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  1. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    I cashed in my Lugh reward and bought an ASP, after trading my Cobra I had 17 million and spent 15 of that on outfitting but I think I'll need another 15 mil to get it up to max spec. Also I saw Migeru Shiyamoto last night, I did a double take on that one
  2. Visual Art!

    root - Thanks MadJackalope - I'm impressed that you managed to do the coding. I've tried to learn to code a few times but eventually I discovered Playmaker and have just been using that instead. I wouldn't worry too much about stretching your skills, it's rather helpful to have a better understanding of the process behind the other areas of game development.
  3. Visual Art!

    This thread is quiet. My drawings I posted previously have now been properly scanned and are on my site if anyone is interested. I'm back doing 3D stuff again so I thought I'd post a WIP of my current project: Based on the fantastic art of Simon Stalenhag:
  4. Artists

    Hi, I'm an artist specialising in 3D Environments. You can check out my work here. I'm mostly looking for paid work but if something is really cool I may be flexible
  5. Cities: Skylines

    Don't you just have to drag in the direction you want it to go?
  6. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Bookmarked, I'll be sure to check it out when I next need some music
  7. Visual Art!

    Maybe I heard the Thumbs say that too and sub consciously repeated it I think sometimes people try to do Minecraft and just used blocks for everything, I wouldn't really consider that low poly style though it's almost another style in itself. What I find interesting is when you have low poly models with fancy rendering and ambient occlusion etc, it's clearly an intentional aesthetic choice and not a limitation of available power. Like this stuff: I've also not done much pixel/sprite work, I did some in the first game I made with various levels of success:
  8. Rashless Road Redemption

    There's a new function in Steam for playing your own music now right? So obviously Rusty Cage needs to be played A LOT while playing this game. I haven't played the game yet myself, I'd be interested to hear more thoughts on it though, especially from old Road Rash fans.
  9. Plug your shit

    I thought I might as well post my portfolio here and give anonymity the finger: And my tumblr: Edit, I just realised it's in my Sig... erm oh well, nothing to see here.
  10. Visual Art!

    Thanks for the kind words clyde, I'm glad the drawings got you thinking :-)
  11. Visual Art!

    Very nice work and a lovely render. I'm a big fan of the low poly style, I think it's 3D's version of pixel art.
  12. I love the thread title :-) I agree it was always a fascinating peek behind the curtain. I feel that magic has been lost somewhat by the increased frequency of glitches in the post console patch world and maybe even more so when you start making your own games. Still I do always enjoy wondering around and looking at the game world from the outside, it's wonderfully bizarre. As for embracing it, well that's an interesting proposition. Some games have definitely nodded to the production sid before (AC 4 comes to mind, ok that's more than as nod but you know what I mean) and others have made fun of glitches (Saints Row 4, Stanley Parable).
  13. Visual Art!

    Interesting, kinda creepy too, hopefully that's what you were going for :-) I know it's not really a crit thread but I think you could make the heads a bit larger, the brain box is pretty big. Just something to consider anyway.
  14. Recently completed video games

    I finished Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate the other day. I really liked the game(s), a cool aesthetic, lots of interesting obstacles to overcome and it makes impressive use of a few core mechanics that it subtly modifies as you progress. My only complaint is the bosses. It's not really fair to complain about this game specially I guess because bosses are in my opinion almost universally bad, just tedious and frustrating, nothing kills enjoyment like as boss battle. If you're replaying a section to get all of the diamonds or whatnot then you are forced to play through it all so you have to fight the bosses over again even if you don't actually need to, which creates both infuriation (possibly not a word, it's not in my phones dictionary at least) and despair in equal amounts. It feels a bit wrong to complain about a replay related issue and maybe it's because I've played a good portion of the games on PS3 so I'm replaying multiple times but good damn I hate the bosses in this game. Rant over. Overall a great experience and thoroughly recommended.
  15. Do you have to climb towers to see the area on the map in The Crew? because if it has Crackdown style wall driving I'm a lot more interested in it.
  16. Visual Art!

    Thanks, I'm a bit rock and tree obsessed at the moment. I like your stuff too, nice and bold, bright saturated colours, all the stuff I'm not confident enough to do.
  17. Idle Interviews #1 Sean Vanaman (Designer, writer)

    Take another look at the email address Also thanks for getting and posting the interview and of course to Sean for doing it. I look forward to seeing more.
  18. Visual Art!

    I've been limited to pen and paper recently so I've been doing a lot more drawing (I'm a 3D artist mostly), I've been posting them on my tumblr but thought I'd share some here too. Unfortunately I'm also limited to taking photos on my phone, so the image quality isn't great...
  19. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi, I signed up a while ago to comment on something mentioned in a 'cast. Recently I thought it was time started visiting the forums properly. So hello all.
  20. Hey Famous, Don't worry about it, I developed a thick skin a while ago and it's not like I'm never negative about other people's games, plus you guys had had some valid points. It's only when people just dismiss something out of hand that it annoys me, critical analysis is always fine with me. I should state that I didn't work on the game start to finish so my perspective may not be all encompassing. There were a ton of design documents which very much state exact distances for things like the width of the road overall, the width of lanes, optimum sizes to allow smooth weaving between traffic etc. There were plenty of meetings about that kind of thing, a lot of them above my pay grade, it was a massive team and so ridiculously enough we'd have meetings about meetings, which was where these thing tended to get passed down. I honestly couldn't say why the game isn't more like real SF, I can speculate that during early stages of development the focus was on gameplay only and as long as there was a general feeling of it being like SF then that'd do. I think with these big budget games they build up too much momentum, so much time and money has been put into them that even if you realise there's something wrong that it's too late to do anything about it. Of course this will be the same for a lot games even on smaller scales but I have reasons I shouldn't go into that suggest it was doubly the case on Driver SF. Oh and Jake was totally right about the shift mechanic coming first and the story coming second. As for Silent Scope, all I'm saying is that Tanner does a lot of undercover work and not all of it behind the wheel, perhaps some is behind a... Ok i've definitely said too much now.
  21. Hello all. After listening to the Driver talk I thought I'd share with the community. I worked on the city in Driver SF and can confirm that the majority of it was created by Reflections in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Ubisoft Montreal also assisted. I can't say how many of the Montreal team had visited San Fran but I know that the majority of the UK team hadn't, I think that a lot of us (like me) hadn't visited the States at all, obviously we tried to keep it as close to the real place as possible but there are a great many constraints in creating an entire game city that make this near impossible. The Silent Scope discussion is interesting, I very much encourage you all to check out the Wii version of the game, it is a completely separate game that was developed side by side with the PC/console version. It's actually a prequel set before Driver 1 but the relevant bit is that it has light gun shooting via the Wiimote so the Thumb crew were a lot closer to reality than they realised