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  1. Despite the warning at the start of the podcast I actually thought it was a pretty good pod. Michael needs to click more buttons to find out what the mineral contents of Luna is (or isn't. might just not be any!) but he probably knows that. In regards to DW:U being big and shallow: yeah, the more time you spend with Distant Worlds the more you realize that only the top-level decisions (who do I declare war on, where do I colonize and research to an extent) matter a lot. The fun in Distant Worlds is in developing this clockwork galaxy that goes about its business of doing things that don't really matter while I decide to put tourist resorts in orbit of black holes and other goofy things between wars. I love DW:U but Stellaris is probably a better game. Last year I played Aurora for about a month but had to quit cold because, as much as I love this inscrutable shit and enjoyed the harrowing 5-second interval space navy combat, I just got real tired of the ship design loop. Doing the whole thing once is one thing, but starting up that redesign process every few years when you get new tech and need to keep up is tiresome. I was doing more work with spreadsheets than I do with my real job. I hope Michael plays long enough to get into designing missiles and buoys, as I found that pretty interesting. also I hope Troy can be forced to play CMANO. I bought it on winter sale and have only played one tutorial so far but geez. Its like if the Aurora guy had a team to work with and they were all way into 80s world war 3 fiction.
  2. Episode 343: XCOM 2

    The game is way more forgiving on the strategic layer than they make it sound. In my first game I had one full squad wipe and a couple more failed missions and didn't have the death spiral and later won the game. You just need to have a good grip on everything that's going on. They make the strategic layer sound like a mess but it is no more complicated than your most basic worker-placement board game. Also the key to bringing rookies out to train and not getting creamed is giving them upgrades guns and experimental ammo/nades.
  3. Amateur Game Making Night

    my routine is essentially the opposite: browse the asset store, convince myself its something I could do myself, then spend a day figuring out how to do it, invariably decide I don't need to do it or I can just halfass it, double click Hearthstone.exe
  4. Amateur Game Making Night

    http://danimo.net/Scavenger/Scavenger.html Progress! new features: -a dude, with an impairment that only allows him to move in the 4 cardinal directions( controls: WASD) -press M for zoomed out map -the door tiles between rooms are now traversable - currently just spit you out on the other side, real door mechanic will come later -you can still generate new layouts with the UI for fun/debugging.
  5. Amateur Game Making Night

    I went to Target and raided the school supplies for graph paper, folders and colored pencils. I don't straight up write code on paper, maybe pseudocode, but its pretty nice to have that shit around to quickly scratch out ideas. also yeah I think you'll get a runtime error when the velocity.x is zero. also also you may want to use Time.deltaTime instead of Time.time, that way you can just set float countDown = 0, in Update() you can put countDown += time.deltaTime. This way instead "if (countdown + timer < Time.time)" you can just say "if(countDown >= timer)" then reset countDown to zero after getting input. If i'm reading things correctly and you just want the input have a timer seconds delay before accepting another input.
  6. Amateur Game Making Night

    I haven't had as much time to work on 7DRL/Procedural Death Jam this weekend as I wanted but check out what I got so far http://danimo.net/Scavenger/Scavenger.html insert number (range: 2-16), press button, get dungeon. The "dungeon" is meant to actually be a space ship, so no long corridors like in nethack, but a bunch of rooms connected to each other of varying size.
  7. Axis Game Factory (and deals)

    http://steamcommunity.com/app/253370/discussions/ The devs seem active and helpful on the Steam community page. I'm considering getting it but I'm not sure if it would be good for making anything other than goofy looking fantasy game levels.
  8. Game Jams

    I plan on doing this. Gonna be my first game jam. I want to make a somewhat traditional roguelike where you're a space scavenger, "dungeons" being derelict ships and other space leftovers. .
  9. Amateur Game Making Night

    note if you don't save first and a haphazardly written loop goes infinite, you can tab over to MonoDevelop and attach it to the Unity process and use the debugging console to change whatever you need to break out of the loop. handy if you are terrible like me and never save shit
  10. Amateur Game Making Night

    the aim is actually a bit too high at the moment. It needs some fine tuning, last night I was mostly focused on getting a damage/hitpoint system in place. The white orbs are just more stand-in prefabs for enemies. The idea is that each room will have an assortment of badguys in it trying to keep you from touching the escape orb. I've set up my level generation code so that when I'm satisfied with the base game mechanics and have a couple enemies I can expand from one room/level to several rooms. And when I have time I can expand the Room code to include variations or special levels, rather than just open rectangular areas.
  11. Amateur Game Making Night

    here is a dumb thing I'm working on http://www.danimo.net/2.0/2.0.html You have a gun. There are evil green cylinders that will shoot lasers at you if you get near them. The room you spawn in is a random height/width, with glowing orb in the opposite corner. You run up to the orb and click on it to go to "next level" (currently just reloads the scene, with new room). The wall/floor textures and background music I took from opengameart.org. The gun and camera rigging is from UFPS, an asset store FPS setup that is saving me a lot of time. The basic idea of the game is supposed to be an "Endless Shooter", where you're trying to keep going through as many rng levels as you can. But right now I'm just figuring out how to implement basic mechanics, and I had to go in and add basic sounds/textures because I could only stare at soundless grey blocks for so long.
  12. Unity Questions Thread

    I haven't asked anything on Unity Answers but I've been getting helpful stuff from there just by googling. 1. Are there any asset store things you recommend? 2. what do you mean by "using pixel editor to implement pixel-perfect camera setup"? and any recommendations here too? I know a bunch of these tools are probably specific to the kind of game one is making, but I also keep finding Unity features/abilities I wasn't aware existed
  13. Amateur Game Making Night

    yeah the thing I started working on, when I finished the Unity book I was reading and going through, has really turned out to be kind of a monster in scope. I was having fun coding it and I'm really liking the scripting in c# part but I spent two days this week struggling to understand how animations and character movement would work. Not to mention my complete lack of understanding of how 3D modeling works (Blender is frightening). But I'm considering this "game" an extension of the learning process. Now that I understand how the Animator component works and how to animate sprites and deal with shaders a bit, I can use that in the future. But the game itself is kind of a giant mess. I've learned so much about C# and OOP in general recently to know that everything will need a complete rewrite anyway. 1. I think thats just up to the mod(s) 2. check your notification settings at your profile
  14. Amateur Game Making Night

    BigJKO your car game reminds me of MicroMachines for the NES/Genesis aka the best top down racing game. just add a pool table level and it'll be perfect
  15. Amateur Game Making Night

    I just compiled the version 0.00000001 of my first Unity game project, so far called Random Dungeon Mans. The setting/flavor/stuff isn't settled yet, I've mostly just spent the entire weekend and today writing a dungeon creation algorithm and decided to put stuff together when I finally got it to a workable place. http://danimo.net/randdunggame/randdunggame.html Its not a game yet, but you can run around and explore what my random dungeon generator spits out. you can also jump and clip through the ceiling, then press the Reload button to generate another dungeon level for yourself. textures are just placeholder samples I grabbed from somewhere. so far my biggest issue is probably scoping. I'm gonna drop messing with the dungeon algorithm much for now and see if I can turn what this is now into some kind of game.