have to use starting weapon, no getting hit, etc). He's moved on to some other categories, and occasionally the devs drop by, sometimes Notch shows up. It's fun. There are some things I don't like. The art direction feels a little scattershot at times, especially in the later levels. I wish there was more variety in the music rhythms, more syncopation, rest beats, etc. Overall, I'm super excited for it though, and I think you should be too.
  7. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Apparently the max is 523+135+6
  8. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    That's how I felt a few pages ago too. For what it's worth, I actually found the end (and the credits sequence that I found immediately after) weirdly moving, though it's hard to articulate why. I immediately jumped back in, looking to get more of those + puzzles, and ended up finding a hidden area with more boards. I was ecstatic and quickly blew past my old total. I'm at 467+111+1 and I STILL feel I'm genuinely enjoying solving stuff. I feel less urgency than before I beat it, but I can definitely see myself hopping in for an hour or two after work to finish a few more puzzles each night until I've gotten them all.
  9. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    I just finished the game. Yes there is a point of no return, but when I went back into the game there was a save in the load menu right before the break happens.
  10. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    I think this was done to keep (or at least discourage) people from brute forcing some. The puzzles where the path looks like a tree have I think 16 possible paths max, so it would be easy to just blow through them if it didn't keep interrupting you after a wrong answer. Same thing with the wheel ones - I think the starting ones there have 30 possible solutions.
  11. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Ya I have a loop I go on each time I play to ones I think I'm supposed to be able to solve but haven't yet. I think the fact that the game is nonlinear has made it possible for me not to look anything up yet, since I can just add a frustrating puzzle to my loop to check next time, then move on. However, now that the number of unsolved major areas is (as far as I can tell) nearing 0, this is becoming difficult. For the tetromino puzzles, if you approach the color swamp from the other direction (the mainland I guess) there's 14 panels that act as the tutorial for that mechanic.
  12. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Does anyone know what the puzzle totals are for a 100% run? I'm at 371+85 and starting to feel a little burnt out, wondering how close I am to the end. The low-hanging fruit seems to have mostly been gobbled up. Also, can anyone give me a hint / point me in the right direction for the puzzles that look like a wheel of karma? I don't want it spoiled outright, but I brute-forced the first one at the sand temple and STILL have no clue what the idea is behind those boards...
  13. Ugh Activision. I hope they don't lard up Candy Crush with a bunch of microtransactions.
  14. Crone - a dev log

    Inspired by boredom, Handmade Hero, and an idea for a game, I've put on my programming pants and got to work. I'll probably end up using the project more as a way to learn OpenGL and other engine stuff, because I'm pretty sure my design ideas are too ambitious, but I'm alright with that. To that end, I've decided to code as much of the engine as I can from scratch in C++. My first major goal is to make a procedurally-generated world with terrain similar to the original Roller Coaster Tycoon. And after several hours of reading and coding, I'm pretty blown away by my progress: I can smell the money from here!
  15. Where to Find Game Assets (Audio/Textures/Models/Etc)

    this is amazing. you could build a sweet font with all the illuminated initials
  16. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    for me it was, though I pretty consistently tried to be fastrolling, so I was paying attention to it a lot.
  17. Crone - a dev log

    So far I've found this to be a great resource for OpenGL. They do a really good job of explaining what's going on as they build up features piecemeal. Also, for engine stuff in general Handmade Hero has been a great resource and inspiration. Though this might be more low-level than you're interested in.
  18. Job Hunting

    How do you ask for a job without asking for a job? I graduated in May with a CS degree and am starting to look for jobs. Turns out my brother's girlfriend's friend's boyfriend works at a company and location where I REALLY want to work, and I got his email through that chain. How are you supposed to use a contact like this? I completely don't understand networking. I don't want to just ask him to get me an interview, nor do I think that would work anyhow. And it's not like I'm an old friend hoping to chat. Anyway, any advice would be great.
  19. I Had A Random Thought...

    Fortunately, I was able to drastically speed up the program (at the cost of quite a bit of memory - 64 bits per cent of desired total). My results with those denominations are: €10 - 321335886 €100 - 1133873304647601 €1000 - 2575420646487095281 Unfortunately, however, at €10000 the result overflows an unsigned 64-bit integer and becomes uninterpretable. The values grow much more quickly with the increased number of denominations to choose from. Also, I'm not able to discern any pattern in those results anyway. Cool, I'll check that out. I may modify the program to use larger integers, to see how much further the original pattern continues, but I haven't done that before so I don't know how long it would take. Also, you can get the desired result by finding the Maclaurin series for 1/((1-x)(1-x^5)(1-x^10)(1-x^25)), then finding the coefficient for the term with the power of desired cents. E.g. for $10, you find the coefficient of the x^1000 term. However, my math skills are so pathetically rusty at this point that I doubt any further investigation in this direction will be fruitful.
  20. I Had A Random Thought...

    If the program I wrote is correct (I think it is), the number of ways to make change, using only pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters is as follows: $10 - 142511 $100 - 134235101 $1000 - 133423351001 $10000 - 133342333510001 $100000 - 133334233335100001 I have never seen this numerical behavior before (the expanding sections of 3, 3, and 0), and thought it was interesting. The largest result took several minutes to run, so I don't know how long it continues. I don't know if this has been described before, or if it has any significance, but I thought it was cool.
  21. Am I insane or is that article is overreaching in the extreme? It reads like guilt by free-association... What are "almost tribal undertones"? Brass instruments? And "calls to mind" are such weasel words here. I genuinely see no way to get from the trailer music to the second part of that sentence without motivated reasoning. This is baffling to me. Are gambling and liquor uniquely reminiscent of African American culture and the Harlem Renaissance? And sirens? The creatures from Greek mythology? The implication here seems to be (I think) that the designers are drawing upon African American stereotypes to add to some sense of the characters' peril. But the author can't seem to pin down any actual evidence of that: (Note: no such boss ever materializes). The one bit of actual textual evidence mentioned, the change in character design for the Devil from the 2014 to 2015 trailers, appears to me to be factually incorrect, or at least unsupported. In the , it seems to me that the Devil character is the one that appears at 0:11, and the bat character from 0:15 is something different. It looks to me like the Devil character from the is only a slight modification of the 2014 version, with fur added. So it looks like the author just imagined the character design change scenario. The conclusion of the piece is that Sure. It is 100% possible that this could happen. And if it does, I'll happily join in to condemn the stupid artistic choices. But I kinda feel like you're obligated to dig up some evidence that's a little less flimsy than what was presented in the article before declaring that Cuphead categorically "isn't the place" to use the art style.
  22. There's a reason the film industry moved beyond traditional black & white cameras and stopped having their actors smoke so much on screen, but the Coen Brothers' The Man Who Wasn't There is one of my favorite movies at least in part because of how its loving adoption of old style and technique suggested such a strong artistic vision. I think you'd have reason for dismay if it looked like a significant number of studios were going to be adopting the same style any time soon, but based on how much work the game has apparently taken, I don't think you have much to worry about there. Regarding your actual criticisms of anticipation/follow-through/acceleration, I have to say that to someone more or less completely ignorant of animation techniques (i.e. me, and I self-servingly assume many others), your objections seem almost entirely like inside baseball, especially in a game where cup people fire finger guns at sentient vegetables. And given how so many games seem to me to have virtually no artistic intent, and instead slot into a small number of familiar styles, this game comes as such an immense breath of fresh air that its uniqueness for me outweighs a hundred fold any technical criticisms of the animation. Pretty much the only thing that could get me down on the game at this point is if it ends up feeling really clunky or something. For me, the game just screams originality and style: the intertitles, the finger guns, the original jazz, the drone bees with ties and briefcases, its economy with exposition (as compared to something like the FF7 remake trailer, for example). I've watched the trailer easily 20 times and find more to like about it every time. In this case, I think utter ignorance (of the history of animation) truly is bliss.
  23. No way Chris, the swinging gondola Ferris wheel at California Adventures is totally sweet
  24. One of the best in a while. Meaty.