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  1. Idle Thumbs Streams

    My secret shame is I shot Olly.
  2. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    I find her opinion to be the most accurate one in the game press. I very nearly quit the game on the spot when I found the first audio log, but I somehow pressed on for about 150 puzzles before giving up. I regret playing the witness.
  3. Looked through the comments, seems like most of the averse reactions are 1) zelda talk and 2) Chris saying soft "G" gifs. I'm personally not tired of people talking about Zelda. I listen to like half a dozen gaming podcasts and if they all talked about Zelda I'd be fine with it, but I understand. Frankly it was more like an Idle Thumbs episode where Brad brought a news sheet and a list of topics than a Bombcast. Keep circulating the soft "G" gifs, too. Love this comment though. Hello I am 17 AND A HALF years old and I'm here to share my opinions.
  4. I suppose that's true! I saw someone somewhere recommend Endless Space as a fun 4X space game. While I like that game, it is very dry and straightforward and feels very much like the 5 year old game it is. That studio nailed it much better with Endless Legend. I hope they crush it with Endless Space 2, but we're in a weird place right now where Stellaris suffers from expectations not totally meeting reality, but is also the space 4X game I would most likely recommend to someone who asked for my suggestion.
  5. Idle Thumbs Streams

    As heard on the Bombcast, I would very much like to watch Nick/All Thumbs play DUMBNAME BATTLEGROUNDS on stream and am now advocating it in a public forum (and play with in duo/squad mode, though that's a completely different conversation).
  6. Fake Games

    I'd be somewhat curious how that would shake out re: antitrust practices. I think there are too many avenues to get games (eg consoles) that you can't consider Steam a monopoly even if they effectively are for their chosen platform, but you're right. It's definitely worth remembering from time to time that Valve has a number of policies I'd consider to be consumer friendly because they found out it made them the most money to operate that way, and not the other way around.
  7. I Had A Random Thought...

    Mark Hamill is now older (and was for Force Awakens) than Sir Alec Guinness was when Star Wars: A New Hope was released.
  8. I keep waiting for someone to say it is the unequivocal right time to jump back into Stellaris, and it keeps kinda not happening. I'm waiting for someone else's approval even though I basically like what's there.
  9. Still really liking this. I'm not consumed by it, but I'm definitely thinking about playing it when I'm not playing. Got a 4th place tonight and ugh it could have been. I had my back almost to the death zone and I still got shot from behind. I guess that's where I should have been looking, since no ones gonna run across the open area to come at me.
  10. It's apparently supposed to be attempting to find a sweet spot between ARMA 3 and stuff like H1Z1. It has the DayZ style 3rd person/1st person/Aim Down Sights camera setup. I find it to be a more workable version of that ARMA stuff. No middle mouse wheel to swap between actions. You have a "use" action, number keys to select weapons, thrown weapons, and healing items. I dunno dude? People like games named Destiny and Dota. The game's just called Battlegrounds. It could be way worse.
  11. Fake Games

    Are games art? Can love bloom on the battlefield? Does water really roll off a duck's back?
  12. The long con to usurp someone's plane ticket sounds really different now vs the time it was recorded. Time, man. I have what I assumed was a relatively uncommon name, until I got invited to a Facebook group made up entirely of dozens of people with my full name. It's not like it's John Smith or Mike Williams, thankfully enough. I've gotten plenty of emails from car dealerships telling me to renew the warranty on a car I don't own. The weirdest set of emails were broken into two sets - someone emailing me extremely religious stuff about being missionaries and proselytizing Christianity, and also a series of emails literal years apart where someone emailed me and asked if they should enlist in the armed forces, since I was in the Marine Corps. Then years later I got an invitation to MyName's promotion ceremony to Major. I have definitely written back to these people because they're both very personal messages and I also want absolutely no part in those conversations.
  13. Fake Games

    Nope I'm wrong this cost money for a year until it went to free "early access"! Holy shit that's maddening.
  14. Fake Games

    I have an answer for that one, because it's the one I mentioned obliquely yesterday that has "the most reviews". It's been in Early Access for 2 years now as a free download, but it was changed to either paid early access or "released" last week, which is why it shows up both with 300k downloads and was released this month for $4. Parsing reviews and other stuff it seems like people downloaded this for 3 reasons - catastrophe tourist after this person's first game, internet detective to figure out just how much of a scam/stolen the game is, and idling to get steam trading cards. e: I checked out the update history. It went from Beta 1.0 in July 2016 to Alpha 0.1.2 in August 2016. So that's fun.
  15. Fake Games

    I just went by the summary.
  16. Fake Games

    Yes they are. They are creating a sham product and selling it for money. They are scamming people. That's theft. They are finding the soft edges of the Steam return policy and grinding pennies together to make dollars. You don't have an unlimited number of Steam refunds, which is in place to protect legitimate experiences that might fall into the realm of completable inside a refund window. as well as make sure people can't just roll some endless amount of money and try every game. I support this. I want people who make exciting and interesting short experiences to get paid for them. But it makes putting money into questionable experiences a gamble.
  17. Fake Games

    No dude it's that the $1.00 category of gaming on Steam is so full of stuff that is literally a scam due to lack of curation that there's no worldly reason to take the chance that anything there is real, barring word of mouth approval from credible sources. The reason I said you're going against your previous position is for the important issue (stealing people's money) you don't want curation, but for the relatively unimportant issue (determining game genre) you want much better curation. By the end of 2008 there were 400 games on Steam. Total. There were over 400 Steam releases just in March this year. There are six games in April released under $1. 21 released under $5. Seven of them have any user reviews of any kind whatsoever. The one with the most reviews is one that's come out of free "early access" to paid "early access" that people are reviewing just to link to the places where the assets were stolen from.
  18. Fake Games

    Your position, from where I'm sitting, appears to be that as long as products released on steam are not literal IP theft, and if you can recover your money through Steam's refund system, it doesn't matter how much of a scam or how broken they are, they can and should be allowed to exist on the platform and curation towards the ends of curtailing releases of this type cause active harm to both developers and consumers. I don't think that people are looking for scams that can use the masquerade of Early Access to hide forever in barely disguised unplayable ignominy when they are searching for indie games. I assume they're looking for original, completed works. I can see something academically noble in your active search for titles people have labeled "fake games", to see if there's any value in them. Let's be real though, If Steam as a united storefront didn't exist and these were being sold on someone's website, you the consumer would not buy them because the fear that they'd be stealing your credit card would be way too omnipresent. As it is they're just stealing your money if you can't refund it quickly enough.
  19. Fake Games

    That would be fucking great. You're now arguing against your own previous position, because tags are Valve's solution to grouping categories the same way that most of their solutions are implemented in the storefront: let customers do it. Tags are assigned by people who care enough to go on to store pages of games and manually write a tag on a game. If Valve actually did curation, you'd probably see a wider variety of tags, and ones that more accurately represent the games upon which they're placed. But I'll ask, what's wrong with the screenshot of what shows up in the racing category? You can damn well race in all of those titles if you want to.
  20. Didactic Thumbs (Pedantry Corner)

    I also think of articles where they purposefully obscure what would otherwise be an obvious answer to the question the article headline asks or teases. "There's a man innovating how taxis are run, and who he is might surprise you" A: It's the CEO of a big taxi company. When in real life the NY Times would have (it now also writes clickbait headlines) written the title as something like Yellow Taxi CEO Proposes New Taxi Regulations to Compete in Today's World or whatever. It's articles where you have to click to even find out what the SUBJECT of the article is, rather than being interested in reading the article.
  21. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Something in my brain says Rocket League doesn't work for the Switch, but I guess Splatoon is just as internet needy and they're planning that. It sounds very much like Campo is working on a new thing, so that sounds unlikely. I think Spelunky/Inside/et al make sense, but only for people that haven't played them. iunno, I'd much rather have fun and interesting new indie titles that take advantage of or had in mind the Switch's capabilities. I am very anti doubling up on games, though - Hollow Knight, new Shovel Knight, Rime, I think Mr. Shifty is coming out this week?, etc. It definitely can't handle The Witcher, unless you mean Witcher 1.
  22. I watched the GB quick look and I was massively put off by how much everyone is a dick to your character, a boy who saves a woman from assault, because you got in trouble for saving a woman from assault. I guess they were all very stylish assholes. Jeff and Vinny both seemed wildly put off from it as well, but at the end went "YEAH I'M INTO THIS!" in a way I very much was not. Is anyone else feeling this way?
  23. Other podcasts

    Most of the actual seconds of the letters songs are bad, but man some of them go to some dark places. It's less that I think they have different tastes or I wouldn't like the movies, it's more that I really just don't actually watch any movies. If I have my choice I can always find something to do that's not a movie or a tv show.