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  1. I am now onto Axe in the A to Z challenge. I think I'll give the Dunkin Bro-nuts build a go!
  2. Life

    Aw, I send my best wishes to the sick kitty. And Ucantalas, that sounds like a bummer, hope it clears up soon. In the SF Bay Area, as I'm sure some of you know, its been so grey and rainy recently and triggered some introspection. I seem to go through cycles of being lost and having a direction of purpose. I currently work in a coffee shop. I don't mind the job too much, but I know that my real calling is in creating, so I work there while self-teaching myself programming and drawing (hopefully get to painting soon) and look for opportunities in the future. I think the best I can do is work hard and capitalize on the times when the purpose is there. (Also, I'm having to write part of this with an on-screen keyboard because keys are randomly deciding not to work on my laptop. That will get in the way of programming >.<)
  3. Hi folks I'd love a guild invite if there's room.
  4. The Illuminatus! Trilogy

    This series caused my grip on reality to loosen for a little while, but then I snapped out of it.
  5. DayZ

    I just started playing this and I'd be cool to meet up with some thumbs in game.