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  1. YESSSSSSS I left Something True subscribed in my podcast app just in case this happened one day, and sure enough... Little red triangle appeared on the Something True bod today I'm definitely looking forward to this. Best news to come out of this website all year.
  2. New WR speedrun! 1:38.585. I think this guy had a prior WR as well
  3. Monster Hunter World on PS4

    So has anyone actually been participating in this? Lack of replies makes me think maybe not
  4. I was saddened to see 45brains.online appears to be offline. I nominate Zach/sci-fi Martin Shkreli from last week's episode as one of the 45 brains.
  5. Yeah, this is the closest Ive come to wanting to buy it.
  6. The discussion around Martin Shkreli and uploading consciousness to the cloud to be "digitally immortal" is basically the entire premise around the book Altered Carbon (which is also a Netflix series now). I am simultaneously saddened by the "Zach" news story (which was quite widely read here in NZ) and enthused to know that someone else from New Zealand cares enough about IIT to submit reader mail. I hear you, Chris. Was it you who sent in the article? I had also never heard of either of the Whales or any of their companies before this episode. Honestly after watching the video from last year on Stuff, and seeing the way they talk about their business ventures, I am actually thinking less that this is pure scam from Albi and more in the direction of a delusional disorder or bipolar.
  7. Strong episode here. I think the telepresence robot is what we all need in our lives. In my mind, the saxophone involved in the Nick Breckon costume to give the maximum effect is not a baritone, but a Contra-bass saxophone: During Nick's suggestion about how to stop saying "bro" so much, the longer it went on the stronger my desire became for the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme to start playing in the background. Alas, it was not the case. I'd also heard about the "paper town" story of Agloe, NY, but I had forgotten about the part where the eventual formation of the town meant they could no longer use it as copy protection in court. Truly a great example of being hoisted by ones own petard. I'm disappointed the Thumbs didn't call it as it is. The Wax House story is probably the best Wikipedia vandalism story I've ever heard. That guy was a real sly boots. This is 10/10. I guess it only worked because Maori pronunciation/syllables and Japanese are so similar to each other.
  8. As much as I like this show, I do find it a bit hard to listen to the hosts mentioning basically every week recently how bad 2017 apparently was. I can't relate.
  9. Just got around to listening to this one now... Holy crap the weird "crashed and erased itself" bit at 12:45 blew my mind listening to it late at night.
  10. I got really thrown off by the music choice in this episode. There's a New Zealand politics podcast (Gone by lunchtime) that uses Jahzzar - Take Me Higher as their intro music.
  11. I noticed this too; I couldn't help frame-by-framing that bit to see what was there. Whatever it's supposed to mean, it certainly seems to suggest a clear link between Sarah and the Black Lodge, if there was any doubt. Another thing I noticed a few episodes back but haven't seen anyone comment on: Anybody else wonder if the symbol of the black blob with the pointy antennae on top (As seen in Hawk's map, or on that card earlier on) is supposed to be representing the same thing as the "owl"/ring sigil used in season 2? Except the diamond shape has been replaced by a black circle.
  12. Yep definitely a twig. The camera is stepping backwards a bit to it comes into frame. I agree that it was really weird and jarring how the kid was just running across the road, and then he stops BEFORE he turns to see the woman. That happening right at the start of the episode made me feel like they directed the scene/actor poorly. Knowing Lynch though, he probably realised but kept it in anyway.
  13. Breakbeat conga line is a new invention. Reminds me of the Great Northern guests in old Twin Peaks. I really loved the amount of drama that surrounded ritual arm wrestling. It seems evident that BOB is still here, and it's not just DoppelCoop. As far as I know the doppelganger alone wouldn't have superhuman strength. I'd completely forgotten that the guy wearing a suit had disappeared until after the arm wrestle. He stood out awkwardly during the elevator scene. It's good to see some connection between Richard Horne and BadCoop now. It's not clear what made Richard so interested in what he saw. I *really* liked the scene where Dougie is drinking coffee and his face changes. He looked like he was getting really suspicious towards Tony, but then suddenly got up and went to get pie. The Norma and Ed sadness continues. I like how this was carried over into S3. Sarah Palmer always seems to be watching something violent on TV. In this case it's the same 20 seconds of vintage boxing on loop. The Audrey stuff is becoming way less straightforward to me. She's obviously got something unusual going on mentally. It's not obvious to me what role Charlie is playing in all this, honestly. Hopefully we get some more clarity soon. The feeling I got from this episode is that he's acting as some kind of psychotherapist. Whether his objective is to help her or not isn't clear. James Hurley playing at the Roadhouse was 10/10 excellent
  14. Yeah I'm not sure about saying there is more depth and variety amongst women in season 3. Janey-E and Diane are good examples, and there have been a few minor characters that I think were done well (Jade, Candy, the phone operator lady at Sherrif's Dept, the medical examiner in Buckhorn) I have enjoyed Amanda Seyfried's character, Becky, as well. The returning characters... Sarah Palmer is great, but much the same level of intensity as before. Audrey so far seems much less interesting than she used to be. Shelley is doing fine, but I think she was probably a little more interesting before this season. Norma is less interesting without all the Big Ed storyline. Nadine is more boring now too. I don't think we've really heard her say anything. Josie is gone, which is an improvement imo, especially the way her story went in later episodes. Catherine Martell is also gone, though, and I enjoyed her. One observation that does stand out to me as a negative pattern is that characters who seem to exist in highly dramatic, weird ways and then disappear seem to be predominantly women. The lady in Ep 1+2 who is with the police in the Buckhorn apartment building, Truman's wife, "119 lady", and the screaming car driver in Part 11. I don't remember there being as much of this in the original run of the show.
  15. I think this is the least Cooper we've had in any episode this season (except maybe 8). Despite that, this episode probably felt the closest overall to the original run of the show. That's probably mostly because the town of Twin Peaks had a whole lot of screen time. Sarah Palmer's scenes were probably the best bit. Loved how they included the shots of the fan. She's incredible at acting in these disturbing monologues. Always so much expression in her face and voice. Badalamenti music completed it. I actually didn't like Cole's scenes much this time, aside from Albert's role. In particular the part where his French lady-friend took like 5 minutes to leave. I know it's the sort of stuff we see from time to time in TP, but this time it didn't entertain me. Cole's misinterpretations were as good as ever. As best I can tell, the main link the FBI have had to Vegas is Dougie's wedding ring found inside Major Briggs' body. Maybe the unknown number was asking if the Blue Rose crew have asked about the people associated with that ring yet. Ben Horne has basically been cemented as "a good guy" now, or at least that he's properly trying to be. There seems to be a lot of guilt/regret regarding his grandson. He "never had a father," doesn't really include or exclude any particular fan theory abour Richard Horne's dad. Audrey's reappearance basically came out of nowhere. She looked the part, and seems to be a lot more swear-y and angry with age. The marriage with Charlie sounds like it was part of some deal involving other factors. I saw a theory somewhere else that Charlie might be the other guy in the photo of BadCoop that Tammy showed the agents near the end of Part 10. I'm not convinced it's him, but it is possible. His clothes don't look like they fit too well, and if I try, I can decide that his fingers look short, Pic for reference:
  16. Very, very good episode for the most part. I didn't like the parts with Hawk as much as I hoped, but essentially everything else was 10/10. It had the right balance between believable and absurd, a good pace, and strong acting performances in every direction. The scene with Bobby in the diner and the resulting chaos outside was probably the best, but there were plenty of high points.
  17. Late bump: Just listening to this episode now, but what Jordan wrote in about the dream with the shattered 3D tetris pieces, and being 100% convinced there was a bomb sounds kind of a lot like psychosis. It's possible he had drug-induced psychosis, and that would fit with having a similar experience repeated again. Definitely would not recommend taking Jake's advice to practice and get good, because if it is psychosis it tends to get worse the more times you have it.
  18. Immediate thoughts: Overall, this episode was very satisfying. The BobCoop stuff wasn't so interesting, but basically everything else was. Good dialogue, great acting and strong plot movement throughout. Favourite scenes were the 3 police at the insurance company, Ms Briggs at home with the TP sheriff's dept, and the Bill Hastings interview. I especially appreciated the prominence of more Badalamenti music, and the drum shuffle during the Vegas police antics. I'm pretty sure the shot of the mountains with sinister music is was almost the identical transition used to move to Twin Peaks 1 or 2 episodes ago. Awkward, lingering shots on unusual human social behaviours are back! Nothing will ever beat the ancient room service guy from the start of Season 2, but every time something comes close enough to remind me of that, I get a warm feeling inside.
  19. I really want to draw a bit more attention to this. The fact that there is a proper (plausible) connection that links these guys to the town of Twin Peaks deep in the lore satisfies me. I haven't watched past Ep8 yet, but I'm hoping these connections are surfaced in the show.
  20. Catching up again. Thoughts before reading/listening to comments: Opening sequence with badcoop was 10/10, one of the best parts of the season so far. Why are all the tar hobos rubbing his blood on his face? Based on the sound, I wonder if BOB has now moved into Ray's body (Later, this is probably not the case) Nine Inch Nails. Is it the same music that was playing during Ep1 when Badcoop was driving? I remember thinking that sounded a bit NIN-like. It's interesting that this isn't at the end of an episode. Maybe it was going to be before they expanded the run of the season. Badcoop going full Undertaker wake-up was nice - that could have probably been a menacing ending shot, in the style of s01e01 Nuke scene onwards - some proper Lynch shit. Like 25 minutes of continuous madness. Reminds me of the void Cooper got sucked into by the arm's doppelganger. Then we come to a gas station/convenience store with the door flopping aorund. Is this where Mike and Bob used to be? And the same white smoke from when Cooper "died". It now makes sense why the episode didnt end with the music scene. The gold ball flies towards us. Is this is also supposed to be in 1945, and somehow implying that BOB's origins are related to nuclear weapons testing? Suddenly - the ocean from the purple room, and what looks like another part/time of the purple room itself. Maybe in the past? The giant is back! No idea what to make of his bit, but I loved it. He's watching the video we just saw, and levitates when he sees Bob, then creates a sparkle cloud birthing the Laura Palmer Orb and sending it back to USA? Now 1956 New Mexico. Teens are here again, with coins. Could they be adults from the original series? The age would line up. Tar hobo slendermans his way to Earth, and wants a light. Young teens kiss. Tar hobo still wants a light, and messes with reality when he gets near people. Some kind of involuntary, surreal fear response. The receptionist burst apart much in the same style as how the black monster was animated in ep 1/2. Surely tar hobo is related to that black monster somehow. "This is the water and this is the well. Drink full and ascend. The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within." I couldn't stop feeling this is parallel to the "Fire walk with me" monologue from the original series. It's just got such a similar tone. I guess "Woodsman" is now the official name for the tar hobo. There's something dark in those woods. Overall really enjoyed this episode. As crazy as it is, it could probably almost stand on its own as a tone piece. Thoughts after processing mentally for a few days (I havent watched any further episodes yet) I'm a bit nervous about this. I really, really hope that Laura Palmer doesn't become some literal cosmic force of good. The whole initial setting of TP with its teenagers and small town worked because it was a believable story that became more and more complex as it went on. Having the Giant involved with this is fine, having the introduction of a new "big bad" is fine, but please don't elevate Laura too much. I don't mind a bit of lore-dumping in my Twin Peaks, but it needs to stay involved with the main story. So far the electric noises and the Woodsmen are the only link this stuff has to the main story. At the least, I want this to have a payoff like the Red Room in s1-2 did.
  21. Catching up this week on the last few eps. Thoughts before listening to Rewatch: Huge exposition dump with Hawk at the start. Didn't like it. Skype product placement? Felt jarring - Robot transforming desk after that was a great anachronistic touch though. Creepy electrical sounding guy in hallway where they examine Briggs' body. Hair reminded me of badcoop, but Isnt he in prison? I can't help but think the black monster from ep 1/2 is involved. Diane says she has no cigarettes but there's a box on the table in front of Cole Really liked Diane's part during/after the interview with Badcoop The shots of misty forested mountains with sinister season 1 music were a strong callback. Andy has a Rolex. Electrical buzzing at the truck owner's house. Also looks like his door has no handle. He seemed really worried about talking to Andy at his house. Not sure why. Badcoop's blackmail conversation: Talk about "a strawberry" - "The dog leg. That dog had 4 legs. One you found in my trunk. The other three went out with the information you're thinking about right now to people you don't want coming around here if anything bad happens to me" Joe McLusky? The late Mr Strawberry. Whatever it was, it seemed to convince the warden to let him escape from prison. Cops at Dougie's work - the way the third one laughed on the way out was hilarious. Also, Jerry Horne and Dougie both "lost their car" in this episode. Holy shit the assassin scene! Cooper FBI reflexes are in there somewhere. Eerie focus on the lamp in the corner at the Great Northern. Reminds me of the red room Beverly and Tom Paige - new characters. I feel like there could be something good there. The acting was well done. Sweeping scene at the roadhouse was GREAT Guy looking for "Billy" in the diner at the end. I've got no idea who that could be Was it Bobby Briggs sitting in the foreground during credits? Facing away from the camera.
  22. It seems I might be alone in this view, but I actually got a pretty comedic rection from the car vs child scene. Something about how the buildup was so choreographed with cuts between mother/child and speeding, reckless driver, and then the melodrama when it finally happened just felt so silly to me that I couldnt take it seriously. Then the series of dismayed bystanders afterwards rubbed it in harder. I was almost laughing at how ridiculous it all seemed. In general, this episode didn't feel so great overall. I liked the scene with the drug dealer, and the scenes with Dougie and his wife, as well as his wife with the loan sharks. The stuff in Twin Peaks Sherrif's Dept seem to finally (hopefully) be making some progress as well.
  23. Something True 8: Babylon

    Havent listened to the episode yet, but wanted to say it seems this show has caught a bit of an audience. It's sitting at #18 trending on the Pocket Casts app, which is pretty good. For the record, This American Life is 15 and Hardcore History is 20
  24. Yes, the electric tree (the arm) said just before that, when he noticed weird things happening, "My own doppelganger" Then Cooper walked through the back, where the statue turned into the trippy distorted version of the tree. I assumed this was the doppelganger version of the electric tree. I also noticed the association with the two statues. I'm not sure it's anything more than symbolic at this point. EDIT: Also I just remembered that the purple room had an ocean underneath it before he went inside, and then when he went upstairs, all that was below was stars.