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  1. Oculus rift

    Yeah, but also I only ordered it last week. It'll probably be a while for me. A couple guys I know got theirs this week.
  2. Oculus rift

    I'm still waiting for my DK2 but I actually got my Google Cardboard today. It's super impressive for what it is - a nearly-free VR device if you've already got a decent smartphone (I have a Nexus 5). As far as I know there's only Google's app for things to do with it so far but it's really good flying around in Google Earth and they have some cool little demo apps for it. The resolution is twice the DK1's and the rotational tracking seems almost as good to me, although it's been a while since I've had access to my DK1. Really cool stuff
  3. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    I did another InFlux level port. Not remaking the game or anything, just havin' fun.
  4. Amateur Game Making Night

    Thanks! It actually feels really rad going up and down halfpipes, I'm gonna make it play skateboard sounds
  5. Amateur Game Making Night

    Thanks pal. <3 In the meantime here is a potato-filmed video of the truck thing
  6. Amateur Game Making Night

    I just submitted a funding application for adventure game. Wooooo
  7. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    You'll probably be fine if you're not using experimental features, but yeah, backup always a good idea.
  8. Amateur Game Making Night

    I'm still messin' around with porting this old truck game to ue4/android. Bam
  9. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    ditto that, always happy to help
  10. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    It was basically a lot of exporting and importing meshes and textures and re-creating materials, and I have a basic tool that converts map data (just meshes and lights) from UE3 to 4. Not too hard, just time consuming.
  11. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    It's worth it right now. It is an excellent excellent set of tools. Just keep an eye on what they're updating and drop the next $20 if it's something you need would be my suggestion.
  12. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    I just ported one of my old InFlux levels to UE4 for kicks. Spoilers for InFlux I guess!
  13. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    If you're using the foliage tool, you prooooobably can't have the grass camera-facing without delving into c++. But you could pretty easily make a blueprint that places camera-facing grass everywhere. That looks real nice, by the way.
  14. Amateur Game Making Night

    That's really rad, I'd have no idea where I'd start trying to do that. Actually, one of the things I'm messing around with could use that functionality! Maybe we should share stuff
  15. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    Thanks ya'll. I've been toying around with it very intermittently for probably like a year, but I'm stepping it up a bit now and going for a funding application. Hopefully have a cool video together in the next week or so. Your thing looks super cool, tell me moar
  16. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    I'm working on a first person adventure game that looks like this, which ya'll have probably seen around here somewhere. Right now I'm working on a funding application for it. If I don't get it I miiiiiight be fucked.
  17. Amateur Game Making Night

    I've been using UE4 for six months or something, definitely recommend it. Blueprint is amazing.
  18. Amateur Game Making Night

    I did a couple things: papers you can pick up in my adventure game kind of ala Gone Home and a conversation system that pretty much works as well as I'll probably need it to now.
  19. Life

    Holy shit. I am so sorry to hear that.
  20. Plug your shit

    what the heck
  21. Amateur Game Making Night

    Here is some stuff I did today! All Blueprint in UE4.
  22. Amateur Game Making Night

    SVN is pretty straightforward, maybe moreso than git?
  23. Best Place to Register a Domain?

    I'm with Hover. I also have no idea about bill leniency but their support is excellent and their site/control panel thing is simple and easy and intuitive rather than the horrible clusterfuck I've come to expect from domain registrars and hosting providers
  24. Life

    Jesus christ, Rodi. That is bizarre/heavy. I have moved into a share house where my housemates are kind of really unclean it turns out. A couple days in I felt I had to clean the floor of the bathroom, and I found one of these caked onto the side of the bath, completely covered in gunk
  25. Amateur Game Making Night

    i'm working on a few things, but also the other night for funsies i made a sidescroller with my girlfriend Laura starring her. it is called Pixel Laur, it has a jetpack, i vined it