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  1. If you slow down and focus on nailing headshots the enemies are a lot less absorbent of bullets. I can drop most enemies with one headshot. If you get really good with that starter handgun you basically become a headshot wizard and every encounter becomes the bank scene from the matrix.
  2. Plaything through the uncharted collection. I forgot how great these games are. The pacing is so good! Loving the transitions from gunplay to puzzle solving.
  3. Video Game of Thrones

    Yeah. I don't think this game will be as fun if you haven't seen the first three seasons of GoT. I really enjoyed the first episode. I blasted through it in one sitting and wanted more when it was over. I love the GoT books and television show though, so take that for what it's worth. House Forrester may be my favorite house.
  4. I've been playing on the equivalent of King difficulty in Civ 5. Can't remember the name. I don't think that every element of 5 should be in BE, as they are unique games and I'm sure there are mechanic specific AI tweaks that the devs needed to throw in. That said, the AI really is a lot more aggressive at this level in Civ 5. I think I'll just step up the difficulty, but it makes me wonder how Apollo difficulty stacks up to Diety. All told, the game is pretty enjoyable. I like the aliens a lot, and the narrative elements that were thrown into the victory conditions are right up my alley.
  5. The AI has been hilariously passive in all of the games that I've played except for the one where I chose to build up a crazy military. Then it decided to suicide attack with one or two units. It's pretty aggressive about attacking every alien nest I hope to expand to though.
  6. Titanfall

    I love Titanfall so much. It has become my go to game when I've got 30 minutes and nothing to do. Everything about the game makes me feel like an ultra badass.
  7. Rome II: Total War II: Rome: Total War

    I agree with you about CA losing sight of the what the game is supposed to be about. There are a few key features missing that makes the game feel as if they've forgotten what made Rome 1 so appealing in the first place. I think the first Rome: Total War encouraged a connection with your generals and family members that made the battles feel really intense and encouraged the player to create stories about the characters on the map. There was a family tree, which made me feel like I was a part of a greater legacy. It was cool to look at all the dead characters that were once your heroes and villains, and it made it seem like your accomplishments were a family thing that just kept going. A new family member was the son of a current character instead of just appearing from war academy or something like in Rome 2. Having that new character pop on the map alongside his father made me care about them; it encouraged me to create stories about them that have stuck with me for years. The second game doesn't do this - I couldn't care less if the new Julii general lives or dies because he essentially came from nowhere. The son of Cassius the Mighty (my greatest general for 30 years) was somebody. Even when he was a useless 16 year old without any sort of stats that boosted him in battle he mattered to me. I remember being up against a wall when defending Athens from the Macedonians and agonizing over the decision to commit the son of Cassius (who fought the Macedonians his entire life and died of plague within sight of their capital) to a fight that he probably wouldn't win. From a pure game logic perspective it was the only thing to do - he was my only available general and Athens is an important city. But it wasn't that easy, because he had a legacy to uphold - I didn't want to throw his life away here and let him die without heirs. I didn't want to rob him of the opportunity to avenge his father. I was horrified when he died in a hopeless cavalry charge trying to kill the enemy general and cause a panic among the Macedonian troops. I remember almost reloading the save and thinking better of it, as if it would dishonor his sacrifice somehow. There was a real sense of legacy there, of lineage. I felt like a Roman. I've played Rome II for a long time, and I can't remember a single character. There's no reason to; they're disposable. It really disappoints me that features like this were left out. It felt like such a core part of the experience back then, and it was really the thing that kept me coming back.
  8. Nintendo 3DS

    Luigi's Mansion is so great. I played it last summer during downtime while camping. I have no idea why nature made the game better, but it did. Play that game in the woods.
  9. Nintendo 3DS

    Animal Crossing is so great. It's rare for me to play a game for more than a few hours, and I've logged into this dumb game every day for like a month. I show more dedication to watering plants in my Animal Crossing town than to the plants in my house.
  10. Do you stop to think?

    I tend to read straight through unless there's a moment where I'm thunderstruck by a crazy twist or event. I usually think about what I've read right after my reading session has ended. Then I keep thinking about it for days, and usually don't resume the story until I've had time to digest whatever I read.
  11. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Why hello! I'm a big fan of the podcast. Chris Remo has ruined my life with recommendations like Civilization 5 and Far Cry 2 that drew me into serious video game time. Like Torq, I also missed the kickstarter and that totally blows. Also, I have no idea where the baboo thing comes from. I get horse bag though. That one I get.