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  1. QUILTBAG Thread of Flagrant Homoeroticism

    So the game is out in Japan today and... the gay characters basically sound like terrible people. Syalla is also heavily implied to be a reincarnation of Tharja, the predatory stalker character that they made that creepy figurine of. One step forward, eight steps back, I guess.
  2. We need to talk about race

    It looks like there's actual action being taken to get the confederate flag taken out of government buildings and such. I noticed someone today with a confederate license plate on their car, and it's not the first time I've seen it here. What a weird fucking thing for a symbol of such a specifically, objectively terrible thing has simultaneously managed to distance itself from its context enough to pop up in a completely uninvolved country.
  3. QUILTBAG Thread of Flagrant Homoeroticism

    For anyone who missed it, Nintendo stated today that the upcoming Fire Emblem: Fates will be their first game to finally include gay relationships.* I'm super happy that they're finally taking their first baby steps into the 21st century, even if there's some caveats: 1) so far, only the player character can get gay-married, and only to one character, and only in one version. I'll be playing the "Birthright" version, where a female player character can marry a woman, but you need to play "Conquest" if you want to marry a man as a male player character. The DLC "third version" will include both characters. 2) there's a weird sort of "seperate but equal" quality to the fact that you apparently can't S rank your gay relationship, only "A+ rank" it... which... is actually not equal, come to think of it. A+ is below S in, like, everything. *To be fair, the Gen V Pokémon actually did it first, but they were super-tame "dates" with little to no romantic undertones.
  4. Screenshots. Shots of your screen.

    I FINALLY got a complete set of golden tools. This took two years of my life.
  5. Cartoons!

    Another, less stupid Steven Universe theory:
  6. E3 2015

    Oh, right. I got two bingos. I counted a combination of Pelé and Hoop God for the athlete square, the terrible Just Dance bit for plastic instruments, and the Skylamiibos for Toys To Life.
  7. Tegan on Patreon

    So you guys may have noticed this in the Life topic earlier, but I think I can get away with giving this its own thread. Quoted from my tumblr:
  8. I like to listen to the Bombcast while I'm drawing or doing chores, so I like it loooong. I wish Idle Thumbs were longer, actually.
  9. PL4YST4TION 4

    While we're on it, did anyone else find that the PS3 online store was usually unreasonably slow? I have pretty fast internet, and although I prefer to buy all my games digitally, downloads on that system were an absolute slog for some reason. I assume it's a server-side thing. Did Sony ever fix it?
  10. Super Metroid Appreciation Station

    I would like to echo this. OG Metroid doesn't hold up even a tenth as well as Metroid 2.
  11. he's like the shittiest iron man
  12. Jurassic World: Wasting away in Margaritaville

    Largest opening weekend of all time, guys.
  13. Super Metroid Appreciation Station

    Metroid II is super short, easy (though you'll want a map), and insubstantial. It's the only Game Boy game I've ever beaten. It ties into Super, but in a very easily-explained way. It would probably be a better use of your time to just read a synopsis or watch a video of the ending, because a lot of its additions to the mythos are either never really addressed again (namely the Metroid Life Cycle. A Metroid Queen appears in Other M and there's an Omega Metroid in Fusion, but that's it) or arguably trivial (it's the first game where Samus has the big round shoulders, for instance). I like to play Super with the Wii U Pro Controller, but I did beat it with the Wii Classic Controller and I've played a lot of it with the gamepad. I wouldn't bother getting a special controller unless you were already interested in getting one.
  14. Feminism

    I'm surprised that the first article didn't realize that the t-shirt the Xbox guy was wearing was part of a reveal. After they announced the Rare collection he walked back out onstage with the jacket open so that you could see the shirt had the Rare logo on it.
  15. Screenshots. Shots of your screen.

    I'm prettty sure a standard military uniform includes underwear, unless that's why they call it "going commando."
  16. Screenshots. Shots of your screen.

    To go under her clothes that she also doesn't need, obviously. This game is kind of a gut punch sometimes.
  17. Life

    I worked out how to get to Fredericton and get my passport done. I just need to nail down actually getting the forms for the Tax ID number and where to send them.
  18. Cartoons!

    So they announced that instead of regular weekly episodes, they're gonna air reruns until around this time next month, then air another Stevenbomb. I think I kinda like this idea of just delivering the show in monthly five-episode blocks, but I dunno if it's paying off for them.
  19. Nintendo 3DS

  20. E3 2015

    the only actual confirmed exclusives I know of from this year were Halo, Gears, the entire Nintendo presentation, Uncharted, Horizon, Media Molecule's dream thing, and -strangely never mentioned- Nier 2.
  21. We need to talk about race

    Another thing I briefly wanted to mention: The terrorist was also noted as specifically referring to the Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin shootings when referring to why he hated black people. I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of the costs of the demonizing and blame-shifting that the media tried to pull in those cases.
  22. Cartoons!

  23. We need to talk about race

    I'm having a hard time expressing my feelings about Charleston. I just wanna say that it seems like the terrorist made a lot of racist jokes, rants, and eventually threats to a lot of people close to him; and none of them took him seriously. That's a real problem.
  24. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    I would at least watch a Let's Play or something. *cough Metal Gear Scanlon 3 cough*
  25. Happy Birthday!

    Sean/your dad also share a birthday with Dan Ryckert. Happy belated birthday, Sean!