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  1. Loving it so far! I do have some random thoughts, particularly on what was slightly brought up in previous posts, but really stands out to me. This is the difference between the, for lack of a better term, 'Classic' Twin Peaks vs Modern Twin Peaks characters in settings. This is a little disorganized so I'm going to bullet point it. The interactions in the Sheriff's office. Above the obvious new tech vs old files stuff, I feel the characters all had a distinct difference. The new deputies (like the beardy guy) seemed to be very disinterested, bland and even sarcastic in regards to Margaret's warnings in specific and the case in general. This contrasts to all of the classic characters who took it seriously and emotionally; very well expressed by Bobby who, even if it was a little over the top, still cared deeply about Laura and likely the town in general. This is a minor nitpick, but during the DoppelCoop interrogation, Tammy was using a laptop while Gordon and Albert were without. I understand why Gordon was without, but when thinking along these lines it seems to signify a difference in modern vs past ways of operating In general, the scenes in Twin Peaks have felt more emotional than the ones outside of it. Even the initial New York box scene where the couple end up making out felt kind of emotionless. This persisted to Las Vegas in my opinion where no one really stopped to help Coop despite him clearly not being sound of mind. The place where this starts to blur is in South Dakota where it felt like there was emotion but felt like it was still lacking something. I feel like this area is where the normal and supernatural are going to mix the most and the supernatural will go back to Twin Peaks while the normal will go elsewhere. I don't know. I'm likely over analyzing this stuff or missing something but it's fun to speculate.
  2. Idle Thumbs Streams
  3. 'The Fourth One' serves as an excellent reminder to replay Gravity Bone & Thirty Flights of Loving (As well as the rest of Brendon's games)
  4. Idle Thumbs: A Patreon

    Congrats on the first goal!
  5. Just finished the episode and I was thoroughly entertained! Random things: Fun fact: The original Pink Panther wasn't a character. The cartoon was the intro the the first 1963 movie starting Peter Sellers as Jacques Clouseau but was just a representation of the diamond that was to be stolen as the main plot of the film. I know I had only ever thought of the Pink Panther as that character from the cartoons that spawned from the series of films, so it was fun to see the original and how different it was. Also: I like the endorsements! I am on track to go three for three from today's episode as I already own a fish turner, definitely went back and listened to that clip while gazing into the eyes of Goldblum and will be picking up one of those farberware pans as soon as my first check rolls in (Though sadly won't use the fish turner with it because it's nonstick and needs a plastic spatula). Cheers, and looking forward to next weeks episode!
  6. Casablanca (1942)

    Went a saw it on Monday (Multiple days of showings) and it was excellent! Probably in part because knowing me I was a bit tipsy when I first saw it but mostly because I've had 5 or so more years of life to draw from. Theater was sadly barren, but hopefully the later showings drew more of a crowd. Random thoughts below, will contain spoilers: It's very easy for me to see, reflecting on the movie, how it became such a beloved film, above and beyond the quotables and setting. The movie has two main plot lines that are very relatable: Rick's encounter with a lover for whom he still carries a torch and Captain Renault's dealings with a less than favorable new boss. Of course there's a lot more going on than that, but those are the two big takeaways from my viewing. In Rick's case, he also meets Laszlo who reminds Rick of the type of life he lived before, and likely why Ilsa was attracted to him. In the end he finally gets over the breakup and reattains a bit of what he lost to cynicism to boot. Meanwhile Renault's story was basically the first telling of Office Space: working just hard enough to not get fired. Then Rick shoots Strasser and he's free to hang out with his friend (This is way over simplified but w/e I'm not trying to write a novel). And it's hard pressed to find someone that hasn't experienced either or both of those things in their own life in some way. Anyway, just randomly reflecting on the film.
  7. Casablanca (1942)

    I'm going to continue this trainwreck. I await my ban with head held high.
  8. Casablanca (1942)

    I really like Casablanca, it is a good movie. It looks like there's a theater near me playing it too, which is sweet! So I guess I'm going to be the guy going to Casablanca on valentines day. alone. for a matinee...
  9. Idle Thumbs: A Patreon

    What is the last day to sign up and still receive the first dumb unique postcard? The completionist in me must know...
  10. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Glad to hear it about the podcast! I've yet to listen to Twin Peaks Rewatch as I've only seen the series once (and shamefully recently) but I'm excited to go through it. Currently planning to lead up to the new season with 1 episode/day + TPRw and Fire Walk With Me day of the premiere. Also I guess you can still order David Lynch Signature Brand Coffee
  12. I'm poo at photoshop, but get well soon, Nick!
  13. When Nick starts playing, usually. (Seriously though, it's kinda random based on when he has time to play?) Catching up on the latest stream now, but damn that cleric beast fight was intense! These have been good. Good quality entertainment. Even when you die to crows (Fucking crows. I hate those things). On another note: is the Idle Thumbs twitch still going to be the de facto Nick Breckon Streaming Shenanigans™ for the foreseeable future?
  14. [RELEASE] Priority Businessing

    That last bit is actually intentional. It takes an extra chip/processing space to hold the files, so you have to go back and remove one of the keys (or remove the one from the first gate). Thank you for the input though, it's really helped me in figuring out how to do things better for next time! But I'm sure as you know in game development, timeLeft = timeToGetEverythingPerfect - 10%.