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  1. I Had A Random Thought...

    I'm in my late 30s now, and quite enjoy video games still. But I have gone through two very long stretches (one in my mid-20s and one in my early 30s) where I basically quit playing games completely. I try to have some more moderation now. I find that if I go for a couple of weeks of not playing anything, my overall enjoyment of games improves. When my default action most nights is to fire up a game, I begin feeling burned out on them.
  2. Fullbright announces that they are partnering with Peter Molyneux to deliver the most realistic Jeff Goldblum Simulator the world has ever seen. Molyneux says, "I realized that there was no reason to develop but a single world with Godus when I was presented the opportunity to design my very own Jeff Goldblum. How can an entire world compete with Jeff?" Molyneux promises to develop social marketing game that will award one player the opportunity to ACTUALLY become Jeff Goldblum.
  3. Feminism

    And that's the crux of it. There is precedent for barring speech that incites people to violence. So if a KKK blog were to begin providing instructions and encouragement on how target a black man, kidnap him and lynch him, you would have a legitimate case to censor that site. I really think that some of the MRA sites come very close to encouraging sexual assault when you consider the whole of their content (particularly when you factor in the repeated insistence that most rape claims are false, reinforcing the idea that rape isn't something that happens). But it's a damn fine line to prove.
  4. The one thing about genre that drives me batty is Steam (and probably other places) classifying things as being in the "Indie" genre. What does that even mean? If Indie is a genre, why isn't there a AAA genre, or "Traditionally Published" genre?
  5. Rogue Legacy

    That certainly addresses many of the minor complaints I had about the game. I was hoping that there would be even more traits, or that some of the existing traits would get changed to have more than a cosmetic impact. I would love it if virtually every trait had a significant impact (positive or negative). Actually, the thing I really wanted was for traits to stack for 2-3 generations, so that it was more than a one-off impact on the game and that there might be the chance for some bonkers crap to happen if you combine the right/wrong traits (like what would happen if a descendent had both the Giant and Dwarf traits).
  6. Feminism

    I think those arguments are ultimately just a thin veil for being being upset that she's an outspoken feminist and a woman. Nepotism is baked into our job culture. Your odds of getting a job skyrocket when you have a good friend or family member at a company. And the games industry is FULL of people who did not have a ton of experience with a particular character or franchise prior to being hired to work on sequel. If it had been a 25 year old guy who had never played a Mega-Man game and got hired because his girlfriend already worked at the company, no one would have said a word.
  7. Feminism

    A selection of quotes if anyone is interested. I had to look up the Depression Quest stuff as well. This shit depresses me (literally no pun intended). My daughter is a sophomore in college and working on a computer science degree with hopes of getting into game design. I know that she's only a few years away (or even less if she decides to share any of her student work) from having to potentially deal with this crap.
  8. Feminism

    I troll through some of these sites on occasion. It's a bizarre place. I suspect that some of the writers and site creators are more sociopathic than anything. They know that there is a market amongst some men for this shit, and so they create it to cash in on a demographic that someone with morals wouldn't touch.
  9. Feminism

    Nope, that looks an awful lot like a real "men's rights" site. It's kind of a terrifying subculture that's developed in the last 10 years or so that is built on misogyny, a martyr complex and blaming women for everything wrong with the world. Even if the site itself wasn't serious, the commenters sure as hell are. I'm a huge proponent of free speech, even defending the rights of people like the KKK, neo-nazis and Sarah Palin to have their say. But some of the articles on that site are about as dangerous as speech can get. They verge on encouraging rape by telling men how to identify a slut who wants sex, and then reinforcing the idea that what women really want is for a dominating man to ravish them, no matter what they say.
  10. PlayStation+

    So that's cool, and not something I knew about! I'm new to PS+, just subscribed finally thanks to the $30 deal over Black Friday. I will eventually get a PS4, and it will be awesome to have a bunch of games ready to download and play when that happens.
  11. Return of the Steam Box!

    The same way I buy underwear.
  12. The Last of Us

    So I've been really cynical and jaded about a lot of AAA games released over the last couple of years, but I finally started playing The Last of Us. Holy crap is this a good game. It restores some of my faith in the big studios.
  13. Return of the Steam Box!

    Looks like you can still buy the genuine MS controller and dongle kit on eBay for about the price of a wireless controller alone ($40-$50), so that's not a bad deal. That said, companies always tell you not to buy 3rd party stuff. Not sure if it's still true or not, but MS even said not to use rechargeable batteries in the controllers. If I would have believed the instructions on that, I would have spent as much in batteries over the last few years as I did on the 360!
  14. No Man's Sky

    Silly double post.
  15. No Man's Sky

    In a lot of ways, I agree, though the idea that you always have an ultimate goal (reach the center) could be a great hook to maintain interest with this. Skyrim got boring very, very quickly for me. Mostly because I just didn't feel very invested in the world or the main story. But, what if Skyrim had simply said, "Make it across the continent, whatever it takes." I would have dug that. There would have been a constant sense of progression, instead of just constantly faffing about bouncing around the map.
  16. HL3: The Ghost of Gordon Freeman
  17. Building a home theater...

    That looks awesome. It honestly looks as nice as most of the fixed frame screens you can go out and buy. Nice job! Great news on my screen, within an hour of contacting the company they got back to me and said they were in the process of building me a new screen and would have it shipped out tomorrow, so I should have the replacement by Monday. I had a custom size made, as the size I wanted was between two of their standard sizes, and the next size up was literally too big for the room. It's probably some of the best customer service I've ever seen in a company. It's a Da-Lite screen that I bought through AV Science. It's the first time I've bought anything from AVS. I've used their forums for years and always read good things about their customer service, and they have totally lived up to their reputation. Here are a couple of pics of the screen. The first one is the temp screen I had hung up, and the walls that were textured but not painted yet. Second picture is with the new retractable screen and painted walls. I'd pull back and show the whole room, but behind me it's an absolute disaster from all the tools and supplies laying around from mounting the projector, mounting the screen and painting. Edit: I spoilered the pictures as they are showing up HUGE.
  18. Return of the Steam Box!

    A few people have posted that they got the email in a thread on Steam, and any account that got into the beta gets a new, unique badge, which is publicly visible, so you can verify if someone claims they got in. And those people have the new badge.
  19. Return of the Steam Box!

    Congrats! on your emptiness.
  20. On spoilers, I think that sometimes it's hard to know what will be a spoiler for a game. Like I wouldn't have really thought that you could spoil Spelunky, it's not like it's got complex and deep narrative, and an awful lot of it is discoverable very quickly. But then... That said, I think it's the onus of the player to avoid spoilers rather than on podcasters/writers to avoid talking about them. Just warn people you're about to go into spoiler land and let them decide to hang around or not.
  21. Return of the Steam Box!

    Less than 30 minutes to go until the lottery winners beta participants are notified!
  22. Return of the Steam Box!

    Okay, maybe I'm a terrible person, but I saw the US only announcement and immediately thought "Wooo! Now it's like a 1 in a thousand chance of getting one instead of a 1 in 1500 chance!"
  23. Or maybe it's a farming/beer drinking simulator. I CAN RELIVE MY CHILDHOOD!
  24. Building a home theater...

    The magnets are actually a rather brilliant idea! My retractable screen showed up this afternoon, and the whole evening was spent getting it hung up and wired in. Rolled it down for the first time, which was awesome, and my wife says, "Something about it doesn't look right." I try to be an optimist, and insisted it was just because it was different than the other screen we had up. NOPE! The screen is too short. It's the right width, but it's 4.5 inches too short, which means that the aspect ratio is off. I went with this company in part because they are supposed to have legendary customer service. I guess I get to find out in the morning.