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  1. Infinifactory: Like Spacechem in 3D

    I just got it and really enjoying dipping in and out so far. I really like the game mechanics and the story, but does anyone else find them really jarring together? I feel like maybe that was discussed on a pod at some point, but can't remember. I just feel like a pretty cute puzzle game with a really dark narrative is a weird combination.
  2. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Like the space babies we all are...
  3. Consolidated ID Exchange

    Oh no way, didn't see this before - I've added myself
  4. Relaxing games recommendations

    Euro Truck is on sale this weekend on Steam, and I just bought it. Can fourth the suggestion of this as a relaxing game - I'm feeling super-chilled right now. The only problem is that it makes me want to go and spend a load on petrol money on a real-life long drive...
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is the first game I've pre-ordered...man, I'm excited about it. Why oh why do you release on a Monday, Paradox??
  6. Idle Thumbs Streams

    I find myself agreeing with you again! I'd really love to see them play Stellaris, I didn't really get into CK2 until the tales of Ragnar.... Guys, if you're looking for votes, please consider this one. Two, if voter fraud is allowed.
  7. Relaxing games recommendations

    I just started playing a puzzle game called Mini Metro (got it from the humble eye candy bundle) and it seems relaxing in a strange sort of way (although if you're really big into super optimising things it'll probably just stress you out even more)
  8. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Totally agree - the curse-rotted greatwood was really evocative to me.
  9. Sports!

    This was totally amazing, the best thing I can think of that has ever happened in football. The fact there is a Forest fan in my office only makes it better.
  10. Kerbal Space Program

    Accidentally bought this game just after the patch was realised (accidentally after the patch, I mean, not an accidental purchase). I played the alpha or beta or whatever way back in the day and struggled to the point where I gave up, but oh man this is good. Finally getting into a stable orbit after hours of effort and a kerbal massacre was one of the most satisfying computer game experiences I've had in a long time.
  11. Idle Thumbs Streams

    The streams are brilliant, and it's brilliant that you're planning on doing more. Can't often get involved live (stupid time zones, stupid spherical earth) but really love watching the videos!
  12. Share Exceptional Articles You Have Read

    This article makes my stupid brain sad https://www.propublica.org/article/how-information-graphics-reveal-your-brains-blind-spots -- How Information Graphics Reveal Your Brain’s Blind Spots (edited because Ben X makes a good point below)
  13. I finally upgraded my PC so I can play Stellaris when it comes out, but I'm too scared to watch the preview videos. My attitude is that it's Paradox, so it must be good, but with 4X games, the Master of Orion 3 scars run deep...
  14. Humble Monthly Bundle

    Wow, seems like a really great deal - I'd heard of this, but never really checked it out. If the last couple of bundles are anything to go by, then it's a pretty good deal for me (I'd have got a few games on my wishlist). Are they pretty standard?
  15. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi, I'm new (to here, not to the podcast), and wanted to say hello. I'm a Scottish guy, terribly old (nearly mid thirties!), living in Germany and working as an editor for scientific journals. I've been gaming since I first found Gorilla on my Grandad's computer, and I particularly like strategy games and emergent storytelling (so I *really* like Crusader Kings). Hi all!