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  1. Episode 198: The Kessel Run

    Enjoyed the episode. And really dont want to blow my own trumpet, but am going to do so anyway. Well just a little A number of issues you had with WitE I tried to have adressed in Decisive Campaigns : Case Blue. Among them DC has movement penalties for hexes where combat occured so it makes exploitation after a long battle not very effective. Also high command in DC is forcing you to play in a suboptimal/more historical way giving orders like: "no you dont, you will hold Stalingrad indefenitely" or "take Voronezh within 6 turns". If you run out of "prestige" it could end the game for you due to being dismissed by the supreme command. (read: Hitler/Stalin) Furthermore I added a 1st Panzer Army campaign in which you troops transfer from scenario to scenario in a 4 scenario mini campaign, so it matters what you do in the previous scenario. If you like the eastern front you might want to give this game a look. Or maybe you already did Keep up the good work with the podcast show! Best regards, Vic