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  1. I Had A Random Thought...

    I wanna chime in on sofagate: My sofa was here when I moved in. The previous tenant left it behind because it was too much of a hassle to get down four flights of stairs. they also left behind a toaster oven for some reason. I'd actually like to buy a new couch. I don't like buying things used because I'm a stickler for quality, and I'd love to have a nice modern sectional. I'd sooner get a real bed first though.
  2. Life

    So to withdraw any of the money I'm making through Patreon, I need a foreign tax ID number. I'm having a tough time getting that. From what I gather, I'll also need some form of ID, most likely a passport. To get that, I'll need to go have new photos taken, pay $120 that I don't have, and wait five weeks. I can skip that last step by finding a way to get to Fredericton, where they can renew it in five days. I need... help, or advice. Or money. Or something.
  3. Ferguson

    A word about the Daily Show monologue for anyone who didn't watch the full episode or doesn't usually watch the show: usually Stewart will do about fifteen minutes of punditry and satire, making quips about the news, showing segments with other members of the staff doing interviews, etc. before finally moving on and devoting the last five minutes or so of the show to doing an interview with a celebrity, an author, a political figure, etc. Yesterday, he wasn't kidding about not having any jokes. That sobering monologue was the entire non-interview portion of the show, which I believe is the first time he's ever done that. I get the impression that he wouldn't have even done the interview if it were a lesser guest like an actor pitching their new movie or something. I'm interested in seeing what he'll inevitably have to say about the media coverage of the event after the weekend. There's just so much about this whole thing that's making me angry.
  4. Ferguson

    So if any of you missed it, a white supremacist shot up a church the other day. It was a historically important African-American church; the shooter was reported by friends as saying things like "blacks were taking over the world" and that "someone needed to do something about it for the white race," and by victims as saying “I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go;” and his Facebook page has him showing off the Confederate flag plates on his car and the patches for the flags of apartheid-era South Africa and the Republic of Rhodesia that he had sewn onto his jacket; but don't worry... Fox News is here with the facts. Seriously, are there like zero journalistic standards in the US? This is low, even for Fox. I expected a lot of the usual "that pastor was no angel" and "he was such a nice boy, you'd never expect this from him," but this is maybe the most reprehensible misrepresentation of the facts those guys have ever sunk to, and I really feel like they shouldn't be allowed to call themselves a news show.
  5. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    I assume there was an implied "instead of Dan Ryckert," implying that everything else went the same.
  6. E3 2015

    It's weird, Nintendo says they brought Platinum into Star Fox because their games always have such strong visuals, but everything we've seen of Star Fox Zero so far is pretty much just metal boxes. They're trading cards with NFC tags embedded in them.
  7. Screenshots. Shots of your screen.

    Suddenly a lot of fanart makes sense.
  8. Show me your desk/gaming space

    I do most of my finished drawings on bristol. It's very nice and plays well with the pigment-based inking pens and the alcohol-based markers I use (also visible in the same photo), though it costs more than a dollar a page. I usually try to squeeze eight or nine Pokémon drawings onto a sheet before I'm done with it.
  9. The threat of Big Dog

    The headline is a bit much, but this is fascinating.
  10. E3 2015

    At first I thought it looked a little better than a Mario Party game because it has this sort of Chance and Community Chest thing going on where you get cute little vignettes instead instead of terrible minigames. Then I learned you're actually supposed to be using the Amiibo cards to unlock the terrible minigames. That's why they all have dice rolls and Rock Paper Scissors on them.
  11. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    For whatever reason, people love editing Green's work and using it for reaction images. I understand he's not really fond of those who do it though.
  12. E3 2015

    Yeah, it reminds me of those really early trailers for Dust: An Elysian Tail before the guy learned how to do a proper walk cycle.
  13. Cartoons!

    I didn't wanna be the one to say it, but yes. Steven Universe is the best cartoon on TV. Speaking of which, some of the music from the latest episode is really appropriately unsettling.
  14. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    Guys, I found this old scan I took of my local paper when I was like 16. Not sure how I feel about sharing a cropped version of a Gunshow comic. KC Green is one of my favourite peeps on the internet.
  15. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Time for teg's stupid uninformed prediction:
  16. Sean and Jake missed out on a real prime opportunity when talking about how Firewatch is about shouting at teens. They could have called it a first-person shouter.
  17. Show me your desk/gaming space

    I cleaned my apartment! Computer desk: ...I need a new chair. Drawing desk: That one needs a chair, period. The TV (under it: WDTV Live, Wii U, PS3, and two external hard drives) I shouldn't have taken these pictures so close to sunset. Sorry. Also, having taken down my media shelf and sold/paked u most of my physical media, I scrunched up my living room bookshelves and gaming stuff into this: The black bin under the Wii U gamepad contains the "keeper" pile of physical games, the wicker one contains controllers for the PS3 and Wii U. The two black fabric drawers are... mostly empty, with a few USB cables. Have fun trying to pick out the books!
  18. E3 2015

    That petition is at more than 10,000 signatures and is now the top result for the game's title, the sixth for "Metroid Prime," and the third for "Metroid." geeeez
  19. The Last Guardian

    Horns were a misunderstood but ultimately noble thing in Ico and SOTC though.
  20. E3 2015

    I feel like they've done a really poor job of explaining what Happy Home Designer really is. Like, what do I get if I don't want to shell out for amiibo cards? Do I just get a small selection of things to do? Do I get a random assortment of animals each day? Are the animals on the amiibo cards exclusive to those cards, or can I eventually get them in-game? Are they just new houses to decorate? This thing is very clearly being just the interior decoration portion of Animal Crossing with a few minor improvements and what effectively amounts to paid, on-disc, blind-bagged DLC; so is it seriously being sold as a full price retail game? I like what I've seen of it so far, but it also all seems to be adding up to "be prepared to spend loads and loads of money on a very shallow experience."
  21. E3 2015

    That's the weird thing. People keep saying that the game wouldn't have sold if it weren't a Metroid title, but the reaction was significantly more positive when they showed it off as just "Blast Ball." Tacking Metroid onto the title did nothing but make people angry. The petition is an overreaction, but I feel that Nintendo legitimately fucked up here. Also, it looks like Nintendo was pretty poorly-received in Japan too. Feedback on NicoNico says that 70% of the audience had negative reactions. Ouch.
  22. E3 2015

    The "cancel Metroid Prime Federation Force" petition just hit 7500. It's a childish petition that will never amount to anything, but that's an unprecedented amount of backlash for a game that was just announced a day ago. It's the second hit on Google after the game's wiki page too.
  23. E3 2015

    I can almost guarantee that it looks so sparse because it's underpowered hardware rendering two entirely different views. I've seen mention of a noticeable lack of enemies onscreen at once, too. An aside: nobody else on the internet seems to have mentioned it yet, but Happy Home Designer looks to be the first Animal Crossing game where you can change your character's skin tone. Good job, Nintendo.
  24. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Remember the time he portrayed Hayao Miyazaki, a pacifist who has been extremely critical of the anime industry on all points, piloting a giant robot to beat up "haters"?