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  1. E3 2017

  2. Fortnite

    Can do solo mission Hour long online games with randoms rage quitting. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. HOPPEPEUFLUFYFUTTYYY it'll have drop in and drop out multiplayer mid games/rounds
  3. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Jealous! I'd lover to see those bands. Was thinking yesterday whilst listening to Arcade fire how they'd be a great festival headliner act.
  4. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Might be a bit obvious, but, the new Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem (call the police) and The War on Drugs tracks are really good 👍🏻 All near the top on here Also check out the artist LP (I caught Mr Vanaman listening to her and gave it a shot, good stuff)
  5. Had he been holding that piss for 25 years?
  6. I thought it would be something like that "hi, I'm twin Peaks dale cooper, I die in episode 5, wabba lubba dub dub"
  7. I think it originates from a Kyle MacLachlan/rolling stones magazine playlist. Must have been made especially as a promotional thing... god knows what it says though? about blue rose. I half thought the woman in the room with him then (with the eyes) was going to start miming
  8. got linked to this fan playlist by the unofficial website Seems as though this will get updated with all the music as the season goes on (new music right at the bottom)
  9. Anyone know what the song at the end was? I didn't catch it in the credits. I saw there was a song called 'Mississippi' not sure if it was that. edit. Got it!
  10. Where can I get me an evil cooper face massage? also can I get that as a looping screen saver, thanks
  11. Why are ya'll getting all hung up on numbers and shit? That's like the least interesting thing going on. It was pointless telling cooper about 2:53 anyway as he was completey unawear of what the time was inside the floating box. That shit just happened to him whilist he looked dumbfounded. He didn't have any agency whatsoever. It's not like he was checking his watch and thinking "I gotta stuff my face in to this thing in 3,2,1..." it's just a fun little thing for the audience, just like: bbbbblllluuuuueeeee rrrrrooooosssseeee = cooper doesn't even look at the blue rose.
  12. The team America barf scene was the fucking best! also, dude, just pull the car over! "Heeeeellllllllllloooooooo" i now know what I'll be shouting if I ever see Kyle MacLachlan IRL i got to say this episode made me squeal on about 6 different occasions. Love. It.
  13. I forgot. Jennifer Jason Lee! Fucking a
  14. God damn that was so good. i'll be listening to the chromatics all day tomorrow. Disappearing black man in the jail cell 👍🏻 We're in for a ride. i was so desperately hoping to see bob in the red room towards the end. Who or what bob is now. Awesome seeing Laura, getting shot through the roof. Leland wasn't much of a surprise for me as the actor turned up in Fargo last week. James is cool 😎 Lillard was really great. Him as his wife confessing there affairs in the jail cell 😘 Fun seeing him opposite the slightly fat male detective as he's from a british soap Eastenders. only scene that was a bit of a let down for me was evil coop killing daria. Didn't feel menacing at all, needed more music or something. Didn't work for me. Whereas ghost in the box is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen 👍🏻🤡 I guess that's bob....
  15. The Leftovers (HBO)

    I love it so much when Kevin is with the book and the play that holy choir music. Makes me LOL episode 4 was fantastic by the way
  16. Persona 5 is being announced in 30mins Watch: The countdown has been catalogued quite nicely on gaf:
  17. The Leftovers (HBO)

    This is a really great listen! Makes sure you are up to date as they discuss the 2 episode of season 3 I absolutely adore this programme, after hearing good things about the seconds season and that the third was starting soon, i watch all of it over the past couple of weeks. Its my favourite thing on TV at the moment. Really excited about the last 6 episodes, its going to be totes emosh.
  18. When the fuck did this happen :0 I guess we'll get more at either the video game awards or the PS4 event that happening over the weekend. That footage of Ryu vs Chun Li fighting in a street at night time must be from the new game. There's already a 70+ page thread on gaf I turn my back for one minute Loads of images/jifs/video in here
  19. STREET FIGHTER 5 (PS4/PC exclusive)

    This was a really fun match to watch from yesterday's eleague Eita vs Daigo Watch at 1:27:00
  20. Better Call Saul

    songs good as well. let me find it.... hmm, could've sworn the full length song was on spotify last year. This is the band anyway, worth a listen Ep 2 was great. Howard climbing through the back-gardens
  21. Better Call Saul

    S'all good man!
  22. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Died 20 years ago that's a shame. i wonder if they'll recast, or leave out entirely. Seeing as Bob is not supposed to age right? And I'd assume that goes for the rest of the red room crew. so we'll either get recast bob, giant, dwarf etc. Or a whole new gang of spirit folk, need more girls. I can imagine Monica Bellucci turning up in the red room, or the new madam of one eyed jacks.