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  1. Please explain to me how to do this. I've looked around and had no luck
  2. Anyone else having trouble with the steam controller playing nice while also having an Xbox 360 controller linked? There doesnt seem to be a good way to choose which I want to use and more often than not it seems the steam controller will take precedence. I've had a little luck closing and reopening steam then not pairing the steam controller at all, but this is annoying if I have to do it every time. I also don't like how you pretty much have to use big picture. The right pad is great for simple scrolling around, I don't need a big simple console interface!
  3. Didn't they mention that you can completely ignore the online stuff? I'm selfish and worried about my eventual play through X months/years from now
  4. Life is Strange: Tween Peaks

    I purchased episode one in the thanksgiving sale and really like the first 1.5 hours. I'm chalking up most of the awkward writing to teenager-ness and really like the depiction of an insecure girl in a new environment. Trying to play it with the wife present, I don't think she is very engaged thus far. I think I should let her control it but wonder if right stick camera controls would get in her way. Really torn between the accessibility of fixed camera angles vs being able to examine these wonderfully detailed spaces.
  5. 2015's Games of the Year?

    I have a list in order, nothing written as of yet. 13. Lara croft go 12. Heroes of the Storm 11. Beginners guide 10. Subterfuge 9. Grow home 8. Subterrarium 7. Undertale 6. Her story 5. Mario Maker 4. Rocket League 3. Downwell 2. Invisible Inc 1. Infinifactory
  6. I've been mirroring my computer monitor and TV for convenience sake so that I don't have to keep manually switching which is the default monitor so that games launch in the wrong place. This worked fine for my lofi indie games, but I decided to pick up Wolfenstein: The New Order and it decided to glitch out on the title screen. Now, I'm not certain this is the issue but I expect my early 2013 $1000 computer is having trouble pushing 2x the pixels. I switched back to extended across displays and its been fine for one session so far.
  7. Serial - The Podcast

    I have a guy on Facebook I went to high school with, who is former military/current cop who echoes your skepticism concerns. The difference, I assume, is that he is "tapping out" and not listening to any more episodes because of an alleged lack of objective reporting. ... I like the show! I think we will find out more as we go along.
  8. Games giveaway

    I have a humble gift copy of Lumino City for someone. PM me!
  9. Hexcells Hexcells Hexcells Squarecells

    I'm going to be a voice of dissent and say that Pokemon Picross is good. It maxes out the microtransactions at 30 bucks, which is similar to a normal 3DS game. I also enjoy the different modes and variety of abilities the different 'mons provide. Hexcells is good. I need to get back into it, especially since I've installed a steam utility that lets me easily use my 360 controller for games that don't support it natively. It would be a great one for that.
  10. Free To Play - This Topic Is Not Post To Win

    I would prefer it but I'm confused about how this will be good for their player base, especially with the more obscure Tribes. Seems like F2P was the best way to ensure a healthy player pool.
  11. Yay! Danielle returns! I'm another that was pleasantry surprised by the general entertainment talk.
  12. While I generally agree with you, I thought that Dr Langeskov had high production values for its intended scale.
  13. RetroThumbs

    Would this be an okay place to talk about the Neo Geo Humble bundle or do you want to keep to non ported or emulated stuff? Either way, the animation on Metal Slug is gorgeous.
  14. General Video Game Deals Thread

    The reviews I read (giant bomb and some others) said the level design didn't feel as good this time around on the Kirby game compared to the DS version
  15. Political games?

    I should really play another game of Subterfuge on my iPhone. That was a very fun, tense week.
  16. General Video Game Deals Thread

    This video was enough to convince me to buy Infinifactory. It's the follow up from the Spacechem guy. I never sunk too much time into that one and this one appears to have much more personality. Plus, the Video Games Hotdog guys love it. Plus plus, it seems to have sold terribly Hoo boy, haven't splurged on a sale in a while. My haul was: Kyntt Underground Ultimate Doom Jack box party pack Life is Strange Ep 1 Infinifactory Duet
  17. Kentucky Route Zero

    Own it, but haven't played it at all. I should probably catch up so I can join the #hype right?
  18. Invisible Inc.

    I'm playing on the easiest difficulty and I only have 3 days it seems? Literally pumped my fist in the air after completing detention rescue by the skin of my teeth. SO GOOD.
  19. Invisible Inc.

    I purchased the whole set for 14 bucks the other day. Really great so far. Tempted to get a steamtroller for max TV play ease.
  20. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    You need a high propulsion weapon like the shotgun to get the third torch.
  21. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    TIL game goes till fifth world, oh boy
  22. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    Area 4! Only had one health so dies quick :/
  23. Black Lives Matter

    Had a FB "discussion" with conservative guy from my hometown high school re: the viral post about the black guy who got pulled over by cops and had a peaceful, respectful interaction and then used his experience to cast doubt on the validity of other people's grievances. Basically, be respectful to the cop and you'll be fine (blame the victim) I fire back that anecdotes don't make data and linked the Fed study showing the discrimatory practices of Ferguson police, for just one example. He then said that he believes the issue to be one of culture not race (what?) insinuating that black people are responsible for how cops respond to them. I then got an education about how human beings have biases and expectations and how those things are good and help us survive. It was a frustrating interaction. Edit: here is the story for context
  24. Subterfuge

    This game has moderately consumed me over the past week. When I gave them ten bucks, which y'all should do, I fell into a hole of optimizing my sub orders hours ahead of time. My current game has been interesting. Almost everyone has timed out and auto resigned, but that has created a landscape of passive strongholds, neutral mobs if you will, that myself and the only other player has had the navigate. My capturing of a neutral mine of a resigned player has hopefully clenched my victory. My game will end in about one day (in victory! Fingers crossed) and then I'd love to get one going with some thumbs. Or earlier, if the interest is there.