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  1. I had very similar thoughts to this. There's been a lot of talk regarding time in these first few episodes, not to mention how we're seeing the events out of order. But mostly I was trying to explain that purple room scene to myself. One thing that's a bit unexplained is that it almost seems like the couple in the video room actually caused the black monster to appear by their sexual activity. In that case, it wouldn't really fit with whatever was making the banging noise in the purple room being the same thing. The identity of this "anonymous billionaire" is going to be quite important, I think. I am secretly hoping it's going to be a total curveball like Thomas Eckhardt (although I know it can't be him.)
  2. I do remember the bit with the ring from FWWM, that's probably where it seemed familiar from. I guess we'll have to wait and see if they take it anywhere further
  3. This episode marks the first time ever that I've seen an episode of Twin Peaks before there was a matching episode of Twin Peaks Rewatch to listen to afterwards. I've pulled my thoughts from ep 1-2 in here in case people care: The purple room really unsettled me with it's constant rewinding and nervous blind woman. I almost wish they'd spent less time in the red room in ep1-2 though; it would have felt more jarring I'm really starting to miss the lack of music. I hope they start to bring in more of it with later episodes. Just stuff like the spooky jazz or shuffling drums that plays in so many old episodes, or the 2 notes of sinister change in Laura Palmer's theme that played when the shot cut to showing the woods at night, or traffic lights. There's been very little music at all this time around. Like LadyHawke said, I also noticed that BobCoop was vomiting creamed corn. There's something referential happening there. I have no idea what the deal is with the tiny gold ball and the ring that are left after Dougie disintegrates. A ring sounds familiar, but I'm totally clueless about the ball. The 315 thing in the purple room stood out to me too, once he pulled out the key. I wonder if these 3 digit numbers might end up linking back into that apartment building where the body was found in ep1 I assume the guys staking out the house in Nevada to put the tracking thing on that car are part of the plans discussed in ep2 with BobCoop. It is starting to seem that this was something BobCoop anticipated happening, and is trying to "take care of" original Cooper for his own sake. Jacobi spraying spades gold for 5 solid minutes was entertaining, but I hope it matters eventually.
  4. The end of episode 1 is the shot where the cops are holding the flashlight on the chunk of flesh in the car. Start of episode 2 is Bill Hastings anxiously holding his head in the jail cell
  5. I'm going to drop my thoughts on the first 2 episodes in here. Great to have the show (and the podcast) back again. I think the casting and direction so far have been really strong. The NY scenes in episode 1 managed to feel really appropriate to Twin Peaks despite being modern day footage of city people in HD. On a similar note, the actor who plays Mr. Hastings is my current favourite actor in the show, and the scenes with him have all been excellent from a dialogue perspective. In my mind he's filling a similar role to Leland in season 2 right now. I agree a lot of the VFX look weak, and I'm not sure how much of that is intentional. There definitely could have been improvements there, and I'm not sure intentional sloppiness is a good choice anyway Disappointed by lack of man from another place. Electric tree thing is no substitute. I remember hearing people say you didn't need to see S01 and S02 for this season to make sense. Firstly I think the black lodge stuff is far too confusing for anyone new to the show, but more importantly I'm worried that people will walk in on this season first, and get heavy spoilers for the first 2 seasons worth of good stuff, making it boring if they go back. Sarah and Leeland Palmer were both great in their brief appearances. I found myself constantly looking in the mirrors above Sarah's head in case there was something hidden I haven't seen anybody talk about it, but during the New York scenes, each time they went into the bathroom the way the basin and mirror were set up together in the foreground gave me strong flashbacks to the season 2 ending. In Episode 1 I was half expecting the security guy to have bashed the mirror with his head or something. I wonder if there's any connection between that bathroom and why Coop appeared in the box nearby. That's it for now.
  6. A bit late getting on board with this one. Just chiming in to say that I really enjoyed the feel of the first episode, including the intro music. The hosts both have quite different tastes, but speak so well that they can fit in together.
  7. Thoughts, in order of appearance: If you actually google search: where is trash can sally now?, the top result is the youtube page for this very podcast. On the subject of "keygen music" from the SUPERHOT/Invisible Inc. chat, which Spaff's friend used to write: It wasn't such a dead end for everyone. Axwell (One third of the internationally successful DJ group Swedish House Mafia) used to make keygen music when he was younger under the name Quazar. I feel like pretty much everyone at some point ended up restricted to some tiny segment of a game. I know a few people who would just repeatedly do the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater demo over and over as a score attack (2 minutes on the first level, I think)
  8. International Politics

    Sounds like it was a really dramatic swing in seats at that Canadian election. I wonder what is going to change over there.
  9. Other podcasts

    99% invisible has probably been at the top of my "next thing to check out" list for a few months now. It sounds right up my alley. I've just started listening to Cortex though, so we'll see if that works out. I am unsubscribing from the Escapist Podcast now. I got real tired of it the last few months, and it just really hasn't been any good most of the time for the last year or so. It started dropping off shortly after Susan Arendt left.
  10. Where in the World - Idle Thumbs Map

    I came so close to being the southmost thumb. Why did somebody have to live in Invercargill? I'm going to be moving cities in the coming months though. I assume there's some way to update my blob on the map when that happens.
  11. Thanks for the rec. Always keen to watch some good Dota, but can never be bothered to pay attention to which games people are talking about. EDIT: Mother of God. My brain can't comprehend defensive play of that magnitude. I can hardly believe it.
  12. Narrative of "Can the Western teams do anything?" Seems a bit exaggerated. Certainly SC is always like that, and LoL isn't much better, but as you say CS is dominated by western teams constantly, and Dota2 has plenty of Western teams getting consistent top 4 finishes. The International for Dota2 over the last 5 years has had 3 Western teams in first place and 3 in second place. Also agreed with sclpls about Aui_2000. Techies isn't the reason he is a great player. Historically his ability to play game-controlling supports in general has been his strength. Characters like Visage and Naga Siren are probably his best, but as evidenced by the TI5 finals, all it takes is a handful of really strong hero-player combos to force respect bans from the opponent's draft. And if you've got a captain who's good at picking, that can be all it takes to swing the match.
  13. Destiny

    I come into this topic and the first thing I see is Crota Today. That name is perfect, and this topic is probably the only thing making me consider returning to Destiny.
  14. The threat of Big Dog

  15. After seeing that, I'm honestly kind of disappointed by the crowd reaction. I'm used to the madness you get at fighting game tournaments, or the noise of crowds like at TI.
  16. I downloaded Rocket League for PS4 a number of weeks ago but still haven't played it. The more I hear, the more everybody is convincing me it's great.
  17. Hi people. The plugs on Idle Thumbs paid off, so now I'm joining in amongst this show as well. Agreed with everyone else that having the show notes posted here with links makes everything better. I was able to tab out and watch the SC2 game during your conversation about it so it made more sense to me. On another note... I actually don't play any of the games discussed in Esports Today. CSGO, Dota2, LOL or SC2. I played a bit of LOL in the beta and a few weeks of Dota2 a couple of years ago but decided to tap out vs the big knowledge wall that confronted me. Despite this, I still really enjoy watching Dota 2 as an esport as long as there is a good commentator along for the ride. I'm secretly hoping that this show gets me more into spectating some of these other games, particularly SC2 or LoL.
  18. Anybody else find it really jarring that Lucy's actress seems like she's a genuinely skilled dancer? Not in a bad way, it just really caught me off guard.
  19. So I finally caught up just now and saw the last episode yesterday. I'm another of the "never saw it before" people, since I was born in 1992, after the show aired, and wasn't even aware of its existence until 2010 when I saw people mentioning it in relation to Deadly Premonition. I'm going to ramble some thoughts about the double-episode ending here. Generally I've really enjoyed the series, and thought it was highly worthwhile as a show, but found it terribly difficult to give any shits at all about both the Windom Earle stuff and the Eckhardt stuff. The Josie plot lines were better back when it was suspicious asian man; I found her ending as a doorknob hilarious. The Miss Twin Peaks contest in general really annoyed me in its ubiquity, but especially the episode itself I found tiresome. Since when can Lucy dance like that, though? Kind of impressive. The James stuff got pretty dumb in season 2, but I honestly didn't find him nearly as repulsive as Chris and Jake seem to have (with a few exceptions in his arc at that lady's house) I don't like how the entire One Eyed Jack's plot seemed to be dropped into a hole after the Renault police takedown. Doesn't Ben Horne still own it? He only signed over Ghostwood and the Mill. Not sure how he reconciles all of that, given that his original write-out from One Eyed Jacks was that the Renaults (since arrested) took over. The short man in the red room, the giant and Bob still have consistently rock solid performances throughout. Good stuff. The scene with Ed, Norma and Nadine was incredibly depressing and highly effective. Doppel-Laura was very disturbing, as were Doppel-Cooper and Doppel-Leland I'm not sure I liked the ending with Bob appearing to have taken control of Cooper. They could always write it off as some doppelganger thing, idk. That's about all I can think of.
  20. eReaders - What is everyone's thoughts?

    I use a kindle (4? 5? Whichever is the most recent basic kindle) almost exclusively. Mostly because I really cant be bothered with all the room physical books take given my currently very small living space. In a few years, and especially before I have kids in the house I'd like to get some more physical ones on the shelves, but intend to be very selective and keep as few as I'm happy with.
  21. >____> OT: Smoking weed isn't particularly rare here in NZ, man. I'm not sure where you've grown up but I've known plenty of people involved in it.
  22. I just realised ThumbsDB was made by one of the Path of Exile devs at GGG. That's pretty cool.
  23. The Big VR Thread

    I was pretty shocked when Sony announced that Morpheus update. That's a serious step up in hardware over a relatively short period of time. Feel that race stepping up.
  24. That email. Sweet mother of God. There is absolutely no topping that. 10/10, listened to it twice.