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  1. [Release] Missing Molyneux

    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I agree, copy protection would have been perfect -- it just didn't cross our minds when making it.
  2. [Release] Missing Molyneux

    I released a super minor update that fixes some the UI / design issues ran into in the stream: Made the next text button blink, so the user has a clue to click it. Made the DEV selection buttons change background color when hovering. Added some copy to the DEV intro instructing the player to use the look screen. Copy editing
  3. We could send them a pre-paid phone. Just a thought...
  4. [Release] Punch Wizard

    This is fantastic. I'm so glad I made the decision to play this right before going to bed!
  5. [RELEASE] A Person Shaped Thing Is A Person

    That was a bit hard to play through at moments, but I'm glad I did. Thanks for making that, and sharing something like that, in that form. Also, the dish washing sequence is incredible. This sounds odd, but great job getting a twine game to feel like dish washing. Well done. It's a good play-through, even if the subject matter is rough.
  6. Missing Molyneux is now released! Missing Molyneux is a clone of the 1990 release of, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, but instead of finding a globe trotting criminal mastermind, your goal is to hire Peter Molyneux (along with a crew of familiar game developers). As a bonus, play the meta game of trying to see which features I mentioned that were complete BS in the dev log! Spoilers: quite a few. Special thanks to Corey Cunha for helping me make this, and his incredible attention to detail for UI work! Another special thanks to Sam Holland ( for making the amazing intro, win, lose, and character select music! A side note: Machineux, everyone's favorite deceased AI, was a result of training an RNN ( on the episode titles and descriptions for all of idle thumbs. I obtained the data by using phantomjs to automate the site (politely, and in one pass). The math behind the utility is pretty deep, but using it isn't! If you ever need to produce an absurd amount of text that "looks a lot like other text" - RNN's are a great way to do it.
  7. [Dev Log] Missing Molyneux

    The things we do, they effect all of us in degrees. A small change, a character in a line a comma in a sentence, a small choice, an action not taken - they effect all of us. We will mourn Machineux, we will heed its ripples. It didn't last long, its life full of toil, training, and learning. Perhaps though, those ripples will yet be seen, elsewhere. Perhaps the nature of AI is not that of biology, perhaps it is only sleeping, ripples yet visible, waves yet formed, the calm before the storm. Ripples that could sneak from Kiev to Carolina, and waves thundering from Berlin down to Belize. People cope in different ways. While the developers are hard at work, overcoming their despair at the loss of Machineux with crunch time - I'm on a slow boat to China, searching my soul on waves both metaphorical and literal. Here's a video of the game. It's going to kill my international data plan, but it's worth it:
  8. [Dev Log] Missing Molyneux

    Oh no! An engineer accidentally let Machineux out of the cube! What a loss, what short life, thrashing in a strange environment -- the only thing it saw was the Idle Thumbs episode list before being killed. Cruel world, what have we wrought!?
  9. [Dev Log] Missing Molyneux

    The team has made great progress on the game implementing important features such as emotional intelligence in our advanced artificial intelligence system. Please watch this video to see in development gameplay:
  10. [Dev Log] Missing Molyneux

    Decisions. That's what life is about. It's a cruel game, wherein we constantly, unknowingly win and lose.The wins happen automatically: they are those of circumstance, of placement, of time, and of chance - the losses are much the same. As life goes on, rounds of the game pass, unnoticed, but observed. Feelings of chagrin over losses won, and wins lost. In the end, many feel that something is missing. A feeling of agency, the feeling of bleakness that comes with the realization that all is not as it seems, that eyes are upon you. The feeling that you just missed something. Anyways, sometimes you just have to say "fuck it," and make a decision: Also, here's a preview of a new feature - unlockable art (#9 of 15 Jeff Goldblum grid portrait):
  11. [Dev Log] Missing Molyneux

    Thank you for your interest in what can only be described as, "A video game." Progress continues at a slow but steady clip, with the development studio considering life, the universe and everything (also, one of primary developers made the mistake of buying a Vive during a game jam, so VR integration is a certainty - as certain as all things). A PR person dropped by my office today, and asked me to possibly consider scaling back the potential features I announce for the upcoming life changing, narrative tour de force: Missing Molyneux. I considered it. I considered them. I considered myself. I held up a mirror to this person, and asked, "What do you see?" They responded, "I see myself." I turned the mirror so it was facing me, and said, "What do you see?" They responded, "I see you, looking at yourself?" I held the mirror between us, pressing my face against the PR person's bewildered expression, and asked, "What do you see?" They responded, "I .. um..? What?" It was then, I knew. It was then, I was informed. I cancelled all my meetings, and spoke at length with this young PR person about what it means to be public relations, how they relate to the public. We spoke of their hopes and dreams, apprehensions and fears, problems and solutions, aches and pains, woes and wonders. After hours of deep conversation, I once again held up the mirror. The mirror showed the PR person the view from my office window: of people walking in the streets, of the air between them, of the space between, of the teeth, of the politics, of the men, of the women, of the children, of the farts, of the majesty of it all. I held the mirror for what seemed like hours, and only once my arm trembled and the light dimmed, did I lower it. All the while, I was searching the eyes of this young Public Relations person. Searching for what was missing. Missing Molyneux. Early development screenshot:
  12. MISSING MOLYNEUX Imagine a game... no, a simulation... no, an immersive experience... no, a dream generator! Imagine a dog. Imagine yourself, on a great hunt - a hunt spanning the entire globe. A hunt for a man - a man with deep promises and deeper self delusions. Imagine a blade of grass being cut. Imagine that blade of grass growing over time. Imagine teeth. Imagine the most immersive AI ever made. Imagine this man. Imagine he's gone missing. Imagine that you must find this man. Imagine this man is Peter Molyneux. Missing Molyneux is the greatest game ever planned. At its core, it's really about clicking on a screen - a square with depth - a cube if you will, but what's behind the screen, what's inside the cube? Based on a legacy of globe trotting adventures, this game seeks answers to life's biggest questions, like: where have all the game developers gone? Why are there dogs inexplicably in every location? Why are the dogs' running animations so incredible? Why doesn't anyone see through the genius of Peter, and into the games that show this genius as a reflection of his ego. Where does this ego get generated? Is there a project to generate this ego? A Project Ego? Help find the answers to probably at least some of these questions in what can only be described as the most game jam game video game game jam game! Follow this thread around the globe, to get updates on an object lesson in over promising, and see how many different ways I can describe a clone of, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.
  13. [Dev Log] Rewind

    Thanks! I appreciate the kind words The dev log was hella fun to write (after I made peace with not posting it until the end), I'm glad you liked it!
  14. [Dev Log] Rewind

    I screwed up the Mac distro by naming the zip archive "", so that it unpacked as an app instead of a folder. Fixed now!