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  1. DOTA 2

    I've got about 30-60 games under my belt at this point and would love to find some nice people to play with I thought the Idle forums would be a good place to look for them. Anyone looking for a fairly new player with strong communication skills to play with?
  2. I have about 60 games under my belt and would like to play with a consistent group of people. I'm interested in getting better at the game but am most concerned that I enjoy playing with my team members. Any ideas?
  3. Titanthumbs

    XBL: Jossweedon
  4. The DayZ thread of TEAMWORK and STORIES

    I want to join up tonight, anybody else in?
  5. Please add me to the guild
  6. 3DS Friend Codes

    I've added most everyone from here! My friend code: 5086-1596-0331 Add me, I play in the evenings (CST) mostly.
  7. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Anybody want to play? My friend code is 5086-1596-0331, I'm new but would like to visit some friendly towns.