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  1. Arena is Extremely Good.
  2. Bloozzard

    It's an entirely stupid overreaction that could have also been entirely avoided. It's stupidity all the way down. Also, acting like Blizzard is in no way culpable for the type of fans they've cultivated feels somewhat shortsighted to me.
  3. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    It's he who has abandoned us. But I shall always have the memories Also, talking about tegan @SecretAsianMan? How's she holding up?
  4. Bloozzard

    As far as I can tell the backlash on Immortal is largely fueled by Blizzard being very coy about having a big reveal and it being Diablo-related which got the people still playing that game pretty excited -- and those are most emphatically *not* people who are going to (admit they) play cynical cash-grab mobile games. And then the cherry on top is that it's not even going to be Blizzard-developed. Just greatly mishandled from a PR standpoint. Mistakes piled on top of mistakes.
  5. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    I think SpeedyDesiato also still has theirs.
  6. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    love 2 lurk
  7. Life

    Never heard that one (staalblauw? wat?) 'tight blue sky' (strak blauw) is the one I'm familiar with.
  8. Life

    Glad to hear it's going better at least. I've only had one really big breakup but it messed me up for years, including an ill-advised period getting back together. I wonder what I'd have done if Tinder had existed back then. I've never really seen the appeal but I've also not been single during its lifespan. Some friends have used it to bounce back from relationships as well, so it seems to be good for that. Good luck
  9. The Good Place

    Interview with her: https://www.thecut.com/2018/10/megan-amram-how-i-get-it-done.html
  10. Looking for pacifist games

    Although I hate to recommend it because some of the money spent will benefit Brad Wardell (ptui), I think Idle Thumbs Friend Soren Johnson's Offworld Trading Company might fit your requirements.
  11. Life

    Man, I was just wondering idly how your relationship was going Gorm. Sucks to hear it went bust but good to be out of it if it turned bad I guess. Silver linings. You as well twmac. Sometimes you just have to let go, but it's never easy. Best wishes to you both.
  12. Looking for pacifist games

    Just to be clear, you're talking specifically about strategy games here, right? And there has to be a victory condition?
  13. Life

    I think that with most nostalgia what you're trying to recreate is not so much a pattern of activity but an environment (ie. hanging out with friends in a low-pressure situation while feeling productively engaged). There's only so much a person can do in a day without getting burnt out, and whatever relaxes you is good. If your relaxation is bringing you stress (and I mean the activity itself, not whatever obscure guilt accompanies not being 'productive') then it's time to change. Until then, take care of yourself. Trying to outcompete your imaginary self who is always doing something useful and is never tired is not a good idea. I will say that I'm extremely happy with how my character has made me almost incapable of engaging with passive entertainment, meaning I skip most TV/series leaving more time for things I enjoy a lot more. So there's always room to optimise within relaxation, but that's going to be different for everyone.
  14. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    Yeah, I'm not knocking the slack, just saying that 1) it's not for me and 2) it's cannibalised a large amount of the chitchat from this place.
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    I love that film a lot,e specially because it manages to sidestep or subvert almost every toxic trope. My favourite bit is how the boys are the emotionally mature ones.
  16. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    I think slack is way more to blame to be honest, as far as I can tell the forums activity downturn happened when the offsite channels opened up.
  17. The Good Place

    Michael Schur and his team are just the goddamn best, I've decided. His name is on my favourite comedy stuff of the past decade.
  18. Life

    ADD medication and starting a family is what stopped me from deep diving into games. Good to hear you're doing sports, that's such a mood boost. Good luck!
  19. Is It Happening Again...?

    I think SpeedyDesiato said he knew when the next episode would drop. Maybe check with them.
  20. Filmmaking

    Gosh I love it. Great work Erkki! Did you win? I'm really impressed with how you've captured so many aspects of nerd work, the sociality, periods of boredom/staring at screens, discussion and team spirit combined. Also very good timing sync with the music, that must have taken a ton of work. I think th e only criticism I have is that the pingpong bit feels quite jarring, probably because the audio has a lot of echo.
  21. Episode 447: Tactical Management Games

    The men of War series is the first thing to come to my mind for real-time tactics.
  22. Photos of things

    Gosh, the colours on those photos are amazing. The combination of the washed-out blueish light and the yellow/orange safety vest is :chefkiss:
  23. Terminal7 83: End the Run

    Yeah, thanks so much Nels et al. Your thread titles have brought me great joy.
  24. Looking for TBS recommendations

    I just dipped back into Card Hunter and it's still as good as ever, with a lot more build variety due to expansion cards.
  25. Cyberpunk 2077

    Mmmmmm classic. Such a good game.