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  1. Destiny (MP)

    Playing on PS4 PSN: GrumbleOfPugs
  2. Planetside 2

    So SOE somehow managed to loose my old account. Its lost in limbo in SOE international servers and can not be retrieved since im in Slovakia and belong under European provider of the service. After I spent about two weeks chatting to support (all of them genuinely tried to help I think) I decided to fold and just start new set of characters on new account (good thing that I did not spend actual money on the game) Where is the thumbs crew at the moment? Im not sure if we were moved with server mergers. Are we still on Mallory?
  3. Planetside 2

    Well... game will not start for me today - I got stuck on login screen and did not even get the "Play" button. Im currently running infinite loops on SOEs terrible account managment web attempting to reset password and find out what went wrong. Have fun guys
  4. Planetside 2

    Second patch fixed framerate issues for me, I finally got the game to run properly in lowish res with low details, which decent given my rig. Anyhow... looking forward to the event. I have been practicing a bit with Liberators. I can now land it safely on small platform. Will post Flying 101 over the weekend. If I get some playtime over next few days I might be able to get a tankbuster with zoom / infrared on that thing so that we can fly with style. Two days ago I also found out that you can crash Scythe into a tank kamikaze style to great effect. I believe that very first Thumbs Aerial Doctrine was born on that day.
  5. Planetside 2

    No worries, servers are still down, so if you can't log into the game do not panic and check http://www.planetside-universe.com/server_status.php
  6. Planetside 2

    How about a session on saturday 15:00 London time (which would be 10:00 am in New York and 7:00 am in Los Angeles timezones). That should give us good 2 - 3 hours of playtime before real life night activities in Europe and lunch in US. But i am open to sugestions. Time could be moved around if we find out we have majority of players from western coast. You can chceck local time for the event here Plese let me know if anyone is interested - if we find enough players ill update topic and find a way to start an event in steamgroup.
  7. Planetside 2

    Topic updated, thanks for keeping it alive everyone. I plan to jump back once I sort out some real life stuff, hopefully this weekend once the patch hits. Would anyone be interested in saturday morning / noon operation (EU timezone)? Also, if you posted your info and it is not in the topic please feel free to contact me - I might overlook some posts.
  8. Planetside 2

    Thanks for keeping format intact, topic updated
  9. Planetside 2

    Hej everyone, Just started playing this one. Best F2P game I have seen so far, but you really need people to play with. Lonewolfing this is very bad idea. So... Chceck Idle Thumbs steamgroup for scheduled events Be amazed by screenshots from previous events Post your characters here using format: Region / Server / Faction / Character name / idle ID Updated roster (as of 31. january 2013) EU / Mallory / Vanu / Suek / idleforums ID ulotrich EU / Mallory / Vanu / Hyllu / idleforums ID PiratePooAndHisBattleship EU / Miller / Vanu / Thyben / idleforums ID ulotrich EU / Miller / Vanu / Tofurkey / idleforums ID osmosisch EU / Miller / Vanu / Roswell47 / idleforums ID Roswell47 EU / Ceres / Vanu/ RaffRaffRaff / idleforums ID Raff EU / Mallory /Vanu / seamus2389 / idleforums ID seamus2389 EU / Mallory / Vanu / Miblik / idleforums ID Miblik NA / Waterson / New Conglomerate / GTibbles / idleforums ID Geremy Tibbles