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  1. Clueless Gamer
  2. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I've also quit both persona 3 and 4 about a third of the way through, as I reach a point in the game where I can't stop thinking about all the things I'm missing, everyday that goes past is a possible missed opportunity to further a social link God, I should pop a couple of prozac before I consider picking up a joypad
  3. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    It's probably my weird completist personality And i'm probably alone when i say this (espically here in the idle thumbs forum) but to much choice in video games freaks me the fuck out I remember years ago when I played through metal gear solid 3, and there was a forking path through the jungle, I wasted about an hour of my life back tracking in mild emotionally distression exploring both paths wondering if and what I'd missed As it turned out both paths arrived at the same place and nothing of any interest was to be found Forking paths are the absolute fucking worst
  4. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Yeah I quit red dead half way through, really should return to it someday as ive heard the ending is good all though I fear I may have spoiled it for myself by reading people comments about the game. The reason I quit was because at the mid point of thr game you travel across a river to the lower half of the game map, and it felt to me like the game litterally makes you start afresh, nothing caries over, that world map you've just learnt...start again All those relationships with npc's you've built... Start again All those side quests... Start again I had mixed feelings at that point, partly feeling like all my effort was for nothing and part fatigue looking at the size of the map yet to be uncovered. I think if I had been slowly drip fed the new areas like how the first half if the game plays out, I would probably have powered through. It really felt like I had taken out the disc, put in a new one and was now playing the sequel that happened 10 years later and I might as well have been playing as john marston's long lost cousin. As the law abiding friendly character I chose to play as up until that point didn't exsist in this new world. I'm only the sum of the interactions I've had with the people and places ive been, molding my characters story. Take all that away and I'm nothing, clean slate, might start murdering people out in the desert and i wouldn't really care as I've been emotionally untethered from the world. Ultimately I felt the character I had built had been taken from me Screw you rockstar, I want my cowboy back
  5. Project Eternity, Obsidian's Isometric Fantasy RPG

    An Idle thumbs shorts spraying extraordinaire in 3, 2, 1
  6. Psychonauts

    I bought digitally as a 'xbox original' on my 360 years ago and stop playing when i got frustrated on the Napoleon board game level, i remember just getting hit by a never ending stream of cannonballs or something Kinda sucks cause i'd really like to replay it and finish it today but it just throws up a error message when i try and download it again from my download history. I wonder if this'll ever get sorted out
  7. Clueless Gamer

    That was hilarious Good work! I love how the resident evil series has changed from running away from zombies to running towards them and kicking them in the face. PRESS R TRIGGER TO AWESOME I'm going to start roundhouse kicking my way through doors
  8. Borderlands 2

    That sounds Perfect for me I might actually put my Xbox gold account to some good use this autumn
  9. Borderlands 2

    Never touched the first game, and i don't really know what i'm getting myself into but i going to pick this up I usually hate the idea of co-op, stuff like Res evil 5 and Army of two make me run a mile. (probably because i have no similarly skilled friends) But i do like the frantic free for all style co-op that games like Earth defence force delivers So i'm hoping this is a drop in/drop out shoot some shit up type of game, where your team mates are there more for the lolz and not much strategic teamwork is required ...i'm not really a team player
  10. Brent Weeks

    When I finished the night angel trilogy I remember thinking that it would translate to movies so well. I also remember recommending the books anyone and everyone, (which ive never done for any other book) I just had so much fun with them, I wanted to share it with the world ... Alas, no one bit. But now I'm back with avengence, Im thinking idle thumb fans must be somewhat like minded. So check them out
  11. Recently completed video games

    I've recently finished Alan Wake American Nightmare The Darkness 2 Spec Ops the Line Actually all really enjoyable games and i'd say they're all worth a play On a side not, a quite recently started Mass effect 3 got about 12 hours into it and stopped. absolutely hated it. Can't remember the last time i hated a protagonist more then Shepard, even though i'm supposed to have control of what he's saying everything that came out of his mouth made me cringe
  12. The Idle Thumbs Acheivements Leaderboard

    Hi, I'm new to the community but I'm definitely gonna be hanging around Please add me to the leaderboard
  13. David Mitchell

    Any fans of cloud atlas should definitely check out Number9dream, id highly recommend it. I've read ghost written as well but it didn't do anything for me
  14. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi Um don't really know what to say... This is a good start innit My first of no doubt many vacuous comments