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  1. Star Wars Episode 8

    It is a bit of a missed opportunity that she doesn't have many obstacles. It would be nice if they did something like have all the established characters constantly explaining to her that she can NOT have jedi capabilities because she ain't got the midis; to the point where she is trying to convince herself that they must be right because they know more about it (while levitating shit or whatever). And then Kylo is like "You have the most amazing abilities." But he is just trying to get her to do labor for his problematic agendas. That would be cool imo.
  2. Star Wars Episode 8

    I just figured Luke needed way more training than Rey did. Always looking toward the future he is.
  3. Star Wars Episode 8

    I can see why you would see him as an inconsistent character. TLJ didn't really do a good job expressing why Kylo hates Luke that much. I do get why he
  4. Star Wars Episode 8

    So much was set up in Last Jedi for some awesome Reylo payoffs that could reflect the philosophy of how the Lightside and Darkside relate. Reylo is going to make or break the next movie for me. What I really want is for both-sides-are-to-blame to be addressed and explained away in a convincing manner.
  5. Far Cry 5

    The mandatory story stuff is awful imo.
  6. Far Cry 5

    I'm taking the opportunity to jump into the hype-cycle for Far Cry 5. I've been watching the promotional material and I've decided I'll buy it at release to enjoy the conversation about it. I skipped 4 and Primal and never finished 3, but enjoyed my time on the first island. From what I gather the tone of 5 is going to be rather awkward, but to be honest I'm looking forward to that. There seems to be a lot of designs of the characters, settings, and writing that are are sloppily derived from the more extreme media-versions of U.S. politics circa 1990-today. I'm looking forward to the satire that hits home and criticism of the inevitable poor taste. I expect it to be a lot like GTA5 in this way, but I suspect it will have a slightly different sensibility and I'm looking forward to reacting to that. Mechanically, I'm looking forward to enemy AI's that revive each other and friendly NPC's that lool like they will have agency that is broken in funny ways. I saw that there is an automated driving feature that I'll try for novelty too. The setting looks like it will be pleasant to spend time in, especially with all the simulated wildlife. I am concerned about how I'll handle scenes of torture though. I'm also hoping to try out the co-op mode at some point but I am horrible at scheduling out time for it so I doubt I'll play much of the game that way. I know I'm just listing features of an unreleased game, but I'm excited and having a good time!
  7. The Big VR Thread

    I've been playing some of In Death during the free weekend on the Oculus store. If you enjoyed the Budget Cuts demo, then this is worth checking out if for nothing more than the ability to compare and contrast the two. There is more to In Death than is immediately available. I haven't played enough to see if there is a lot of depth to the enemy-types that arrive later or tge fiction of the world, but I did see something introduced after a few deaths that I found intriguing and I'm looking forward to seeing it again in order to try something on it. A quick summury of the game: Procedurally generated modular castle where you navigate through with teleportation projectiles while shooting enemies with arrows. It's roguelite with item stores and a meta-progression system based on achievements. Ultimately it is a shooting-gallery with some stealth. The opportunities for stealth approaches are very lacking though. Still fun and kinda interesting. I think the demo ends tonight at some point.
  8. Far Cry 5

    I find value in the fact that I care so little about the story a third of the way through the game that I read the spoilers without a concern.
  9. Pinball Club

    Pinball Arcade won't have Bally or Williams tables available for sale after June 30th.
  10. Pinball Club

    The automaton-grandmother of computer games deserves a thread of it's own, does it not? The gas-station arcade for which I am ever grateful (an obvious labor of love by the owner because I can't imagine it making much money) just got a pinball machine swap. They replaced the Stern Playboy machine with a Williams Junk Yard. The new machine doesn't play strip-poker or sound like it's getting ready to orgasm, but it's alright. By "alright" I mean "A fantastic improvement". I had never heard of or played Junk Yard, but it was fantastic. In my opinion, it requires higher than normal skill, but without easy drains. I play a lot of Zen Pinball 2 on the PS3, Pinball FX2 and Pinball Arcade on the Xbox 360, and Nena pinball-games on my iphone. Frequent play on digital platforms has given me enough familiarity with the terminology and the genre-rules to typically know what I am doing, even on a machine I've never played. It has also allowed me to develop a mental focus during multiballs, and not flinch when doing a dead-flipper pass. But wrapping my palms around those steel corners and shifting my bodyweight in order to successfully nudge a ball headed down the center-drain over to the opposite flipper is SO GREAT! Man I love playing real machines. So it was really cool to play a new one today. I won two free games on my second game and got second place on the leaderboards because I am a wizard. It was really fun. I haven't played many machines that have such a long, open playfield. Every called shot felt like a victory. Looking forward to playing more of it. It was a good day.
  11. It's ultimately a small point about the game, but this article finally nailed something down for me that has always been kinda insulting about the game:
  12. The Big VR Thread

    I can see why the reviews are like this. The game is very simple and really fun. At its best moments I feel like a taiko drummer. It's neat to remember that simple can be enough.
  13. The Big VR Thread

    Even the 12 "negative" reviews out of 1,373 seem to praise the game except some gripes about expert-mode and there not being enough songs. It's hard to not be curious why everyone seems to like it. I'm wondering if the planned level-editor will share content between the Steam and Oculus stores.
  14. I'm coming across a lot of freeware that I want to recommend, but I don't want to make a new post for each one. I enjoyed my 15 minutes with Antbassador. -via Warpdoor
  15. I've only played this for a bout an hour, but I'm so excited about it. Please side on caution with spoiler-tags in this thread since little things and details of intrigue feel especially weighty in this game. Perhaps label the spoiler with the chapter and character or room like so: [Early Chapter 2: Gustav] or [Late Chapter 2:Dining Room] The game is basically a murder-mystery that takes place in a Victorian Mansion and you as the player chose where to be at any given time as the suspects move about, take actions, and talk with one another. You can pause, rewind, and fast-forward time as you teleport around the mansion examining clues and just generally being nosy. So far, I think it is great. I love the characters and the performances. The animations aren't astounding, but they get the job done. Everyone is so friggin suspicious!
  16. The Big VR Thread

    I'm interested in some of these events, especially the theatre one. There is one tonight I might go to.
  17. Far Cry 5

    I've been watching a spy-show lately so I'm imagining a, b, and c, all getting urgent messages about trouble at home or mandatory detours around the time these pictures of you were taken. ---- Henke and I played some co-op for the first time. It's pretty awkward when the story missions pop up. I'm not very responsive to melodramatic cut-scenes when I'm aware that both of us have to suffer through them. Henke is very gracious though. I also die a lot more than Henke does. I like to use the sniper rifle but I miss 4 out of 5 times, and my incendiary shotgun keeps getting me killed because they run into me after I set them ablaze.
  18. There isn't much puzzle solving at all except suspecting a particular person and following them. You are basically a ghost watching it all play out. Fortunately the characters are fairly interesting.
  19. Far Cry 5

    Sweet. I love contests like these, there usually isn't much competition so it is typically worthwhile. You are lucky that some 12 year-old in a suit and sunglasses didn't show up. I myself won a PSP by dressing up like Kratos having never played a God-of-War game.
  20. It's got some huge flaws as a murder-mystery, but I've never been to a theatre performance that takes place throughout a house and I love the format.
  21. Far Cry 5

    I've been wanting to try out Arcade and multiplayer, but I'm afraid that I will stop playing the campaign if I do. I'm having a lot of fun fumbling my way through slowly. I don't enjoy the main-story missions much at all though. I'm working my way through the south-west bunker after killing Joseph Seed and I should just walk back into the woods for a while and come back, but it has a puzzleness to it that I'm fascinated by. My main problem is that I keep on wanting to do this stealthily and I don't know how to deal with the heavies.
  22. The Big VR Thread

    Sprint Vector is having a free weekend so I gave it a shot. I can see the appeal, the ski-pole movement is satisfying. But it totally makes me sick.
  23. Far Cry 5

    This game is a story-engine, but the characteristics of the stories seem to be the most interesting thing for me to analyze. Mostly the sequences of events that entertain me are not relatable enough that the person I communicate them to is entertained, but they will typically understand what was entertaining about it. There are two main references which seem to anchor meaning in these stories: my experiences with rural America, and the goofiness of computer games. I'm not cynical about this at all, I love the combo.
  24. Is It Wrong To Eat Meat?

    This article was educational for me. It seems that there is debate among muslims about whether or not halal-certification is bending too much in order to allow for industrial meat-production. But I guess this means that the living-conditions (tayyib) is not currently being enforced. This site appears to be speaking of the schism.
  25. Is It Wrong To Eat Meat?

    To be honest, it was just some Youtube video that seemed like a person with progressive-politics trying to combat a particular strain of islamophobia. Not the best source of information. I'll look into it more.