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  1. I have been working on a personal project for a while now and I find myself questioning my own motives at every turn. I think before I can make something I am proud of I have to have a answer for why. After a few weeks of thinking I think I have an answer. I make games because I want to make people happy. I am not a good person, I am selfish, mean and very narcissistic. By traditional means I really have nothing to offer in terms of a personal relationship. So I turn to making games to maybe for once actually affect someone in a positive way. So why do you guys make games? there are so many of us with so many story's I want to know.
  2. So far all of the games I have made have been really small and personal, also really poorly put together and an abject failure in almost every way. So after purging all evidence of any games I have made I thought I would start working a project in the scope of a "real" game. But I am finding the idea of making a full product that I will have to put my name on intimidating. Maybe I am making games for the wrong reasons, I don't want to make games to have a career, but to make friends. I have terrible social anxiety and have a cycle of losing my mind and closing my self off from people, I guess I make games because I am tired of being lonely and I don't know how to talk about my feelings. All you guys on this forum are so talented and I am paralyzed by the fear that I am wasting everyone's time, I open up GameMaker and I have a panic attack. Half of the time I just want to quit everything and disappear. I think I lost the message of this post in my little rant but I don't know, you guys are cool and are talented. Making games is scary and hard and ugh
  3. Games w/ Level Editors

    Towerfall is getting a level editor on the 22nd!
  4. King Of Quiet Nights

    Hey folks! The Idle Thumbs forum has always been a huge source of inspiration and influence on me as a game dev so I thought I would share with you the new game I am working on! This is "King Of Quiet Nights" a small platformer that take place inside the room of a small child, while their single parent is at work late they find their own fun in their room fightings monsters and becoming king of their imaginary world! I am doing programming and design while Brent Kobayashi (the great artist mastermind behind Alphabear and Road Not Taken) the game is super early, right now I have a demo I threw together in like a week and it's super busted. But I showed it at a small indie showcase last night and had an amazing time! I will post more and some gifs later on today
  5. King Of Quiet Nights

    I will post some gifs soon! we showed a demo at a event recently however it was thrown together in about a week so a lot of it is gonna change! gonna be busy with LD jam but after that I am gonna be knee deep in gifs hehe will use this as a bit of a Dev log
  6. Plug your shit

    I posted this on the Game Dev forum too but I thought you guys might enjoy! I am making a small action game with the Brent Kobayashi the amazing artist behind Alphabear and Road Not Taken *screaming internally forever*
  7. Social Media Tactics

    here is the biggest thing about posting things about your game on twitter: doesn't matter if the game plays well or anything like that, if it looks cool or has awesome art people lose their fucking mind. Throw a gif of your game in #gamedev and if it looks interesting people with RT and fav it
  8. Amateur Game Making Night

    Hey guys I made a local multiplayer game called PUSH PUSH PUSH! its free so feel free to check it out
  9. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    oh it was, I found out an hour ago that I got the job
  10. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    Hey guys! I made a small two player single screen multiplayer game for a job interview at a tea shop (long story) and I thought I would share the game isn't done yet but it's close, still working on a scoreboard and stuff. Please feel free to leave feedback! Hopefully this link will work:
  11. Life

    thanks guys! I will try to come here more often, things have been pretty crazy the last few months! I am technically homeless right now :/
  12. Life

    Hey guys, I haven't been here in a while! but I wanted to drop in and thank you guys. in 2014 I suffered severe clinical depression ( still do) and was wavering on the edge on killing myself, but anytime I felt really bad I came on here and you wondering people helped me through it. Because of you guys I have found a great group of supportive friends and I am the happiest I have ever been. There are still some bad days, but they aren't nearly as often. the IdleThumbs community is the best thing to ever happen to me <333333
  13. Life

    <3 you can do this girl!!!!
  14. Life

    woah this thread is crazy now what happened? so I went to GDC with some friends I met in the last two months and it was amazing. We are closer than ever and I met so many great people, now back to real life shit :/
  15. Life

    so I am going to GDC for this first time and I am freaking out
  16. Nonviolent and Alternative mechanics

    I made a game where you protect someone you love by holding up the sun : when ever I design a game the only thing I think of what I am trying to convey and the best way of doing that without just making a "kill x" mechanic
  17. Life

    my life has been getting better since january, spending more time with people and making new friends but... there are nights like tonight where I feel super lonely and I just want a hug from someone I love.
  18. The Phantom Tollbooth

    If you have not read The Phantom Tollbooth you are missing out one of the best kids books ever. In fact when the book club comes back in 2525 they should read The Phantom Tollbooth. I have nothing else to say.
  19. Life

    I went to my friends birthday party last night after not seeing them for about six months and had an amazing night. Felt really nice to meet new people, and they all gave me hugs when I left :3
  20. Life

    after being admitted into the hospital twice for anxiety and suicide attempts I have racked up some bills I haven't been able to pay for months until now but I am afraid that something bad is going to happen like I will be arrested or something. I am freaking the fuck out and I have so many invoices I can't tell which is my actual amount total I have to pay. I am a fucking idiot.
  21. Life

    A twitter friend visited Vancouver this week and we spent some time hanging out and I was happy for the first time in what feels like a long time. She is flying home in a few hours and I can't stop crying, wtf is wrong with me.
  22. Cartoons!

    Bojackman started pretty rough when I watched it but really picks up towards the middle
  23. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    So Kim Correa who wrote that article about the Dayz rape is a friend of my mine, she is super sweet and a lovely person. We played a lot of Dayz together and would always show up with a posse of players (mostly men and mostly very nice). I dunno where I was going with this but Dayz is crazy
  24. Life

    I have dreams about my friends and people I know from twitter all at a party and I am not invited, I sit outside on a bench in the snow and watch through a window. fuck I am lonely.