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  1. Rocket League

    I stumbled across a cool custom game in some rocket league discord. They called it air hockey and that's a pretty good description of it. I've been having a blast playing it, and I thought I'd share it here in case any thumbs want to try it out. ball type: puck ball weight: light ball size: small ball bounciness: low boost amount: recharge (fast) boost strength 1.5x gravity: super high
  2. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    I started streaming some Ori and the Blind Forest tonight which I haven't played before, and boy did I have an experience. I thought this seemed more difficult than it needed to be. Turns out, it was more difficult than it needed to be.
  3. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    My voice sounds weird to me too. It's the worst.
  4. Rock Band Rivals

    I'm also loving the Rockudrama. I've only played maybe an hour or so of it, but it was just the right amount of goofy. Looking forward to playing more this weekend. Also enjoying the weekly challenge stuff. It's given me a reason to practice the songs enough to 100% them. Well, the easy ones at least.
  5. PSN ID exchange

  6. Rock Band Rivals

    Oh also, just a quick PSA. I know I had a problem on xbox one finding all of the songs that should have been exported from previous rock band titles. The best way to do this is to go to My Games & Apps -> Games -> Rock Band 4 (or Rivals). Hit the hamburger button and pick "Manage Game". From there, you should see all of your songs under "Ready to install". I had about 150 songs in there even after going through the rock band music store line by line.
  7. Rock Band Rivals

    Is anyone playing rock band rivals? I've been having fun with it, despite having to buy a rock band 2 drum kit since my stock rb4 kit stopped working and no one sells them outside of the band in a box bundle. If anyone wants to like form a crew or something, I'm hammerpants, playing on xbox one.
  8. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    I've started streaming again, mostly just spelunky daily challenges. twitch.tv/itshammerpants
  9. Super Mario Maker

    Yeah, I've had 3 or 4 levels delisted.
  10. Super Mario Maker

    I uploaded my third course. It's a bit puzzly, I'm not sure if people will like it, but I had a blast making it. I call it "Night and Day Episode 1: Visitor" 475A-0000-00DF-DDD2
  11. Super Mario Maker

    You can shake the Arrow Sign to make a checkpoint, just tested it to make sure. I also had a course become "no longer available online" for no apparent reason. It wasn't all that difficult, but it also hadn't gotten much play. Edit: typo
  12. Super Mario Maker

    My second level is done! I was trying for an approximation of mega man 2's quickman stage. 7081-0000-00D1-60F9
  13. Super Mario Maker

    I saw this on kotaku earlier today. The article mentioned this, which I'm pretty excited about: "They’ll also be adding a section called “Official Makers” that will allow them to send out levels made by Nintendo designers among other VIPs."
  14. Super Mario Maker

    Thoroughly enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing. Boss battle was particularly neat.