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  1. Hatred: The Most Despicable Game of All Time?

    What do we think about this school of thought on stuff like this? Is it a good idea for people who have a problem with the thing to just not talk about it to try to deprive it of publicity? I have a few people espousing that on my facebook, you can see my thoughts on it in the replies to that tweet
  2. Hatred: The Most Despicable Game of All Time?

    I think what he was saying was that he thought it was mandatory to include the UE logo in the promotional materials if they were using it, rather than that UE4 was mandatory. Epic had that requirement with previous versions of UE. But yeah this game is super fucked up and gross. Somebody mentioned Postal, and this actually reminds me a lot of a modern Postal 1. Postal 2 had a dumb sense of humour about itself, but from what I remember of Postal 1, it was just creepy and graphic and violence-glorifying. I must have been pretty young and "woo violent video games" when I played it, but I remember getting uncomfortable and grossed out and deleting it. Hatred feels like the same game with modern graphics which make it all the more awful.
  3. Amateur Game Making Night

    Yep, build some stairs
  4. Amateur Game Making Night

    I ended up making that build public, so you can play it and stuff
  5. Amateur Game Making Night

    More o' that Spacething. This is just me renovating for another 7 minutes, now with vertical building and stairs and stuff.
  6. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    Possibly, a couple of people have asked for it. I'm not sure it's a tidy enough implementation yet, I'm still learning as I go. I was thinking about opening up development on it and just linking builds on twitter all the time.
  7. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    front and center. psyched
  8. Amateur Game Making Night

    That's looking pretty slick, yo'. Today I added stairs: so you can ask the computer to put stairs in a room and that room becomes a staircase. You can stack 'em and do tall ones. Currently they can only be in one rotation though. Other than that just fixing a bunch of problems with the vertical building and trying to keep my code from getting too convoluted
  9. Amateur Game Making Night

    Yeah I decided pretty quickly that Spacething would probs be the eventual name of the game if one transpires. Also thanks!
  10. Amateur Game Making Night

    I'm back working on Spacething for a bit. Today I added in-game building of multi-level rooms (basically you can add rooms above and below other rooms and delete floors and ceilings provided to do so wouldn't leave you facing empty space). I really like this vine
  11. Amateur Game Making Night

    Hey thanks! I didn't see that. Pretty shitty spot in the video, they thought it was an archvis thing I guess, but the post is good. In other good news for me Magenta got on RPS. Best.
  12. Amateur Game Making Night

    Haha I dunno if I'm even making a game out of it yet. I have a build you can play though if you want, message me on something
  13. Amateur Game Making Night

    This is definitely a better video than I have had before of this this space thing: A lot of this I did today. The whole conversation-with-computer-to-renovate-the-ship thing was today. A bad thing about watching the video is you can't tell what dialogue options I'm choosing but you can probably figure it out. Things I'm particularly fond of: having a lot of possible strings for the computer saying basically the same stuff in different words, being able to knock out walls unless it would (theoretically) get you sucked out into space, having it automatically place a locked door instead of a doorway if the wall you're working on just has space behind it, automatically unlocking the door if a room appears behind it.
  14. Amateur Game Making Night

    Cool Yeah, I'm not using any particularly non-standard shaders so far, you can do all this shit outtathebox. Spaceship can have rooms and halls of whatever size/height now:
  15. Amateur Game Making Night

    That's actually what I started off with. Each room has its own overhead light, and that works fine, I'm just turning them off when I walk around because I think it's neat. I will probably turn that off though - I'm not going for space horror and it does lend that atmosphere at the moment.
  16. Amateur Game Making Night

    Not so much! What's happening is the light's only on in the room you're in at the time, like David walking around the ship near the start of Prometheus. In some of those vids though, it probably goes from no lights on at all to a light coming on, because when the game starts none of the lights are on until you walk from one room into another.
  17. Amateur Game Making Night

    Things I did today on the procedural space thing: -big wide hallways: -doors now open and close for you: -ship can be multistorey with hatches in floor/ceiling: -rooms can be procedurally furnished
  18. Amateur Game Making Night

    Thanks ya'll. I just took the Minimal_Default map, took away the sun, added the space and threw in my Ship blueprint, so the chairs and stuff remain. I was also using those meshes to test auto-furnishing the rooms though. Here's a video of me putting together a ship: Next I'll probably do doors opening by proximity, rooms of variable size (probably just the current rooms joined together), and multiple levels of rooms (this already works, just there's no way to move between floors. Alien style ceiling/floor hatches I reckon).
  19. Amateur Game Making Night

    A couple days ago I had an idea for a game that needed a procedurally generated spaceship interior. Here is where I am with that: And today I put up a video of the adventure game that I'm hoping to get funded.
  20. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    Probably done with this InFlux-revisiting stuff now
  21. Feminism

    i was with gabe when left 4 dead 2 came out and he got a text telling him that people in the boycott group were buying it at a higher rate than people who were not chuckles all round
  22. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    It depends how many verts you have after tessellation (so basically your mesh's vert count * how much you're tessellating). If you have adaptive tessellation on (which is default) your tessellation multiplier works like a distance LOD function, so you can only tessellate the parts of the mesh within a certain distance from the camera, which helps a lot. You could do this same stuff on UE3, but the perf hit was much greater.
  23. Fez

    Polytron and Fez IP for sale I guess. brb buying it
  24. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    Here's that video. I didn't get the water in as much as I wanted but you can kind of see at the beginning.
  25. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    There's actual waves, I'll have a video up soon. I used a couple normal maps panning over each other hooked up to the tessellation on the material. Turn tessellation on your material to PNtriangles, apply it to a mesh with a reasonable number of verts (mine is a fairly high-poly plane), and plug something like this in: