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  1. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    Yo, is there an page yet, or will that appear closer to the starting date? PS: hooray for wizard jam
  2. Announcement: Submission Deadline Extension

    Thanks a million Spenny, that'd be great. My game is awful and unfinished but I'd still enjoy seeing it up there! It's my first go at a 'public' game and first real look at Unity. Just a *touch* disappointing to be pipped at the post by a slow upload pipe... It's been emotional Cheers to you, Dinosaursssssss and the rest for organising the event & congrats to all the participants. In meantime, I'll add the OSX and Linux builds - only Windows there right now.
  3. Wizard Jam Song and Sound Bank

    Hi Patrick, just wanted to thank you - I used "Dubna 48K" in my submission.... which was like 60 seconds too late to be official, ARGHH. But still, cheers for providing the resource! I think it worked well in my game - bumped it up from "really crappy" to "really crappy, but nice beats"
  4. Welcome to WIZARD JAM

    So I stuffed up - I went to upload to itchio at the last minute and my bandwidth was too slow... missed the submission by seconds. Srsly... less than a minute. Is there any way I can get my submission into the jam somehow? Really really bummed out about this.
  5. Announcement: Submission Deadline Extension

    Aw man, just went to upload to itchio and my bandwidth was too slow... missed the submission by literally seconds. So disappointed, shaking with rage. Any chance I can get my submission squeezed in somehow? It was.... so close.
  6. Wow, I've seen / done / heard of my fair share of nutty malfunctioning car stuff, but this story is up there. Incredibly dangerous/unlucky situation - if you don't mind my asking, what make/model/condition of car gets simultaneously stuck in gear AND can't be turned off? Regarding multiplayer and the feeling of not wanting to let down a team: I've found games with higher player counts - eg 64-player Battlefield 4, hundreds in Planetside 2 - to be suitably large/chaotic to where you can improve over time at your own pace without worrying too much about dragging the team down, BUT you still get to feel like you're "helping out the team" when you're doing well. Also helps immeasurably if you have at least one friendly buddy on voice comms in your squad. Some people might struggle to get into my example games for reasons of subject matter/mechanics but if you're generally into FPSes and want to try multiplayer, I think they're worth a look. Caveat: I haven't played Planetside 2 for quite a while now, not sure what player base is like these days... but at least it's free!
  7. Cheers for the podcast, good work as always - 3MA is shocking for getting me to buy stuff I might not have bought otherwise! I never played AoM at the time. For Australian listeners who are wondering how to get a copy of this game, JB HiFi online has AoM Gold for $14.98 new BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE - it's also part of a "2 for $20" promotion, which includes the also-sometimes-hard-to-track-down Rise of Nations Gold! I just bought the two titles together for $21.98 delivered - seemed a good deal considering their scarcity. If you don't want/need RoN there are plenty of other titles to choose from in the bundle deal. Something I'm a little worried about is that RoN is actually out of stock, but I'm hoping against hope that they can dig up a copy just for meeeee... either way, I've still got AoM hopefully coming my way, and was only charged $10 for it thanks to the bundle deal. Will post an update when I hear about RoN. Heads up: the JB site is a little bit awful (example: instead of resetting, they send your *actual password* in *plain text* if you request a "forgot my password" email) but at least they're a pretty well known store in Aus. LINK FRENZY! Age of Mythology (in stock, hooray): 2 for $20 PC games (lots here, though most available online, unlike AoM and RoN): Rise of Nations (not in stock; fingers crossed they will replenish from some magic well somewhere)