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  1. The Big VR Thread

    At any time at all you can press the home button on the controller and bring up the Steam Overlay, which is on like a big TV in front of you in VR. It's a slightly-different-for-VR version of Steam Big Picture. So you can go to the Steam Store and it'll default to filtering by VR compatible (and you can further specify HTC Vive only or Oculus only, or turn off everything and just see all games on Steam). Nope, though it would be trivial to make one so presumably there will be one soon. You can always load up Youtube in the overlay though and watch 'em on that big screen Not in the current version of UE4 but I'm sure I could if I compiled the latest code from Github. Most of it has blown me the heck away but let's see.... TheBlu, the under-the-sea demo you might have heard of, is nuts, and you see a whale in it and the whale feels legitimately intimidatingly huge. The Aperture Robot Repair demo is really amazing but I don't wanna say too much because spoilers. Space Pirate Trainer VR is an awesome dual-pistols room scale shooter where you can pull a shield from behind your back and you have to shoot robots and dodge/block their bullets, and it's a real workout because you end up ducking and lunging and feeling like a total badass. And the music is good so you end up dancing the whole time. Tilt Brush is crazy good too. Ninja Trainer which is just VR Fruit Ninja is extremely tiring in a good way. And Fantastic Contraption had me doing lunges and big reaches and all kinds of crazy cool stuff in order to build my little car thing, it was actually incredible and a legit workout. Not that I've seen but I wouldn't be surprised if they did it... there's more you can make than just geo though so maybe not? I'm pretty sure you can send other tilt-brush users your designs at least. I haven't played any driving games yet - only done room scale stand-up-walk-around stuff, no sitting stuff - but neither me nor my girlfriend has had any motion sickness at all whatsoever. It's amazing. I also had the DK2 and DK1, and had some ill effects with both of those - I know how to manage them and had my "vr legs" but it was still a consideration. Here you can just be confident you won't have any ill effects at all. Made me realise how little I used the Rift out of fear of that, even though I'm better with it than most people.
  2. The Big VR Thread

    I have an HTC Vive Pre! Ask me questions if ya want Here's what the camera passthrough thing looks like (at 100% opacity, which isn't how you'd see it if using it as the chaperone)
  3. Plug your shit

    I fuckin' love Speedrunners. I wrote a short little blog thing about a thing I think is cool about Mirror's Edge. It's getting lots of notes so i feel good about myself
  4. The Big VR Thread

    Epic's Bullet Train demo seems to handle this by just letting you teleport. Much less disorienting than your invisible body strafing
  5. Plug your shit

    This is a total problem I have. I find it incredibly hard to make my voice not do that - that video is me actively trying to do just that! Albeit with a very sore throat. I have wanted to make an Oni-like for years, and am actually getting to the point where I'd be fairly confident attempting something like it. Maybe after my current main project. Thanks for the enthuse, guys! Also, I guess as long as I'm plugging my shit, I moved my blog to Tumblr and it's a pretty good place to look at my recent shit, which is a lot to do with making levels for Unreal using Valve's Hammer editor.
  6. Plug your shit

    On a total whim during having the flu in the middle of a super hot night, I was compelled to do a video about Oni, my favourite Bungie game, in part to spread the word about the absolutely fascinating fact that it was released in 2001 and its mod scene didn't kick off until 2009. More than a little nostalgia lies before you
  7. The Big VR Thread

    The Oculus with the controllers has walkin-around VR? I was pretty sure that wasn't the case
  8. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    I just did a video about this new tool, HammUEr, which converts Valve/oldschool Quake map files to UE4. I'm pretty much doing all my level design for UE4 in Hammer now. It's some cool shit. As a test, I converted one of the first maps of Half-Life 1 to UE4 real quick.
  9. The Big VR Thread

    Yeah, Vive doesn't require space if you're happy to use it sitting down. I suspect it'll be a lot better even for sitting experiences than the Oculus though - the way it does tracking means you don't have to worry about getting your head outside the camera's viewcone and messing everything up (potentially extremely disorienting)
  10. Return of the Steam Box!

    Defective controller might be the thing, mine doesn't have that. But yeah, in that case it's Telltale using the controller wrong - some games switch UI and behavior (and even lock the other input device up) based on mouse movement rather than just presses, which was actually never a good idea imo. Hopefully a lot of those games patch that, it's a pretty minor thing to fix.
  11. Return of the Steam Box!

    Oh boy, you guys are using it wrong. You have to set the right touchpad to act as a mouse if the game doesn't have it enabled by default (a lot of devs are slacking off setting up their configs). The controller is amazing when it's set up right - I played through Liberty Island in Deus Ex using it. Deus Ex 1! All tranqing dudes almost as well as on a mouse. It's the best controller I've ever used. To set it up, you have to launch games in Big Picture mode and press the Steam button while ingame, and go "configure controller". Most games you can just pick the "gamepad with mouse" template (might be called "gamepad with high precision aiming" or something now). The analog-stick-emulation mode for the right touchpad is definitely pretty shit. I really hope games defaulting to it doesn't sour people on the controller generally.
  12. Half-Life 3

    I'm not directly involved so my scoops aren't especially hot, but I think it's what I think of as the kind of typical Mod Team Leader Bullshit I thought had died out long ago, but in a new context where it's able to cost people money. I think some do-nothing jerks appointed themselves as Project Leads (which is a very back-in-the-day-mod-community thing) and got to be Valve's only contact point for the update/its contributors, they mismanaged a bunch of crap and then they decided on a new revenue split where they get most of the money, and nobody else is in a position to do anything about it. Hearing about this, plus dealing with a bad client recently who seemed straight out of a 2005 mod community, has somewhat diluted my nostalgia for my modding days.
  13. Half-Life 3

    Oh, like it sucks? Sorry, I thought bunk just meant like, "not true". It's the disappointingest thing
  14. Half-Life 3

    The hl3.txt stuff contains stuff that's from HL2 but also clearly-new stuff. It's not bunk at all. They take 93% of key sales, with the remaining 7% split between whoever potentially had an item in a crate, which can be as many as like 10-20 people. Keys are the only way to get new items now since they aren't being put on the store anymore. There is a whole separate dispute about the butt-faced people who organised the current community update, but yeah, separate issue.
  15. Half-Life 3

    As high as 93% in TF2.
  16. Amateur Game Making Night

    You don't, but someone linked it to me on twitter and it looks sick so there probably will be some now
  17. Amateur Game Making Night

    That looks really really really great. I hadn't touched that tronbikeish game in a while but spent some more time with it recently:
  18. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    I had the same thing recently for whatever the heck it's worth but I was deploying a pretty complex project so I just kinda figured it coulda been anything. Wonder if we got the same error
  19. Unreal Engine 4 Thread

    For a long time it was only working with 64-bit Chromium or Firefox builds, might still be the case?
  20. Amateur Game Making Night

    Boothing is real fun but really really exhausting. I had a booth in the first Pax Aus Indie Showcase, had 3 PCs running InFlux and it was packed the whole time, rewarding but scary. Good luck! You may find this article incredibly useful, I did. Basically a bunch of tips on your first time boothing, all of them are great and my booth would have sucked a lot more if I hadn't found it.
  21. Amateur Game Making Night

    That bird flocking stuff linked above got me thinkin' I'd try to do something similar myself in blueprint, here's how far i got
  22. Amateur Game Making Night

    I guess you could use FMOD? I dunno if that's helpful, my audio guy just always wanted fmod on ue3
  23. Amateur Game Making Night

    Another vid o' the stealth game
  24. Game Dev Talks/Lectures

    I guess this is probably the right place to put this. I have done a couple of videos which are blowing up my twitter at the moment about how: -I Reckon The Geometry Tools In Modern Level Editors Are Bad -I Reckon The Tendency Toward Modular Mesh Based Level Design Has Been Greatly Detrimental To Level Design In Games Over The Last Decade Or So respectively.
  25. Games w/ Level Editors

    The best level design tools are still pretty much in the Source engine.