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  1. Haha, OK, never mind. Text is never that nuanced and on the internet I've seen so much absurdity I genuinely assume people are serious.
  2. The idea that there is a proper or improper way to use a piece of technology is absolutely insane to me. The very idea of proper use is a mere social construct that often stagnates more than it codifies. New ideas come from supposed "misuse" of technology. . It's called innovation.
  3. This simple mechanic struck me more than a great many things. This is almost never mechanically simulated and yet it felt completely normal after the first time I was prompted to do so. It had a kind of narrative and environmental sense to it that made the mechanic itself blend into the background. It also prompted some reactions to my interference with the environment that I don't think I've ever felt in a video game before. When I didn't put stuff back I felt bad, as though I was actually making work for someone else to put everything back. It also made me painfully self-conscious when I rifled through a cabinet or shelf to find something I may have not been suppose to find. I quickly replaced things to cover my tracks.
  4. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    If this is true, then is X-Files in Gone Home the first reality television program?
  5. Never once while playing Gone Home did I feel as though the quality of the physics simulation of the objects had any bearing on my ability to see the world as satisfying and grounded. I'd be interested to hear if they actually did spend a lot of time on this it was handled so proficiently that I never thought about it. That being said, my guess is no. I imagine the storytelling took up way more time than creating a satisfying physics simulation.
  6. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    I really hope they respond to all the Ghost jokes by allowing you to watch Ghostbusters on the TV.
  7. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Does anyone think there is a way to convince the majority of game players that demanding a game that is 50 hours long as opposed to a more polished 5 hour experience is detrimental to most game development? How do we prove that smaller is better?
  8. eReaders - What is everyone's thoughts?

    Personally, I love real books. The sense of intellectual space one can generate when surrounded by a well-read library has always been infatuating for me. The only thing I've ever struggled with is my incredibly poor penmanship makes taking the notes I so often wish to take somewhat cumbersome and dangerous if my block lettering overlaps the printed text. Current eBooks still struggle with note-taking, and like others have mentioned it is difficult to make a connection with the object the way you do with a physical book. I personally think this makes an argument for the fact that even though we traditionally consider books a text-only medium visuals play a definite role. The space, color, and shape of a book all provide it a sense of individuality that disappears in a kindle. So why get an eBook? I've been thinking a lot recently about the ethics of physical books as a way of navigating this problem. They cost us trees, they take up valuable space, and they don't allow for the freedom of information that a socially annotated book does. I've found it amazingly insightful to peer inside the mind of other readers when loading the social notes for The Sun Also Rises on my Kindle. Can we argue that sharing our insights is a moral good? Perhaps. I will be the first to admit I have a chip on my shoulder when it comes to books. I had to donate a 2,000-book library when I discovered I was too poor to move it across the country with me.
  9. Add me as well? http://steamcommunity.com/id/Dualhammers/
  10. Do we have a League channel, or are most Thumbs playing Dota2? I already have a hundred hours invested in League and don't feel like jumping ship just yet.
  11. DOTA 2

    I've just recently started playing Dota2 on my own and my interest was piqued where I heard there might be a thumbs build. Is there any way for me to get in on this?
  12. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hiya. I have been listening to Idle Thumbs for about 3 months now, and my wife has joined me as we discover the wonderful world of The Wizard. My wife is an aspiring concept artist and I am an aspiring writer.
  13. I've learned more about video games and their nature as both artistic medium and an economic product from listening to other people than I ever had simply thinking on my own. When Sean mentioned Amir Rao I immediately wanted to listen in on that conversation. @Sean: Has Amir ever done an interview or an essay where he has elaborated his ideas on the industry?