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  1. Papers, Please

    Whoops, must have missed the original. I remember searching for it and not finding anything though...
  2. Papers, Please

    Has anyone played Papers, Please? Just finished the short beta and I'm really into it. You play as an Arstotzkan Border Patrol Inspector, who has to deal with the queue of documents and constantly changing bureaucracy. It reminds me of CartLife in the best way possible, but the gameplay loop feels more defined. The beta is free and it took me about 30 minutes or so to get through. Definitely worth a Sunday afternoon playthrough.
  3. Dear Esther

    Finally got around to playing this after picking it up in a Steam sale from long ago. I'm fairly impressed and like everyone who's late to this thread, I'm surprised at the reaction to it. Granted, it makes a terrible first impression before you learn what it's trying to do. It's slow and punishes you with it's pace if you don't know where you're going. As soon as I figured it out I was more patient with it. It's probably not a game in the traditional sense but it was a nice change of pace, told an interesting story and was short enough to play in one sitting.
  4. Far Cry 3

    Just started playing it tonight. It's not bad, I'm not really sure I'll finish it but I'm enjoying just running around the island encountering stuff. The game still manages to throw up interesting scenarios. I just had one mission where I was meant to sneak into this base to plant a bomb. I kind of went the wrong way as the mission wanted me to go to a look out to scope the base out beforehand and in trying to avoid being spotted I bumped into a couple of guards who just pulled in on a boat. I imagined to quickly take them both out but the original I guy spotted me and set off the alarms. I then basically kited them around the base until I was on the complete opposite side of the base. Then out of nowhere a tiger attacks me, I'm nearly dead but manage to climb up onto a rock. At this point the tiger is just staring up at me, trying to get up but can't. So now I'm frantically throwing rocks at 8 or so guards that were originally chasing me to regain their full attention. One by one I lure them up near this ridge I'm on so the tiger can eat them. Pretty sweet. Oh then I killed the tiger and made some stylish ammo holder out of it. Video Games. @Tundra I'm guessing you're playing on a PC. What setup have you got? Mine is about two years old and I was fairly happy with how my game looked until seeing those shots.
  5. GTA V

    Or he's just turned them all into 11 dollar bills
  6. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    This is a bit worrying. Everyone who seems aware of the Wii U is wanting to wait until it gets better software / see what Microsoft and Sony do. While everyone who bought a Wii as their first console, has no idea what a Wii U is. Apart from the Nintendo faithful, who is buying one?
  7. GOTY

    It's a shame because so much of that game was based on the immediate community reaction to it. But it's still worth playing if you've manage to avoid spoilers so far.
  8. GTA V

    While I think storytelling is one of their strengths, building a world and game that matches it isn't. I think Chris summed it up well when talking about Max Payne 3. Like how throughout that game Max is talking about how much of a loser he is and how he fucks everything up. Then ten seconds later he's driving a speed boat off a ramp, diving out of the boat, wasting like 10 guys while diving through the air before comfortably landing on someone else's boat. It was the same with GTA4 where every character wanted to 'get out of the game'. The Ballad of Gay Tony was a great example of this, the protagonist has just gotten out of jail, doesn't want to get involved in crime anymore, kills 50 cops in first mission. Even Niko's story in GTA4 was strange for its serious story set in a world filled with adverts for drinks called Sprunk while chat radio hosts just made dick jokes. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed GTA4, and I'll probably enjoy GTA5. But, 4 felt incredibly conflicted. I really hope they can get everything focused in one direction for GTA5. Personally, judging from the trailer alone, it's not what I want out of a GTA game anymore. It looks goofy and over the top, which they've had a great knack for in the past, but Saints Row 3 serves those needs now and GTA4 was more interesting for it's more serious storytelling tones.
  9. First PC in 9 years; what should I play?

    Pretty much this. If you're catching up, and have no order to your list, just get games as they get reduced on Steam. Then drown in games when the Christmas sale happens.
  10. Lost progress

    I had Crackdown fail on me after someone inadvertently bought the game save destroying DLC on my account. Luckily it was the Keys to the City thing, that essentially lets me cheat my way to where I was before in a couple of minutes. I was more irritated that I was incredibly close to getting all achievements, and the way they work meant that I would have to sink hours into it to get even close to where I was. At least you can't lose the collect all orbs achievement.
  11. GOTY

    There's a disappointing lack of support for Fez in this thread, so I'll give that mention. Fez. I'll probably remember Hotline Miami and Journey when the year has long been over. I've struggled to enjoy many mainstream releases this year, although I've still got a lot of games yet to play (Dishonored, Syndicate, Forza Horizion, Most Wanted and a few more).
  12. Hotline Miami

    If you know anyone who can beat a stage of Hotline Miami in less than 10 attempts, I'd love to meet him. The latter half of the game, I probably approached 30, 40, 50 restarts per game. I think they do a good job of making respawning as quick as possible and not making a big deal of it. I found it fairly easy once I had a good strategy for a room, to implement that strategy time and time again. Sometimes the game does throw a curve ball, but as long as you can stay patient before entering rooms, you should find some success.
  13. Polygon (internet website)

    Yeah it seems weird to hold your head high about how you're resetting games journalism, especially after everything that has happened, and then delete comments that criticise you. If they were honest in making a nicer looking version of Kotaku, I would have been fine with it. It's a shame because The Verge is one of the best sites on the internet, imo.
  14. Hotline Miami

    Just finished it, wow, what a game. I mean, I don't remember having strong feelings of relief for completing the simplest of tasks in a video game before. Then the scene at the end... Either way, this game looks and sounds unlike anything I've ever played before and tells it's story in a very interesting way. Definitely one of my favourite games of the year.
  15. Maximillian Payne: Part Trois

    Sorry to dig this thread back. I completed it over the weekend, just thought I'd post some thoughts into this box on the internet. Still not entirely sure what to think about it. Brendon Chung's post sums up most of my issues with the game. Standing up before getting in cover, changing to pistols after a cutscene, waiting after a last stand - these all suck. They're all fairly obvious problems the game, I can't imagine they didn't come up in development. The game is so lacking in variation that the least I'd expect are well-considered and implemented combat mechanics. I kind of felt the game was way too long as well, when it became clear that it wasn't going to do anything different from what it was doing at the start, I was ready for it to end a good four hours before it did. Fair play to Rockstar for really making Max Payne their own, it's kind of a gusty call even if you are Rockstar. However, I'd rather that took it in a less generic route. For the most part it kind of felt like I was playing the worst bits of Uncharted for twelve hours. I'm probably making it out to be worse than it is, it is enjoyable. It's probably just tough to live up to the name.