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  1. So the Echo Slam is the obvious big moment of the TI5 finals, but I think there were better games from EG. They had that one fairly well in hand and even despite the Storm Spirit pickoff they were probably going to roll CDEC up. Game 3 of the finals was really great and close, basically an incredible duel between Agressif's Slark and all of EG trying to catch him, which felt almost impossible until that last huge chase through the Dire jungle. Probably my favorite moment from the whole thing was game 2 of EG vs LGD in the lower bracket. EG was down against Maybe's Shadow Fiend and Sylar's Gyrocopter, both of whom were really farmed with BKBs to deal with Leshrac and Butterfly evasion to counter Clinkz. Fear finally gets a MKB to cut through the evasion, LGD go to take Roshan and EG move to contest. Sumail initiated, died, and EG picked off the supports without really being able to touch the two cores. At that point it seemed pretty bad, but then ppd pulled off a crazy juke and baited Rubick over to the Radiant side of the river, where Aui and Fear could kill him. SF and Gyro were split up but came to help, and after he died they tried to back off. Universe caught SF with a crazy force staff + hookshot play, and they finished him off with some great coordination between ppd and Fear. At that point Sumail was back and came to catch out the respawning supports and Gyro, at which point it was basically over. They forced out Gyro's buyback and still took the full set of mid rax, then with the gold they'd gained were able to finish LGD off a few minutes later and force the GG. It was probably the single best teamfight I can ever remember seeing in Dota. (can't get the timestamp to work right, the fight in question is about 53 minutes in) Love the show guys.
  2. Life

    I didn't get an invite to my reunion and I think I just forgot about it... I guess it was 3 years ago but I haven't thought about it until just now. Nobody in high school really gave a crap about me and frankly I don't remember most of them anyway.
  3. A Dota Engagement

    Demanding pictures of your Death Prophet wedding dress Man that would be cool as shit
  4. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    God I hate that this whole thing has prevented real discussion of and disagreement about Bayonetta because she is a super interesting character and people could say a lot about her.
  5. Dreams!

    I had a dream last night where I was visiting the Polygon offices, only instead of an office building it was a giant house where they all lived together. I remember seeing the McElroys sitting in a bedroom together playing Mario Kart. I don't even read Polygon much, it was weird.
  6. Good News Everyone

    8 crazy tricks that teleporting animals hate!
  7. Good News Everyone

    here's my kitty :3
  8. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    O rly For some reason I thought I saw a male name on that site when I started reading last month. My mistake.
  9. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Yeah that's pretty funny. Anyone with half a brain who reads Oglaf would notice the extremely wide range of diversity he includes in his comics, and they're not degrading to any group/gender/orientation.
  10. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I feel this is the entire thing in a nutshell. This person is either completely disingenuous and is using the standard talking points in an attempt to gain a convert or is so lacking in self-awareness and maturity that they actually don't understand what they're doing. My favorite analogy for this is southerners who display the Confederate flag and claim the Civil War was about state's rights. They're either using that as a conscious cover for racism or their unacknowledged racist tendencies are exactly what keep them from realizing how racist it is.
  11. Good News Everyone

    It was never experimentally verified by anyone, even though a lot of people tried. If it wasn't a hoax it was a colossal mistake.
  12. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    It's a new splinter site isn't it? I'd imagine it'll be shut down soon enough if there's real CP there.
  13. Good News Everyone

    So long as they can build a working prototype I'll be fine getting hyped. It won't have the energy cost associated with inertial confinement or current tokamak designs, and any remaining problems will get literally billions of dollars thrown at them since the first people to crack a marketable design will make even more ungodly amounts of money.
  14. Good News Everyone

    The reaction uses deuterium and tritium, not normal hydrogen. A reactor breach would just disrupt the reaction because the plasma field wouldn't be under enough pressure for fusion to continue, and the radiation leakage would be very light and would not last long. Waste isn't a problem either.
  15. Good News Everyone

    Cold fusion was supposedly a reaction that could take place at or near room temperatures as opposed to very high temperatures like natural fusion (i.e. stars). Unfortunately it was a hoax. This is just normal fusion, the breakthrough has apparently come from the shape of the reaction chamber and the magnetic field used to contain the plasma. Normally I would be beyond skeptical but Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works division doesn't fuck around.